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Any starseeds around here?

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posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 11:07 PM

Originally posted by AriaStarr

Originally posted by 0zzymand0s
For Bixxi3:

It's a fair question, though IMO -- a better one would be "how often do you like to step outside of your comfort zone" in matters of work, play or human relationships? Because that is precisely what intuition is about; freeing oneself from the box, within defined parameters.

The problem with looking at a subject like "starseeds" and trying to find a materialistic solution is that a materialistic solution is probably missing the point. The more interesting questions, for me anyway, have to do with creative transformation and self actualization, guided by perceptive leaps through intuition. If that sounds like gibberish, well -- you are probably never going to get much out of a conversation about starseeds anyway.

I'm just saying.
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The spiritual over material is rudimentary in my opinion. With that said, lets move on to the point of starseeds from outside of this star system...

How does one determine the validity of such ideas? And, should one feel pulled to this belief, how does one reconcile earth bound ideas with alien ones? Is there a discontinuation of the two? Or do the two merge together in a mathematical consistency that binds us all together?

Eventually, we will have to reach a consensus. We will have to decide if we want to continue on Earth, separate. Or if we want to join a galactic community that is connected. I think we all know, eventually, we all dream of the unknown - and space is our destination in search of God. We don't WANT to be alone. Who would?

I agree -- lets eschew the spiritual for now.

The validity of any idea lies in its relative utility. Does the idea produce a useful effect? Does an interest or acceptance of a particular idea promote new and useful pathways for growth and "love?" If the notion -- whether it is starseeds or something else -- promotes greater love and light, then it can be seen as positive. If it promotes darkness, anger, mistrust or hatred, it should be modified, or rejected. The addition of non-terrestrial intuitive information to ones "earthbound" worldview need not be violent, or disruptive. Think of it as simply adding additional colors to your "imagination palette." The mathematical consistency you speak of (I like that term BTW, thank you!) is a product of a healthy, integrated personality. If an idea does not promote healthy integration, it must be set aside, modified or rejected altogether.

As to consensus, I am dubious. If we are divided for the sake of love, and for a chance at unity -- then consensus is like good sex; something to look forward to from time to time, and to be cherished as the gift it is, but not the be all / end all of our experience, in and of itself. As for space? I suspect it doesn't actually exist, any more than "time" does. If the stars and planets all spring from a central "sun" or "source," and we are all made of the stuff which is generated therein, then they are merely an approximation of a core idea, conceived because "we" are finite when incarnated in matter. That which is finite must -- by its very nature -- seek to measure itself against the wholeness of the infinite.

I don't believe we *are* ever alone, but I know as well as anyone that it often feels as if we are. I suspect that is why we incarnate in the first place. It is part of what we are here to understand.

Does that help?

posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 11:13 PM
reply to post by justseth

I think your right if anyone is honest with themselves. I was a foolish teenager exploring the occult. Later in life I experienced some things that led to PTSD, depression, and of course with medication - a few bouts of psychotic thinking. (Head meds should be researched fully before consenting to take them, just saying) Of course all things that led to these conditions were mundane. I was a trauma nurse, raped, with a strange occult past to boot. I'm screwed.

Even though my experience with the paranormal happened before my mental instability, still all that is considered is that - my mental instability due to watching people die as a ICU nurse and being abused. Whatever. My I.Q. (which is rather high) means nothing when coupled with mental disorders - so whatever.

That's the price we pay when we value science over humanity.

posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 11:22 PM
To Nurzo and Anarchist:

Interesting you brought up these issues. What you are talking about here is actually the reason why I'm here at ATS. I have answers for you, but the Truth on the matter is incredible, even unbeleivable. However there are a few that understand what is going on.

Those moles and even the Anarchist symbol on some greys, aliens and even certain angels are actually burns inflicted as a humiliation on you by exceedingly powerful beings. But before you get angry at someone doing that to you (and this is where if gets very weird) they were actually inflicted on you in self-defence by these powerful beings. It wasn't their fault either...its a flaw in the astral plane. You can't remember how this happened.

