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Russian N1 teen band with American jazz program

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posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 02:31 AM

Neposedi is not just one of the many children/teen pop bands in Russia. The Moscow-based group could rightfully be called N1. Neposedi (restless) opened Eurovision 2009 in Moscow. Last year Neposedi celebrated their 20th anniversary on a grandiose concert in the Kremlin theater hall...From Neposedi came out some of the biggest names of today's Russian pop, like Sergey Lazarev, Vlad Topalov and others.

Now the group appears with a brand new American jazz program, singing Armstrong and Sinatra. It is definitely something new in their rich program until now, that already had many western songs but definitely accented on the Russian music, both new and old. A year ago I wouldn't imagine they would sing "New York, New York" in 2012.

Having in view their broader audience that stretches far beyond the borders of Russia and goes across Europe and beyond, we can only guess what motivates such a dramatic change of their repertoire.

Have a good time with Neposedi!

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