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Alternative 3 Video of Mars Landing!

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posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 11:49 PM
Alternative 3 - a classic, but with a wild and wooly background.

I suspect I'll be "gang-flamed" from all directions for (a) a long post and (b) for my personally held beliefs on this controversial subject. I can't do nuthin' about (b) but I'll try and mitigate (a) by "busting" it into several sections over a couple of days... cuz it's time to get this out of my system as best I can. I am not recruiting or actively advocating any views other than my own.

It is my sincere intent that folks enjoy this and perhaps compliment there own perspective about the following ideas and theorization.

I first saw it in the winter of 1978 on Global TV in Canada. They carried Anglia TV's Science Report as a 1/2 hour weekly regular show for 2 seasons and was a credible science news magazine that presented many science specific news features (think Beyond 2000 and Beyond Tomorrow or Daily Planet on the CDN Discovery Channel). It was a fixture in our household on Saturday nights at 8:00PM.

As I recall all the regular episodes BUT the "Alternative 3" episode were about hardware advances, consumer gadgets, some medical news and aviation and space, not ecology or any thing like climate and "Global Warming" was unknown by all as a term or buzz-word or even a concept - in the general publics' minds - for "us" it did not exist - full stop. Guess what the big deals were then? Gettin' vaped' by the commies, water and soil pollution, and oh yeah - overpopulation. You either liked Zep or loved disco, but not both.

The Alternative 3 broadcast was a highly promoted special that ran from 8:00PM until 9:30 or 10:00PM. The Canadian episode was hosted by Peter Truman (Global's network news anchor) and Global added his contextualization to the broadcast.

They couldn't just put it on without providing perspective I suppose, or they (Global) felt it was disturbing enough to need to provide an explanation or maybe they had a whole and empty network half hour for Truman to fill because they didn't have anything better to do. I beleve they did it because Truman "wanted" to do it really bad (he was their on air Top Gun)... one day I'll run across him hopefully and I'll ask him to his face. There is a real story there if anyone can pursue it - please do and keep me informed via u2u.

The presentation preamble he gave was at the time quite strange but looking back, perhaps very revealing. It was the very last time Science Report was broadcast in North America, I strongly suspect that buried deep in the Global TV archives is a broadcast quality Betamax of the entire broadcast uncut including Peter Truman's preamble and closing comments. My mom worked on the AVRO Arrow as an instrumentation engineer for Orenda engines in Nobel and she watched it with us "20 somethings." She knew what was what when it came to technology of the era.

OK, remember this guy is a credible print journalist of the time, a real news anchor, and a text book author and guess what, he's still around. He is a prolific writer and wait for it - a dedicated ecologist almost to the exclusion of all else. So if any of you know him personally check what I say about the broadcast - I'm old but my memory is "crisp and fresh" cuz I can't forget what I felt I learned then.

It's why I'm at ATS mostly, chasin' this smoke and mirrors of the Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory. At the time I felt something wasn't quite right. I still don't, and as I age it's getting more acutely evident, I only know it's an obsession to find out this particular truth to my own satisfaction before I die.

Cuz if this one's true then... ALL the dominoes start to fall in a cascade revealing what many suspect - we live in a world where the "chosen few and our so-called world leaders" know the truth and are running our planet as a club for their own exploitation as agents hiding the existence of ET's and that's the good news.

Our planet is well past the point of ecological homeostasis to recover enough to support our viral population growth and grotesque consumption of resources. That's the bad news. The planet is bread in the toaster and it's burning and we have fallen lightly asleep. Many at ATS do have an enhanced "olfactory" sense and some are cognizant of the burning.

Tomorrow-ish I'll cover the intro as I remember it and how it was and wasn't presented as a "faux-spoof" or psuedo-hypothetical analog of a real history and why I believe the "fiction" is at least partly true and how if it is - all civilization and human existence will depend on a positive outcome in resolving the existence and verification of The Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory. I can't prove nuthin' - no one can, but to not try is to go to my maker unprepared, uninformed, complacent and complcit in ignorance.

Victor K.