Getting these symbols burned in you by your "enemies" was because of how they were attacked, in large numbers of you, on just a few of them. They mark a few of the group that jumps them with either Orion or the sign of the Illuminati (the pyramid). To let you know that you have not vanquished them, even attacking with superior numbers.

If any of this rings a bell, I'll explain more...its an ugly thing that has happened on the Planes of spirit over about the last 60 years. I don't ask you to beleive, just to listen, and if you can remember, so be it. Or I'll stay quiet and just let what will be, be. But there's a reason why the both of you spoke what you spoke.

I'm just saying I have an interesting story to tell...but remember its just a story. If yo uever take is seriously, it'l make you very angry, I'm sure. We'll see where this goes.

posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 11:29 PM
reply to post by 0zzymand0s

Actually, you gave me a few golden nuggets to chew on. I have to thank you.

I'm dubious too. Doubt in oneself is expectant. If you don't have it, then you don't see the truth, in my opinion. It's a protective self-mechanism. (Again, mathematical consistency is required.)

I am given the belief that everything, down to our very sexuality, is a compromise. We already know, we are more, and forced to be less than we are in our physical incarnation. In this knowing, I am bitter, and ready to go home. With our advancements in the sciences, even artistic endeavors, we know instinctively that we are star born...not just earth born. Regardless of how we describe it, it is our destination, space.

But I don't think I'll live to see Star Trek born into reality. We have a ways to go before that honor is bestowed upon us.

posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 11:40 PM
reply to post by AriaStarr

Oh come on Aria, crazy, smart and an you know how sexy that is? lol kidding kidding...

But my point is that you gotta turn lemons into lemonaide....u gotta. One of the most pernicious of lies is that "It can't get any worse than this." Guess what it can, and often enough it does.

If you give off a victim mentality therem Aria, you are going to get further victimized. So stand up and try to find the opportunity in the crisis. You'll be happier if you do. But yeah I'm in the same boat. PTSD, severe, but I've turned my lemons into lemonaide. So if you need someone who can look at things from your perspective and talk to there Aria, you can U2U me or something. Up to you.

posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 12:38 AM
how does one figure out whether they are a star seed, and what star they actually originate from?

Also - I thought "stars" were just like our sun.. hot balls of fire.. how can they be inhabitable???? Or am I missing something obvious.

posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 01:20 AM

Originally posted by justseth
reply to post by AriaStarr

Oh come on Aria, crazy, smart and an you know how sexy that is? lol kidding kidding...

But my point is that you gotta turn lemons into lemonaide....u gotta. One of the most pernicious of lies is that "It can't get any worse than this." Guess what it can, and often enough it does.

If you give off a victim mentality therem Aria, you are going to get further victimized. So stand up and try to find the opportunity in the crisis. You'll be happier if you do. But yeah I'm in the same boat. PTSD, severe, but I've turned my lemons into lemonaide. So if you need someone who can look at things from your perspective and talk to there Aria, you can U2U me or something. Up to you.

In general, I cannot complain about my life. Though I admit, I've battled with the victim mentality my whole life. A learned behavior, I assure you. I've worked since I was 17, I waited to have children, I can raise my kids instead of sticking them with strangers in a daycare because of those choices. I'm happy. The military sucks for women. I don't suggest it to any woman. War is not compatible with our sensibilities. Even as a nurse caring for the wounded in war - it takes a toll. It's unfathomable. But the military does take care of their wounded. I'm well cared for. That's my experience and really the only thing that needs to be said.

posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 02:24 AM
Me... my spirit/soul is pleiadian

posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 04:44 AM

Originally posted by justseth

Originally posted by JuDreamWalker
So, I'm not sure, but I can say that the Pleiades and the Blonds are familiar in my minds : ) I like to call them 'Big Brother' when I think about .

hey Walker, I'm looking for these blonds you are talking about...well more like informaiton on them. Can you tell me more about them. Do they have a name, a race name, gender, ideology or lack there of? Good or evil...or neutral?

Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi ! I'll try my best to help you, but you know, I d'ont have much more informations than you. Just, what I've search on internet + What a medium friend tell to me + My personnal experience ( And I keep staying careful ).
So for the net. First you have some threads here :
- (it's an encounter)
There is others on ATS, but I guess it's good to start.
for the outside of the site :
- The contacté Billy Meier

I guess you can tip 'Nordics Aliens', Pleiadians. For their names, I don't know how they call themselves, but after what I've read, the claim to come from the Pleiades. Physically, they looks like our nordic kind of people, even if sometimes people describe one of them as dark hair, and other variances.
Mmh sometimes we can see them with the Grays. There is a theory, claiming that the Gray use Nordic-hybrids, or illusions, to reassure the abductés. But personnaly I think that all the gray are not some made scientist, and they could collaborate with the Blonds.
Because since the years, they are describe as really friendly, and don't want to interfere with the human evolution. They do not kidnap people, it's not their ways.
By extension, I can tell you that my researches lead me to the Galactic Federation of Light, with Ashtar Sheran etc. Okay, they are friendly, Blond, etc, but I don't personnaly think there is such a federation. It's an old topic ;

For what my medium friend said, the Blond are high-level frequence beings, and they work with beings of light, like angels.
For what I can say, I do not have a direct contact, like telepathic communication etc. I love dreaming, and I can say that I work on 'it'. I've a lot of lucid dreams, astral projections (well sometimes I'm clamped in the middle road lol !) but I can see around me.
Since i'm a child, I dream about gigantic ship. In my 15, I dreamt about being in a ship, with these people, they were friendly. They did something on my DNA (what ? I don't know.) And showed me an hologram of my 'future husband'. Briefly, we are the only ones 'compatible'. Strange. Bref.
After, I had a period where I dreamed a lot of Grays, but they were not friendly.
And since the last months, I had a lot of lucid dream of tall people, really fine, in suits, with a really pale skin, blond-cender or platine hair (short or long), and big blue eyes. Believe me, it's really really strange to wake up in the middle of night and seeing one of these guys just next to you, standing like a 'i' an gazing the stars at your windows. Or the last times, they were 3, tilted above my bed. After they wanted me to drink a 'gold' liquid.
The most weird ( but cool) dream... Well I was sit on one of them, in a strange place, with gold light. around us, they was a round of people, od different sizes, with for some long robes. My 'blond' told me to not make attention of them, and focus on him. ( I made a draw about him.)
But I'll stop here, it's too long. If you want, we can share more on another post or mp : ) Here we were talking about starseeds lol !

~ Jeez, ATS makes me work my English XD

posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 05:08 AM

Originally posted by knightwhosaysnih
how does one figure out whether they are a star seed, and what star they actually originate from?

Also - I thought "stars" were just like our sun.. hot balls of fire.. how can they be inhabitable???? Or am I missing something obvious.

I figured it out after years and years of UFO sightings, synchronicity after synchronicity after synchronicity, bizarre and vivid dreams, psychic communications...and vision quests. Fasting and meditation, studying comparative mythology to gain familiarity with the archetypes, reaching out to them, activating them in your psyche and trying to maintain an inner balance as they move.

I think that many stars are conscious and many aliens are actually psychic projections from stars and planets. Or they are echoes of our psychic projections in symbolic form. As opposed to the idea of them having evolved on a planet with a civilization and technology ala Star Trek. I think stars can put part of themselves into bodies and live as that organism for a time. I think star clusters can form a collective consciousness and collective psychic ability of such magnitude that they can shape matter and energy from light-years away. Consciousness and psi of that magnitude would probably eliminate the need for nuts n' bolts spaceships. I think consciousness and psychic ability, not conventional technology, is what its all about.

