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Everything is fake fake fake. why?

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posted on Jun, 24 2012 @ 11:13 PM
Got pretty close to exiting this fake world today. thank god i didnt, got too much to live for.....

Ac compressor locked up and its clutch nearly caught on fire

posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 04:50 PM
Reply to Phroziac.
Yeah, Pink has always been way inside-under with vertigo, great times to live through too, the quote was of course of some later stuff but Atomheart Mother was Floyd talking to the harmonic me, the vibratory guybratory.
My Eldest son went to sleep listening to "Careful with that Axe Eugene."...damnedest thing, that one cut and *wham* he was out like a light. Sometimes, if he was awake when the screaming starts he'd giggle and gurggle and play along in baby noises, guess that was his favorite part.
Even Rock N Roll ain't real no more
Was that even Madonna's real tit she flashed the other day?
Probably more fake stuff.
"Lady" GaGa?
The bell, channel closing...rember to ..schchchchck, zzzzwwwwwrrrrlll, grrrrrrrrrr.
By God we's scrod now!
I want to hear some Frank Zapa..."Every town must have a place where plastic hippies meet, psychadellic dungeons popping up on every street".
It's all been phony, all of it.
all but old Fords.
Hey man, you could put any mill you wanted in that bay, 1,200 HP Skyline with a 6 speed?
Yeah buddy.
Man, that would be....UNREAL!
Uh, I gotta go. XD

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