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posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 01:25 AM

Originally posted by DalairTheGreat
and i still cant see the video

Try here:

Mars video (RealMedia)

posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 05:09 PM
I agree, Kaminsky! The Media is doing just that. Mixing Facts with Fiction and then debunking all over it. In that way they are preventing the information to leak and become credible! In short, a big confusion!
Then nobody would belive this!

The same situation was with MAJESTIC documents. (about UFO's and NAVY black projects). They knew that someone was going to compromise Majic Operation, then they anonimously released the fraudulent documents (mixture Fact and Fiction) to a UFO researcher to expose the whole story as a hoax, later. Dissinformation? For sure! Is all intended to missinform/entertain the public to prevent the worse.
The rest is history!

Remember? 75% of black budget just for security purposes.

Hope you'll understand my english.

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posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 08:11 PM
You don't know the half of it and; the half you do know is probably wrong too! Undeniable Truth: Mars Aliens.

I'm on my way to go re-read all those John Lear posts again. Fool me once... um... try, try again.

posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 08:08 AM

Originally posted by Rren
You don't know the half of it and; the half you do know is probably wrong too! Undeniable Truth: Mars Aliens.

I saw it before!
good one!

IMO, NASA found the ruins on planet Mars and life forms too. Becuse of that, they decided to restore planet Mars to become hospitable for human life. There is LIFE, no doubt about it!
Just look on a Historical prospective and you'll find true answers.

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posted on Sep, 5 2006 @ 10:49 PM

Originally posted by anorwegianguy1972

Originally posted by Gazrok
(must have been before I got here...), thanks for the info... As for the blue sky...remember, there were times when the lander photographed a blue sky as well...
I read the transcript, then hunted down some video...makes it much more believable, but I wasn't ready to stretch yet...seems that was well-founded...thanks.

Yeah, the sky is blue on mars. Dont believe it? Then read here:

It is espesially easy to see when you see images of the Pathfinder vessle taken on eart and then compare it with the color on mars.

[edit on 31-7-2006 by anorwegianguy1972]

There could be SEVERAL reasons why NASA does´nt want us people to know that there is oxygen on Mars. (blue skies usually means oxygen or no?)

A few off the top of my head...

1) Oxygen means a habital enviroment. They want it for themself. (They the government.) and by letting everyone know that the martian surface is human hospitable, any nation could think "Gee, lets go there and claim it for ourselves!"

2) They might know that something is there as an ancient (now dead) civilization and they think were not ready for it? (Or they just dont want us to know PERIOD!)

3) They´re jerks

Ikke vet jeg! =/

Your guess is as good as mine.

posted on Sep, 6 2006 @ 12:44 AM
For those of you interested in Montauk / Philadelphia Experiment, Al Bielek says that the Mars landing footage from Alternative 3 actually came from a taped expedition via their time tunnel. To me, that doesn't make sense because the Alt 3 footage reminds me of the 2001: A Space Odyssey 'Jupiter' sequence where the camera glides across the landscape with filters applied - if you were in a time tunnel at Montauk, surely you would just 'pop out' at the coordinates on the other side. So you'd get none of this graceful orbiting spaceship stuff, you'd be automatically transported to the planet surface.

That alone kinda puts all the Montauk myths up in the air for me - the Alternative 3 Mars sequence doesn't look like something you'd have filmed via a time tunnel. The overdubbed audio is also obviously 'mocked up', almost in a Monty Python style, especially when the camera pans across to the bubbling 'life' sprouting atop the Mars surface, it comes across as if it belonged in Life Of Brian or Holy Grail.

The flip-side of Alternative 3 is that I think there may be some 'truths' blended in there - particularly the Russians and the West secretly working together under the facade of a so-called Cold War. But the Mars stuff.. I'm not so convinced.

For those of you interested, there's a reasonably good quality rip of this show available for viewing / download at Google Video. I've seens some messy ugly pixelated clips of the Alternative 3 Mars scene, but the version on Google Video is about as clear as you can get it.

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posted on Sep, 6 2006 @ 10:35 PM

Originally posted by backtoreality
I'm sure that NASA scientists would be cruising ATS trying to change the views of people who think a lizard race lives at the center of the earth, planning a world domination to boot.

Oh my gosh that is one of the funniest things that I have read in a long time, I have been laughing my arse off over it.

Well done!! That's a brilliantly funny statement!!

Pokey Oats

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