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iPad Apps

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posted on Jun, 23 2012 @ 09:20 PM
What are some of your favorite and best apps? Games?

I have an iPad 2 I got from the launch. And just in the past few months have began using it as much as I should. I'm always looking for recommended apps and games. Mostly free ones.

Some of my top favorites:

Pandora. I think an obvious must have. I use it everyday. Love it.

YPmobile. This one is great. There are a bunch of different things on it. I think the most helpful is the gas prices search. It'll give you every gas price in your area.

Dropbox is great for moving around files without plugging in the iPad or emailing yourself things.

For weather I use MyRadar. Like the name says, it gives you a radar of your area. Not for getting a complete forecast, but need to look at.

N+OTES is a well organized note taking app. Good for making different lists and what not.

ExploreFlickr is my favorite photo app. Everyday it loads a whole new screen of random pictures. Cool to browse around.

I'm also looking for new games to download. Honestly most of them suck. Or what I hate most, a "free" app that you need to pay to do anything in. Hate that. I'm looking for adventure and puzzle games. I have GTA 3, Temple Run, Bike Race, Qvoid, and Redemption HD to name a few.

And the app I paid the most for was a ten dollar app. Flight simulator called X-Plane-9. Totally worth it. Awesome game, realism, love playing it.


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