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ATS Regent Election- TheCelestialHuman

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posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 07:55 PM
This thread is to give an overview of the Meritocracy Party and to give a description of my goals and ideas for the Meritocracy Party. If you should have any questions regarding the Party or my stance on the individual issues, don't hesitate to ask.

The following is a list of the basic aims and principles of the Meritocracy Party:
1.) It's not who your parents are, It's who you are.
2.) It's not what others can do for you, It's what you can do for you.
3.) You start from the same point as everyone else, and you may go as far as your talents can take you.
4.) Talent is everything. Sex, race, religion, and age are irrelevant.
5.) 100% inheritance tax. This is to ensure the end of nepotism and cronyism. With 100% inheritance tax, everyone will have equal opportunity in life, everyone is rewarded for what they can do for themselves, not what others can do for them.
6.) All merit and achievements will be rewarded.

Meritocracy also aims to abolish monarchy and democracy.
abolish the monarchy since it contradicts the first Meritocratic Principle. In a monarchy, the only thing that matter is the identity of your parents. In a meritocracy, your parents are irrelevant. Talent is everything.
Democracy has become the single biggest obstacle to the rise of the most meritorious. In the USA, no matter your talents, you cannot become President unless you have access to vast wealth to fund your campaign.
With the way things currently are, if you are born into a poor family, you are almost certain to remain poor, regardless of your merits. On the other hand, If your parents are rich, you can start looking forward to a prosperous future, again regardless of your merits.
Meritocracy will seek to remove the link between parents' wealth and children's outcome in life.

Political parties will be done away with in Meritocracy, as they would be irrelevant. Parliament will be populated only by independent Members with no set political affiliations other than commitment to meritocracy. Each independent member is selected on the basis of their merit relating to their field of expertise. For example, Secretary of State for Health will be someone who works in the health field and is elected only by health workers; the Secretary for Defence will be from the armed forces; the Foreign Secretary a serving official in the Foreign Office; the Secretary of State for Education a serving teacher/headmaster/lecturer. In other words, members of parliament won't represent a political party or a geographical constituency, but a particular field in which they have demonstrable experience, expertise and merit; and their constituents/voters will be people in the same field who can make an informed decision about their ability.
The Prime Minister will be elected from amongst the members of parliament by the members of parliament. Every four years, members of parliament will have to seek support from their voters, or be replaced. Critiques of government policy will be challenged by special committees. The committees will include select scientists and philosophers, chosen because of their critical-thinking abilities and their expertise in challenging assumptions.
Members of parliament will be under close scrutiny by these committees to ensure that they are making the right decisions, all decisions and laws made will be challenged by these committees.
Meritocracy will abolish the politics of principle in favor of the scientific method. In other words, what works and what doesn't over what's right and what's wrong. Education is the bedrock of meritocracy. The current education system is designed to produce shoppers and obedient workers. Education under meritocracy will produce independent free thinking individuals. True education liberates the mind, not the credit card. Meritocracy will seek to provide alternatives to the family and also to put less emphasis on family. If a family fails, its members can be nurtured in a different, constructive and productive environment of psychological and educational well-being. Community is the alternative. Family causes a 'dog eat dog world'. People will do just about anything to help the interests of their family, even if it is at the expense of other families. Meritocracy will ensure that the country is governed by its most talented individuals. Those individuals will not be constrained in any way. It's up to them how to govern. But, they can be periodically voted out if they do not command the confidence of the people.
State Over Family
If i could give you the choice between being raised by two average office workers or by hundreds of elite individuals with breathtaking talents, which would you choose... In the first case, of course, I'm referring to a typical family upbringing; in the second, the sort of upbringing a Meritocratic state would offer. The state can call on the skills of millions of remarkable individuals that it has at its disposal. The state can bring children up in the best possible way. As creative, constructive, inspiring individuals who can make a full and dazzling contribution to the state. Why should children instead be condemned to the dreary boxed environment provided by the average family; to be raised by two untalented, bored and boring adults? The Meritocratic state would like to send the majority of children to boarding schools, where they can escape the parental environment. Parents will have the burden of raising children removed from them. Parent will have much more time to themselves, much more time to develop themselves, and can be proud that they're doing the best possible thing for their children by turning them over to the experts. Children would be encouraged to spend as much time as possible with their parents outside of school. Parents can provide one thing that the state cannot- love.
Meritocracy can solve the countries housing problems. Instead of building boxes for families (which is nothing more than a place to keep the useless stuff you buy, we should turn toward community housing. This is based on existing well tried and tested examples: hotels, halls of residence for students, and retirement homes for the elderly. These are predicated on single, en-suite rooms, with residents having easy access to communal areas, for example, a lounge, a dining room, a kitchen etc. They save a huge amount of space in comparison with traditional houses and, above all, they foster community living.
People are no longer socially isolated if their family situation collapses. Crime would fall because a good, helpful community would inevitably address many of the social issues that lead to people embarking on criminal lifestyles in the first place.

posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 07:56 PM
Currently, the circulation of money is what drives the economy. In Meritocracy, performance of meaningful work will drive the economy. In meritocracy people will not work simply to receive a paycheck while doing meaningless work that could easily be performed by robots and machines. Everyone will do meaningful work and will make their time spent working worthwhile. The people under the meritocratic system will all be taken care of. Healthcare, food, and housing will all be taken care of for everyone. Those who choose not to work, or do anything meaningful with their life, will not be included in the meritocratic state. Those who cannot perform as well as others, due to disability will be taken care of in accordance with their disabilities. All merit will be rewarded. All the necessary things for life will be taken care of by the state (provided that the people do their part). Merit will drive the economy. Now, you may be wandering how merit is decided... Merit basically speaks for itself. Anyone who accomplishes something meaningful and beneficial to humankind, will be rewarded for it. Good deeds will also be rewarded. I can not currently foresee any need for a currency in meritocracy. However, Economic policies will be decided by the members of the parliament, not by myself. Everything posted so far is purely theoretical, as all the major decisions would be made by the prime minister and the members of parliament. I am simply attempting to lay the framework for a meritocratic state.

There are no requirements to be in the meritocracy party. There is no party organization. It is a party of the mind, promoting intelligence and culture. Particularly welcome are all of the countries intelligent people and lovers of culture. 'Shoppers', Conservatives, Monarchists, Religious Fundamentalists, etc. would be unlikely to be attracted to the meritocracy party. You do not have to agree with all my ideas and opinions to join. Meritocracy encourages you to challenge the ideas set before you, and provide your own if you have better ones. You should have your ideas, your own opinions, your own solutions to the ills of the nation.

I hope that I have successfully provided an overview of what meritocracy has to offer. If you should have any questions, or anything to add, please don't hesitate.
Thank you for your time... And vote for the meritocracy party for ATS regent.

posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 08:34 PM
Well....I'm at a loss for words....oh my goodness

Your platform is not for me, yikes....sounds very much like a "twisted" version of the NWO....

posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 12:32 AM

Drop out of the race....

A Sweet little old lady from Pasadena....
edit on 20-6-2012 by SLAYER69 because: S & F Good luck...

posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 10:37 AM
reply to post by MountainLaurel

sounds very much like a "twisted" version of the NWO

It sounds to me like you have a twisted perception of NWO... What most people don't understand is, it is the current world order you should be afraid of. People are scared of a NWO, but I assure you, only good things could come from a NWO based on meritocracy. TPTB have no interest in a NWO, why would they? It is the current world order that gets them everything they want. It is time to overthrow the current world order and TPTB and replace it with a NWO- Meritocracy.

posted on Jun, 24 2012 @ 12:39 AM
Just dropping by to wish all my opponents good luck.



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