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so many synchronocities unveiling

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posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 04:32 PM
at least to my understanding of things.

For example, all those weird noises and bangs heard around the world. Could it be intervention to protect the species from geologic activity and done by beings not of this world? The sun having anomalies like objects and impacts? I recall that the sun has such a massive gravity that it pulls all within its bounds into its surface and yet there have been reports of some things that defy logic since they too are within its gravitational pull (and yet are capable of escaping its pull)

The Drake appeals are to humanity at large and primarily towards the "Cabal" and yet isn't all he is doing merely gathering all around the flag and is seeking to expand support by intimating a viable out of the current situation of looming mortality mankind faces due to the greed of others?

I am listening to his latest recording

and what threw me was his insisting that we should watch a video linked off his website

that I had seen already but didn't pay much heed to it since anytime I hear "Gaia" I cringe with visions of new-agism and yet the synchronous moment is in the overall picture not merely the single factors contained within its whole.

When I first saw that video images of the Nancy Leider types who channel information come to mind but here is not only cause/effect, but a definite timeline is spelled out and very shortly, time will tell.

A reason I can accept ET is a dream I had awhile back that I was initially reluctant to share but again, that moment of truth reveals itself more aptly as the progression of time (and actions) reaches its destiny.

I lucid dream and this particular one I saw a beam of light coming across a field and while I wanted to experience the light there was another guy trying to evade it. I was within the light and was suddenly in a room (the other guy wasn't there) with children ( a classroom was the impression I got) who looked at me with a tentative but loving acceptance. I wanted to ask questions (lucid as I do have many questions) but was instead taken on a tour of the craft where I eventually found myself looking out a porthole and saw that the craft was at ground level but people were walking by and right through it. It was existing in a different dimension and yet was still able to view this dimension.

Will ET really come to the aid of man? God said He would and promises salvation to all who simply believe and if a couple of thousand years ago such a vision was granted then surely it would be interpreted as a God since without technology everything would seem miraculous.

While I know God is real and miracles of a supernatural kind do happen, not all understanding can be based upon a supernatural when in fact today we can do the seemingly miraculous too. This isn't saying I lose Faith over accepting the existence of ET's or inter-dimensional beings (as I had seen a high-speed right-angle turn back in the 70's) but it does resonate within me of higher intelligence and if these ET's are our guardians I can accept that too since Genesis even states that God created "the heavens" and being plural it isn't beyond my reasoning that man is so unique in creation that there aren't other creations.

The ET phenomena is being portrayed by tptb (via Hollywood) as malevolent and personally I feel if they were in fact malevolent, they could have taken over this planet at any time throughout our warring history.

Only a benevolent being would sit by and watch while a species matured into a realm of greater understanding ( and spiritual growth) and yet how much human suffering can any entity endure if they are as empathic and compassionate as they appear to be?

Not much more IMO and as time and threat of total annihilation of our species seems the inevitable course, just how much damage and suffering will they allow before passing judgment?

Only God knows. I do know that Heaven has thousands and thousands of angels and is a word really able to totally encompass character and intent?

Only through Faith...and it is by Faith that one discerns the malevolent or benevolent intent.

What is truth but a flavor of understanding and when that flavor cooks the books don't we all hate the menu?

People have got to come together... or be divided and fall.

.02 worth of passing thoughts

posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 06:00 PM
reply to post by anoncoholic

A lot in your post. I found it hard to follow a lot of it.

Some of it i can comment on.

Will ET help? I dunno. Thats a tough one. I look to a real world example, where America tries to "help" other countries when it sees suffering. But a lot of the times it makes a bigger mess.

I get the feeling that if ET did come down to help us with our problems, a good portion of society would question their intentions and fear them. Maybe even openly resist them. I can't see a world where every person accepts their help with open arms.

If they came and offered to help us with our environment, i can see a huge backlash. Heck, even now, half the people i talk to think global warming is just a myth. If some alien came down and said it's real and we need their help to fix it, they would just think that was another ploy.

Sadly i get the feeling ET would make the call to just watch us from afar and hope for the best. Sometimes you have to let children learn on their own. Assuming ET is far more advanced and more mature as a species, then we are like children to them. They might see us as too primitive to even understand their help.

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