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Mysterious Mammal Meat Allergy is Caused by Ticks and Spreading Fast

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posted on Jun, 23 2012 @ 12:47 PM
It seems that Ticks are the perfect vector for these kinds of things. You only have to look at Lyme.

If you are to believe the Conspiracy about a Nazi Doctor on Plum Island experimenting with biological diseases on Ticks and letting them loose on the island to see what effects it would have on certain farm animals they had there... Which was obviosuly a stupid move because ticks can attach themselves to birds and spread, or was that intentional?

A picture speaks a thousand words;

The unedited map is found here; Wiki Lyme Disease Risk Map USA.

You may well believe that this new allergy that is caused by Ticks is possibly an engineered experiment aswell.

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posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 07:20 AM

Originally posted by oghamxx
So you develop the allergy after being bitten by a tick! Hmmm... Is this something new or has it been around for thousands of years and the cause only determined now? Has something changed in ticks? Maybe pesticide or monsanto related?

I was going to start a thread on the same topic but looks like someone beat me to it.

So far the cases of the meat allergy from tick bites are in the states of:
Virginia-over 200 cases
North Carolina-35 cases
Tennessee-40 cases
Arkansas-65 cases
Missouri-30 cases
Oklahoma-25 cases
Georgia-14 cases
Maryland-8 cases
Mississippi-5 cases

Source from chart in the article: Relevance of Tick Bites to the Production of IgE Antibodies


* Hives
* Itching
* Shortness of breath
* Swelling

With a meat allergy, these same signs appear — but often not until three to six hours after the meat is eaten.

* Vomiting, nausea
* Swollen tongue and throat
* Problems with breathing, such as wheezing, that may quickly worsen
* Weak, racing, or irregular heartbeat
* Hives, reddened skin, and itching
* Speech that is slurred
* Confusion

If you experience any of the signs of anaphylaxis, you should call 911 immediately, says Ogbogu

Meat Allergy: A New Concern

Virginia looks like the origin in the United States. The two oldest cases in the Virginia area so far are 1994 and 1997. I tried doing a seach to see if there was any historical reference to Native American tribes having meat allergies and found none. Tried looking to see if there was any historical reference in the 1700s of Native Americans in the region of present infection getting hives or having unknown anaphylaxis shock. But haven't found anything yet.

The ORIGINAL tribes of Virginia--the modern hotspot--were Mattaponi, Saponi, Monacan, Powhatan, Tutelo, Nottoway, Wepemeoc, and Meherrin with Cherokees on the west border of Virginia in the past. But didn't find any meat allergies among those tribes in the past so far. No unexplained hives or anaphylaxis reports at least on net. If there was any, people would have to track down missionary diaries for those tribes which are usually bought up by Native American tribes and placed in their tribal libraries or at Indian Hospital Libraries. All diaries of missionaries from 1600s and 1700s are reserve items and can't be taken out of the libraries.

Tennesse's tribes were Yuchi, Cherokee and Chickasaw. North Carolina's tribes were Eno, Secotan, Tuscarona, Pamlico, Waccon. Arkansas' tribes in the past were Quapaw and Caddo. Missouri's tribes were Potawatomi, Osage, Wyandotte, Iowa tribe and Missouri tribe. Which covers the tribes in the past that used to live in the top 4 areas of present infection.


Australia also has cases, but it is a different species of tick. Australia's oldest case that I've read about so far is 1989. And the cases are confined to the Sydney area along the north shore. Tried to see if any aboriginals ever had any mysterious anaphylaxis episodes in the past but found none and didn't find any aboriginals with alleged meat allergies searching around the net.

Apparently the ticks are secreting saliva when you attempt to pull them off. And it is the saliva that the tick injects into the human which causes a later delayed allergy to meat. The Australian doctor studying the Aussie version came up with a way to prevent the tick from injecting its saliva when removing the tick.


Doctors use ethanol (pure alcohol) to remove the parasite and Dr. Van Nunen said this stunned the tick before it was scraped off.

"I now tell tell everybody I see who lives anywhere near ticks to use `Aerostart' or a high-alcohol substance to stun the tick," she said.