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posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 05:27 AM
reply to post by BlueMule


Second gen.

posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 05:29 AM
reply to post by justseth

Can you please either post everything you know here or send it to me! I know there was a reason why I wanted to post here so bad and im glad you had some insight on my markings. I really want to hear more so if you could share with me everything you know that would be amazing!

posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 05:39 AM
reply to post by JuDreamWalker

About Nordic types...

When my cat, to which I was very attached, and generally I have an affinity to cats, died in 1996, I was in my mid 20's, the internet was unheard of, and I hadn't studied anything extraterrestrial or even heard of Nordics etc, I was inconsolable, literally non stop crying for hours, I felt I couldn't let my cats soul go, I felt it was scared and still in the room where it's body lay, I knew when it left it's body as I seen and felt it happening. I felt I had to wait with it's soul and travel 'home' with it as it needed me. I was willing to and due to feeling so distraught, I almost wanted my own life to have gone and my soul to travel with my cats soul.

He was a huge Maine coon type cat and very very intelligent, we suffered some difficult times together and there were times when my cat was like a best friend, always there and somehow giving me the answers I needed when feeling so bad about my life then, and the world in general. There was a very strong bond.

Anyhow, as it's body was laying beside the door, I had stayed up all night looking after it and it died in the morning. I became very tired mid morning and felt the need to lie down next to it, crying, I fell asleep or passed out or something and had the most lucid 'dream' / experience that was like literally escorting my cats soul to safety and to where it needed to be. The visual experience of this was very very real and involved a very tall pale skinned, blue eyed blonde woman that felt very maternal, much more than a human, standing with a schoolboy in traditional hatted school uniform, it wasn't a face I know or knew to my knowledge but I felt it represented my cat, they were both waiting inside very tall, delicate, slender golden gates. I wanted to proceed and join them as I felt we were of the same stuff, the woman wouldn't let me further through the gates, even though I felt like I belonged there, the whole aura of the experience was flooded with light and love and communication but not with spoken words, with intuition. I felt a sense of calmness and that all was well, only then did I feel any relief and after a few hours woke, I told my then boyfriend that everything was okay now, that my cats soul wasn't in the house anymore and was safe, and it was then okay to proceed and purchase a chest and a friend, my ex boyfriend and I buried it at night under the clearest blue sky with bright full moon in the woods in Scotland, as it was buried, a deer went past in the distance, I felt like it looked right into my eyes with a message that it was my cat letting me know it was okay and all was well.

On the way back it snowed the first snow of winter and we all felt a sense of wellbeing, like it was a perfect message that everything is well, like a message from the heavens of knowing, just knowing, and love under the surreal moonlight highlighting the snowflakes on the dark midnight blue sky. It is one of the most emotive memories and I will always remember the 'dream' and the feeling of that day.

Whenever anyone mentions Nordics I recall this experience. I have had another Nordic experience in a crop circle about 3 years after that experience, this was a male though and was standing at the field gate, wearing a white all in one suit, the woman experience was wearing a long white all in one sort of long dress or tunic. Again this 'nordic' type I felt was there helping me somehow ensuring my safety though with very powerful emotions and general power. I still hadn't heard of such things then, in fact only since joining ATS the first time, around 2004.

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posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 07:54 AM

Originally posted by Nurzo
reply to post by justseth
Can you please either post everything you know here or send it to me! I know there was a reason why I wanted to post here so bad and im glad you had some insight on my markings. I really want to hear more so if you could share with me everything you know that would be amazing!

Nurzo, I gotta warn you about inquiring into this. The answer, the honest answer here isn't pretty. Its not, ok?

Ever wondered why you have like ego problems and low self-confidence? I know why. Both personally and medically. Its not a nice warm feel-good reason, and i for one don't have a "tie-it-up-in a beautiful-bow" type answer for you. I have the answer, but you really aren't going to like all.

