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Video: Science "girl thing" deemed offensive

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posted on Jun, 24 2012 @ 03:03 PM

Originally posted by DooDer
This Commercial / Ad is about the chemistry behind make-up, it is the science involved to make the make-up last longer and beautify the look.

It takes science in the world of chemistry to bond together the pigments that make the colours in the make-up, lipstick, etc...

The scientist was in study of the ladies and how the make-up reacts to the lighting and movements.

Evertime the ladies would move the more the make-up made them beautiful and lips would shine in the lighting.

It's the chemisrty involved behind the make-up this commercial is referring to.

I had to quote all of it, because it is the only RIGHT answer out of the bunch. That video represents science behind make-up and nail polish and the outfits portrayed are 'perfect' for teen girls (about to choose college) who are the main target group for the video.

Some of you people don't even understand how ignorant you seem, for example 'women that are interested in science are not interested in make up' is like saying 'men interested in video games are not interested in communication studies'.

I see that 'feminism' also got it's ugly paws all over the men of today because only 30 years ago it was perfectly normal for a woman scientist to have 3 children at home AND be very fashionably dressed and manicured. Nowadays it is men who are propagating the 'feminist' agenda without even recognizing it as such. What a shame, men.

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