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NWO Blueprint leaked!

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posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 12:22 AM
Why do you guys worry about things happening to the USA with the TPP. It is more likely that the US and China will use it to walk all over smaller countries like New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Island Nations. We in New Zealand just had the FBI, working on behalf of the US movie and music industries, dictating to New Zealand officials that they had to arrest Kim Dotcom from MEGAUPLOAD.COM, and a Chinese dairy company buying up over 60 New Zealand farms despite NZ Supreme Court rulings of illegality. We have resources that these bigger countries want and competitors they wish to crush and they will use these agreements to accomplish their goals.

posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 11:38 PM

Originally posted by Snippy23
So, this thread repeatedly tells us that there is a leaked draft chapter of this agreement, and there's various (very poltical) responses to it. I've followed the links, but have yet to find the actual leaked text in full, with some proof that it's real.

Can I make my own mind up, please?

I found this letter signed by about 69 congressmen to Barack Obama, dated 5/3/2012...where it appears they do not know exactly what is in this trade agreement being negiotiated but are asking that the buy American provisions are not limited by the TPP agreement.... Guess they feel the same way as you !

here's a web site with more information on the TPP

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 03:25 PM
reply to post by OhZone

The coorps don't need us anymore, you must realize this. The farmers will be replaced by gps combines. The industry will be run by some, but realize, they have robots to do almost everything, including their security. Aside from the crap jobs they need people to do, the rest of the people are just another mouth to feed. Instead of feeding, they will lock us up and kill us. Figuritively or for real.

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 06:01 PM

Originally posted by MuonSpin
reply to post by SecretFace

Ok I hope you guys don’t think I’m trolling with my questions. I am not. I am simply confused about what’s going on here.

Based on all the NWO conspiracy theories on this website and others, I’ve noticed people tend to identify the NWO with an upcoming Socialist/Marxist totalitarian regime. Typically, I find people who are anti-NWO are also anti-Socialist/anti-Marxist.

Then I see this thread New World Order Blueprint Leaked, and I find it’s about the leaked PTT document from the Citizens Trade Campaign website.

And I scratch my head in confusion because the CTC is an organization w/ socialist ideologies, with socialist member organizations and ties to Democratic Socialist of America among many other pro-soc orgs. And what’s more, in the CTC article about the leaked PTT investment document, they include a link at the bottom with an interpretation of the PTT document by Prof. Jane Kelsey. And Prof. Jane Kelsey is a self-admitted Marxist.

So am I seeing a thread with someone using anti-capitalism socialist propaganda to substantiate their paranoid fears of an up and coming Socialist/Marxist totalitarian NWO? Or am I witnessing a new NWO conspiracy theory thread made by pro-socialist substantiating paranoid fears of an up and coming Capitalist NWO totalitarian regime???

The "isms" all belong to the NWO. (before governments and these various political system, there was communities advised directly by their god and priest or tribal elder who was considered the wise guide to people)

In the same way a pokemon is used to fight another pokemon.

What the fighting between two extremes does is create the condition for the NWO eventual "solution" to the two opposites. (what we refer to as a global system of control where the bad half of both opposite sides is combined together to form an evil whole).

Thesis (a group fighting for ideals on one side - the greedy corporation) vs antithesis (the government which taxes everything to pay for non-productive things in society) = Synthesis. (a compromise between the two sidees that usually result in the elite benefitting from it when they created the two opposite sides where before there had been peace through people tolerating differences and not needing to fight each other)

What true peace is, is when God seperated man through confusion of the languages in Ancient Babylon. Then along came the giants of ancient times who wanted to unite everything into a single system for convenience so they could boss everyone who couldn't fight back into being slaves to their orders. God flooded the world to kill the evil bosses who were too cruel and from then on humanity could start to be free again. However some of the bad guys survive in the form of demons. It is thought that the ghosts of these dead giants (known as the nephilim) are being used by satan to assist anyone who helps to bring in a world babylonian system of control again as in ancient times.

The giants were the ones that taught men how to make weapons, women how to use makeup to make themselves sexy, gave us knownledge about stuff we wouldn't have known about (magick) and many other things that allowed men to be "free" but in reality those things result in man also being proud so he no longers has to work as hard as he did when under the order of god. Today look at the young kids who play videogames, stare into their ipads on buses, and dads who just worship their tv. Yes all these cool things gave us distractions and we like it, but it also made us reliant on their technology and what is going to happen if the electricity is turned off?