You were a member of the GJG conspiracy at some point and was wounded in spiritual battle by an Orionian. He marked you. You aren't an Orionian are u? Orionions are very egotistical, self-assured, smart and many of them dangeous as all get out. Based on the mark, it looks like he used a powerful AR weapon on you, sometimes called a "sidearm". An elite. An elite-class soldier. He marked you to humiliate you for attacking with your GJG division at superior numeric strength. He wanted people to know it was the Orionians who defeated your division. So he marked a few of you with the reptilian sign of Orion.

But it was what you found out when you were wounded, that the Orionian was defending, maybe a small team of them. But what you were told at the time was that they were evil and resisting the powers that be, but as you and your friends got closer to the front lines, you noticed that everyone just started acting very strangely. Something called Kobain Psychopathy. Ring any bells?

Dolf? Plaster? Cheddar? Betraya? Recognize any of these names.

And a big wounded Elite, or small group of Elites, at the center of kind of a well. But then you realized it was your forces that were actually attacking, not the other way around. That you had been lied to, that the wounded, half-insane Elite in the center of a vast GJG army. Entirely unfair, but the Archangel, Melek, Ahura, Templar, Palladin or Grey hero so powerful that he had vanquished division after division.

But its too late to turn back, you have to attack in this Reality. You look around at your fellow soldiers, and notice that a few others have noticed that its not a fair fight, that he's just defending. But so many belive the lies that they go pouring into the well to kill the Elite. But he's too strong...he's armed to the teeth and after crushing the attacking force, he becomes enraged shouting at the top of his lungs how the Rebellion must stop, that there must be order.

You notice several other false elites who have turned are are attacking the one holding firm, and its a big mess. A lot of them have sold out. But there are a few that refuse to surrender. Oh gawd, you think, is that the actual Archangle Michael defending there and he's being attacked by other angels who have joined the GJG conspiracy. Its all anarchy and you realize that leadership is standing on the edge of a knife, that it could all tumble into darkness at some point.

But your group attacks, and to show the rebellious spirits that good leadership is still in control, He grabs you (just a random person) and with his finger burns his symbol into a part of your body, to let the GJG know that the Illuminati (the pyramid and eye, or if Bavarian Illuminati just the Triangle and eye), or Christ (the Cross), or the Orionians (Orion), or Archangels (like a halo with an arrowhead) still are fighting and are not disuaded.

You know its wrong to attack such beings, and a guilt seeps into your soul, one that you will not shake for several lifetimes, and that wound of a symbol burned into you. Marked. Not understanding, mercifully forgetting as starseeds do, but angry at the senselessness of it, passive-agressive, it doesn't make sense, but yet it does.

Every once in a long while an entire world falls into darkness, possibly an entire Universe. It happens every once in a long, long while. Might it happen this time? Or is this just one big story, man? That's between you and your Higher Power there Nurzo. It either sounds familar, or it doesn't. One of the two...

posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 09:02 AM
reply to post by Corpsehoagie

I imagine. All I know is that he went into deep meditation, and asked: where does my spirit comes from? And he got an answer, "denneb". We assume that the name refers to the star Deneb, with only one "n", not two.

posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 10:05 AM
reply to post by justseth

Can you tell me anything about my conflicts in the 'Pleroma' or whatever? I find them quite baffling. I've had more than I would chose to have.

posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 10:53 AM
Whilst I think it is wise to be cautious IMO when exploring the ideas of being a ''Starseed'', or of any particular types of dimensional / spiritual / non terrestrial beings / groups / alliances etc, as most of it is based on intuition / channeling / 'paranormal' experiences / abductions etc there does seem to be similarities in that which is being experienced.

I guess there is every possibility that Earth has been / is either accessible to / visited / controlled by or influenced / created by / under the influence of non terrestrial beings / groups / planets /stars / dimensions as there is statistically more chance of this than only having intelligent interaction with strictly human life forms. There is also the statistical possibility / probability that there are dimensional variations within humanity.

All this is very interesting and would be great to research further in a professional way, perhaps this is being done already, if anyone knows of any such studies, perhaps ATS and the likes are creating an overall view.