Dr. van Nunen said Aerostart, a spray-on engine cleaner that contains ethanol, was effective in safely removing ticks.

"It is stunned and then you scrape it out, and it can't inject what it injects."

Tick Bite, Red Meat Allergy Link 'Found'

Other Tick Spit Articles:
Tick Spit Dampens Immunity
The Immunosuppresive Tick Salivary Protein, Salp 15
Amblyomma americanum: physiochemical isolation of a protein derived from the tick salivary gland
Tick Saliva: Recent Advances and Implications for Vector Competence be continued in next post...

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 07:39 AM

Originally posted by manicminxx

In other news, this opens up a huge door for apesteak and cannibalism.

I was just thinking of how it was odd that the face-eating Floridian would have been safe had he not been allergic to lead.

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 08:29 AM

Originally posted by BearTruth
Methinks this little tick has had some help with its evolution.

Methinks so too. But if it's Virginia and Sydney that were the original targets, what on earth were they trying to do? Since the oldest cases are 1989 in Sydney and 1994 in Virginia (so far)...let's see... who would
#1) Be angry with Virginia (DC) & Sydney around 1989?
#2) Be messing around with tick saliva with regards to immune system responses?
#3) Who had the ability to collect different tick species from different areas of the world and perhaps, hide it under pesticide research?
#4) Who had the technology to mess with the evolution of ticks?

My suspicions would be Nazis in South Africa working for pharmaceutical companies angry that Australia and United States were trying to end Apartheid and forcing the Nazis to give the country back to the blacks. Australia's first tick-bite meat allergy case that I can find is 1989.

Of course, there's difficulty trying to figure out which other countries might have had their native tick species sampled and messed with, then re-released in their human-assisted altered evolution.

The main doctors doing the research in the United States are Dr. Thomas Platts-Mills, Dr. Scott Commins and a third started named Dr. Deutsch. Platts-Mills and Commins tried to tie it to Sweden, but they used a research project on Sweden children pertaining to lung cancer and lung diseases. The correlation is rather weak on the Sweden argument and they failed to show any meat allergy cases in Sweden, since they used a lung cancer-disease study.

Then Platts-Mills and Commins tried to tie it to Kenya. But that was even more weak of an argument. They apparently only had two samples, one from a rural child and one from a child in a city. No ties of either child having a meat allergy, no species of Kenya ticks named and all they did was a sera test for alpha-gal and found that allegedly the rural kid had higher levels but the city kid had none. Samples from 2 kids just isn't enough to make the argument of the existence of it in Kenya and no tick bites, nor tick species were named.

They'd have better luck I bet if they started studying tick species in South Africa though. I'm sure they'd find all sorts of stuff if they started studying tick species in South Africa. In fact, if Platts-Mills and Commins don't study ticks in South Africa, some other military or DoD department better do it.


Then the really odd part is that someone tried to feed CNN Mexico with a story saying that it was ticks in Mexico -- which there's no way. If this had been any form of tick-born disease from Mexico, then it'd be all over the border states (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California) and every border town would have a serious problem. Virginia's the hot spot.

It's probably someone in Virginia feeding Mexico press. But the article across CNN Mexico was trying to claim that allegedly the Virginia hotspot disease was from "Mexico, all of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador."

CNN Espanol: Ticks Cause a Mysterious Meat Allergy

People in Virginia and Texas are probably just trying to figure out if the altered tick-species has reached Mexico yet, but I'm really not finding any Mexico meat allergy cases on the net yet. And if the tick was allegedly from Mexico, then all border states would have it. Since no border states have it and Virginia is the hotspot in the United States, then it would be an altered tick species spreading from Virginia south to Texas.

Mexico has somewhere around 100 mice for every human. So the border states and border towns bring in an army of feral cats to kill the mice to stop them from crossing the border. If this tick disease causes anaphylaxic shock in those bitten, then it might also happen to cats like humans. What I couldn't figure out is if bitten cats also go into anaphylaxic shock when they eat meat. If they do, then they'd die off. And the feral cat army in border towns would be wiped out and all the mice from Mexico would be crossing the border.

