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I saved a Robin chick today

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posted on Jun, 22 2012 @ 01:53 PM

Originally posted by GogoVicMorrow
reply to post by denynothing

In the future if you find a bird on the ground return it to its nest. It is a myth that the mother birds wont feed a bird if it smells humans on them. They will continue caring for them. So just return it to the nest next time.

The Op said the nest was on the ground. (maybe from high above?), but i'm glad you mentioned that. Are you sure that's actually a myth about touching them and putting them back? I've heard more than one person say to wear gloves when doing it or the mother won't tend to them.

If it is just a myth, that's good to know.

posted on Jun, 22 2012 @ 02:01 PM
reply to post by will615

Putting the bird back in the nest is when possible the best choice. Wearing gloves is not a bad idea if only to protect both yourself and the bird although I would rather see the bird go back into the nest than to wait for or attempt to find gloves.

What I see more of myself are baby rabbits that people often find alone in their yards and are assumed to be abandoned. What we need to realize is that the mother rabbit spends most of her time away from the babies and that when finding them alone it is best to just leave the rabbits undisturbed.

posted on Jun, 22 2012 @ 02:45 PM
reply to post by GogoVicMorrow

The bird was on the ground for at least 8 hours, and there was no mother present. The nest was destroyed, I actually figured a mother bird would show up.

posted on Jun, 27 2012 @ 03:08 PM
You LEFT the baby bird on the ground for 8 hours?
This gets funnier all the time.....

I hope you really do get to have that feeling someday....but you wont get it going about it that way......
Good luck with that..............

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posted on Jul, 1 2012 @ 11:31 PM
reply to post by stirling

Well I said I'm guessing the birds were on the ground for 8 hours meaning, the storm rolled in at hour 0 birds were found at hour 8. I didn't leave the birds on the ground for 8 hours after knowing they were there, I found the birds 8 hours after the storm. I thought I made that clear in the OP

posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 01:48 PM
Thankfully the client who brought in this tiny hummingbird chick was able to find it's nest after I feed it a couple days. Today it was returned to it's mom with a promise to be sure it was being cared for.

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