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Why I believe the ACTUAL REASON why most if not all ancient Civilizations commited Human/Animal Sacr

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posted on Jul, 21 2012 @ 04:06 AM
if we look back to the most ancient texts that chronicle sacrifice...the first recorded stories are in what is known as genesis...but even before that in the Sumerian tablets this same story was told...

Cane and Abel both put their first fruits on the alter to appease their god...i personally believe at that time this god was one of the god impersonators, and for some reason they wanted a blood sacrifice, but not just a sacrifice, to them it was also food...

that culture equated hospitality with offerings of food, and meat was more satisfying than veggies and grains to these "gods"... they were carnivorous "gods"

this pattern was repeated when Noah gave thanks for surviving the flood, when his "god" came down and ate supper with him after the meat was cooked on the the Sumerian it is a bit more detailed and actually says that the meal was shared and originated from the sacrifice, and the smell of the cooked meat is what brought Enki to where Noah and his family were staying on the first dry land...if we read earlier...we find that Enki was sort of a rebel in his own circles, but more down to earth and saw humans on earth as kinsman...and orchestrated the safety of Noah and the DNA of all the creatures of earth to keep them all from being destroyed, which was against the mandate of the military ruler of his kind, and they were not pleased with his disobedience... but he told Noah how to save himself anyway, by bending the rules and using the code name of "reed hut", in order to retain deniability...(sound familiar?) and when he came down to sup with Noah ,it was sort of a wink and a nod...acknowledgement of their little secret and celebration for the success of the venture...Enki was way more down to earth than most of the ones they called "gods"

eventually this grew into the mosaic sacrificial ritual, and in other parts of the world human sacrifice was performed, and i also believe that while thes so called gods resided here, that they also ate human flesh, since they saw us as nothing more than livestock, a slave race, to do with as they saw fit...

eventually when they left...the sacrifices continued in their absence...due to the hierarchy that was put in place to keep people enslaved to their respective ideas of spirituality...which we know as religion, and the true definition of religion is simply to "bind again"... so humans the world over have been tied up in these meaningless rituals commemorating these bloodthirsty "gods" who no longer are present

in contemporary times, the blood sacrifice is still taking place, it is committed when there are wars, or shootings or murders or massacres...this ritualistic sacrifice is a form of evil ritual magic...those that it is done for believe they can gain power from it... bloodletting is also in this category and is well known as one of the various practices of dark magic...

so it is common sense to me that all blood sacrifice is evil, and no matter who it is said to be for, it is for the purpose of evil and even if those who do it believe they are doing it for good, they have been fooled into an evil practice to honor the god imposters...who are quite pleased at the games they have tricked us into playing...

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