There's no reported cases of this meat allergy caused by mice along the border states. At least not yet. It is on the doorstep of Texas though (in Arkansas and Oklahoma). If it the tick hits Texas and they don't stop it, it might reach Mexico. If the tick reaches Mexico, then all border states are screwed because of Mexico's mice problem and I'm not sure if the feral cat army would survive the tick. I just can't seem to find veterinarian records to find out if there's an increase in cat allergy deaths or if vets would even know anything about possible delayed allergy cat deaths. I'm hoping that it doesn't effect cats. But what if it does?

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 02:00 PM

Originally posted by antar
reply to post by RoScoLaz

I finally after 10 plus years gave into the temptation of some pork BBQ this summer, WOW!!! NOT worth it! Aside from the allergic type reaction which is almost like a heartattack, I honestly felt something very very interesting.

After eating a few bites, I could literally feel my energy go from the crown chakra and slowly slide down until all my energy seemed to come from below the base chakra.

Afterwards not only feeling sick but unable to force myself to vomit, I tried everything and could not get the flesh to rise up my body to come out my mouth!

The dead flesh sat in my stomach and it was as if gravity changed for me and the only direction it was going to go would have to be down...

There is something so significant about the energy behind eating meat, this dimension, higher dimensions, gravity to name just a couple things.


I had tick fever last summer, so this topic interests me.

I don't eat pork but I take issue with this post. The holier than thou attitude of most vegans is sickening. Meat is not lowering your vibratory state, nor is plant matter raising it. Yes it sat in your stomach highly processed meat takes a long time to digest especially if your body is unused to it. But as far as you being "higher" because you don't eat meat that is some vegan egotistical hogwash.

My dog has developed allergies, could it be related to this? What can be done?

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 02:47 PM
In my house pork is king. We eat TONS of bacon, and i make pork the protein of 3-4 meals a week. I love pork quite a bit (we do a lot of hog hunting, too, so it is "free meat" inasmuch as hunted meat is free). My youngest son shares my love of good pork, and my wife tolerates it as long as we don't get too drab in preparation.

But my oldest son...he has never been able to eat pork. So much so that it has affected how he approaches food (since pork is a staple breakfast meat, he just doesn't eat breakfast foods at all). When he eats anything with pork in it (including bean burritos with bacon grease), he vomits.

Wonder if he has a mild allergy to pork?

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 03:05 PM
The "elite" despise meat eating, and abhor anyone that does. It's part of their religious belief, which they need you to take up. They have every misguided intention of making their utopian world which leaves room for for nature...and those bloody cows, pigs and sheep are getting in the way of their nature. The simplest way to get people to herd in a desired direction is FEAR, and they use it effectively. I'm thinking CDC illuminati card in play.

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 10:25 PM
reply to post by ISHAMAGI

Well I cannot speak for everyone but as for me I felt it pull my energy down, this is personal though and not something for everyone, freewill and all.

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 10:36 PM

Originally posted by Asktheanimals
reply to post by cranspace

I have a good friend who has had this allergy for 2 years now and yes, it is that serious. Several trips to the ER due to delayed anaphylaxis. She also lost 20 pounds and is skinny as a rail now. It took 6 months just to get it diagnosed and the whole time she kept eating meat and getting sick from it.
Ticks are everywhere here in Virginia, I've had 5 or 6 bite me already this year.
I'm going to take this seriously.

Living here in henry, VA ticks are quite bad. We can't even find any tick/flea meds that will really kill them. I found it doesn't matter what we use, frontline to adams... our dogs got loose yesterday and they have 40-50 on each of them. I found this to be the norm for several years now....

One guy I worked with at The Booker T Washington Park got Lyme disease twice and a guy I worked with at the Franklin News Post was eat up with Lyme disease. I have been lucky because I don't use protection when de-ticking the dogs. Ticks only choose cats as a last resort if anyone didn't know that.

and when harvesting a deer I find them dropping onto the tarp under the deer after the first night.

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