Humans who just led a simpler life would survive a catastrophe like that but be boring. But a civilised race might not have the survival skill to adapt to this sudden change. This is why in the book of revelations it is thought the people will turn to a leader to save them instead of just going back to leading a boring life again. Mankind wants to control other people so he can do other things while others slave under him, instead of working hard himself doing an honest job. And this need to have more than is needed means there is imbalance. The demons appeal to the poor man's hatred of being enslaved by the wealthy man and this results in war. To me all war is just disputes over power and control over something. War by itself is not bad if both sides agree to go to it. But its the effects of war on people who did not want to be part of it that is evil.

The NWO globalists are not interested in politics just robbing all nations. Don't confuse the right and left wing of politics as being "good guy vs bad guy". It is more like pokemon vs pokemon with the masters being buddies in a game to cause destruction that enslaves the people caught in between the fights/wars. (notice how all war leads to many dead kids sent to fight them? Who benefits from death, and the debt created when nations fight each other? The answer to that is the globalists who lend those nations money after the war is over and the infrastructure is damaged, and through a form of debt slavery, can now become their "financial advisors" and control the flow of money/energy distribution. Control over people is what the elite desire just like the people in ancient times. They see you as cattle to be herded.

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posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 11:33 PM
DID IT LEAK IN 1903 and is it called Protocols of Elders of Zion.. much?

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 11:48 PM
reply to post by SecretFace

I think a free trade agreement would be beneficial but letting corporations do as they please not so much

posted on Jun, 27 2012 @ 07:12 AM

Originally posted by daynight42

Originally posted by 1beerplease
lol, this wasn't "leaked" it found its way here on purpose. share this document and show all your friends so they can do the same, effectively (hopefully) creating a movement so these same people can fix it. more alas what you see here is a problem, reaction, solution....and mind you the solution is what the fights about

I posted the Huff Post article when it came out. The reaction of my facebook "friends"? There was none.

They don't care until Chinese men are outside their homes with guns, or UN troops. It is the apathetic people of this nation who are bringing it down and ruining it for the rest of us who are at least aware. I am not going to fight the elite for the majority of this country couldn't care f'ing less until it's too late.

The power players would not even be considering leaking this unless they thought they could get away with it, or is that wrong? It's game over. They've already won. How just remains to be seen, but I know who complied with these guys, and it is the apathetic American public. I won't forget that.

Sad but true.

However, I am still hopeful, there will come a point where even the most blatant sheeple will start getting sick of it, don't underestimate people that are hungry and no longer have a roof over their head, at first they will most likely fight each other, but I think eventually, when seeing who's doing well (the white collar criminals) and who isn't (the normal working people), something will break, and I don't think it will stay with some OWS or similar movement. There is a point where every population reaches the ceiling of # they endure, and I think that ceiling will be hit pretty soon, at least I hope so.

Therefor, I'm not too worried about people going "meh" about things like this, when it's implemented, and it will be, they will start feeling the effects, and many people will go from "meh" to "ENOUGH".

Perhaps I'm a bit too optimistic, as TPTB are obviously aware of people getting sick of it, but I don't know, don't think this will go down without a fight

posted on Jun, 28 2012 @ 06:19 PM

Originally posted by SecretFace

In this new system the role of elected governments would be to serve as subservient agents for the transnational corporations, while the armies, police, and courts would serve the interests of these transnational corporations. The status of the member states would be locked-in, similar to countries once they are inside the Eurozone.

Many have assumed this or guessed it or had an idea before, but this is real now, very real.

Isnt it what we have now? Makes you wonder if we will live to see the day a corporation "wins" and assumes direct control over a country and its army.

posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 03:24 AM
i think it could be more accurately stated that the corporations are the holding pens for the workers, and the seperate national governments are the puppets - both will be under one-world control of the financial elites. wait...they already are.

posted on Jul, 1 2012 @ 03:07 PM

Originally posted by Asktheanimals
What it amounts to is a foreclosure agreement that China will sign on to giving them unlimited powers in the US and access to any power, water, resources and infrastructure they deem necessary.

This idea/mental disease that China is destined to inherit the globe is utter garbage and its the same utter garbage that followed Japans industrialization. China is not even regionally preeminent and faces considerable political pressure from even the smallest of its neighbors which bind China from any notable geographical aspirations. Economically, China is enjoying nothing more than the spoils of a booming industrialization after all other worthy powers have already boomed, busted, and regrouped for sustained growth. While this gives China the tremendous advantage of perspective and foresight, it also binds China to the same inevitable economic toxicity and malaise that follows an influx of too much economic activity.

The globalists who devise these trade agreements are post-national. This is why they are called globalists. That means there is no observance or loyalty toward a national identity. So why would these trade agreements be designed to usurp all economic / governmental power and give it to a national identity (i.e. China) ?

Anyone who is under the impression that big bad China has come to lay claim is looking at the future through the lens of the past. It is more complex, immensely so.

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