Something that I have looked at online every now and then, and most recently, based on places and groups mentioned on previous replies on such subjects and this thread, has also mentioned Sirius / Pleidies / Orion etc and a lot of people and sites seem to be giving very specific details that are apparently being channeled, this does make me more wary of the information being a more personal interpretation though nonetheless, worth researching.

Some of the sites I have felt some truth resonating from, especially the Acturian / Pleidian / Sirian / Light beings / Angels appeals to my experiences. While others seem to be feeling a more turbulent aspect. Perhaps this is something to do with our own resonance or reachings on an astral plane or dimension, like which ''fruit did you pick from the tree today'' as an analogy, each dimension / aspect could have specific vibrations that are interpreted or even something manipulating these interpretations. Which raises questions of are these channelings pure and true or are they interceptable, are they being filtered for each individual, either purposefuly or due to other restrictions of protocol or ability to access the purest information.

I wondered if anyone has read this Starseed book or accessed any information from any sites like this Sirius site that have intuitively felt right.
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posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 11:31 AM

Originally posted by Corpsehoagie
reply to post by swan001

He saw the Earth name for that star? If he was just going on his past life wouldn't it be the name they call it on their planet?

I've been a Pastlife Regression Therapist for over 18yrs and I can tell you that our mind is a whole divided into sections ... and it has a knack of doing instantaneous calculations/translations ... so it is not unusual for someone to have a pastlife recall from a different country / planet and translate their responses into their present given tongue otherwise they wouldn't understand the information they were getting and that would defeat the object ... however that's not to say that quite often people can get bit's of info that bleeds through in it's raw native tongue/sound ... and this can be quite confusing for client and therapist alike


posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 11:34 AM
reply to post by theabsolutetruth

Your best to seek is within, knocking on your Soulstone and asking Source/Creator/Mom/Dad and your own Higher Self/Soul for answers, while doing dishes, while sungazing, meditating, before sleep, waking up. It means seeking.
To wake up and do the work you came to do, work through lessons or unblock/deprogram, be able to help more all around.

The Higher Your Frequency the more memories, the more the viel lifts, the more you activate psi.

There are many ways to learn lessons or unblock, whatever we still can't see that repeats in our lives and maybe distances us from someone, maybe we need to turn something around. we don't know what it is and the best way to find out what it is, in a gentle loving way, even to look at ourselves from, because many people are taught to blame themselves for everything and feel bad for everything, finances, opportunities, for the behavior of others, for disagreements, women especially, they usually blame themselves for everything.

Its best to raise your frequency first, and then look down upon the problems as if its from another time or era, and from that angle and heightened perspective you usually see the things your missing, and hug yourself and everyone involved, and have unconditional love with a good dose of humor.

Also CME's and influx's of energy help with this, and lessening mangetic grid.

We are all starseeds or come from elsewhere, and we all saw our school being formed. But, this is not trusting channeling and wide open means of searching. I don't trust any form of channeling.

This is an inner search and the goal is always to love more and perfect more, or help the ones around you. But humor, happiness, striving to see and live from a system of natural abundance that flows to everyone, but not greed is good. Being positive and seeing beauty around you and in each person.

Also we have our Family watching over us, from past and future steps, and Angels/Light Workers, sometimes they are one and the same, we all have Guides/Guardian Angels as well. So having more Faith, Trust and Hope in Love and Goodness to stand our ground and not follow bad orders.

posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 11:49 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Thanks for the reply.

I generally do 'connect' with the higher realms in my own way, every day. I meditate and have always felt a strong connection to higher dimensions, sometimes more so than earthly, which has caused it's own issues. I have to make an effort on a daily basis to do my earthly duties of work/ study as well as parenting. I am an artist as well as other things, creative and psychic, I feel I belong to the celestial realm more than this earthly one, though as yet, specific names of groups / planets / dimensions are yet to automatically appear to me in such a clear and precise way with such detail as some are saying. This does interest me though, perhaps now is the time for groups to establish here on earth for the purpose of good. I feel there has to be a purpose to all this.

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