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posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 11:47 PM
I am in serious need of some help. I have worked the last week, 42 hours after 4 hours of digging 300+ 5 gallon buckets. buckets of pay after washing 4 feet of over bearing off pushing the pay dirt in buckets. I had to do a quarter bucket at a time. Using the bucket method as seen here Bucket method prospecting But with a screen bottom for the top bucket. 1/8 inch classifier. dump the material in and wash it out recirculating the water in a tub in the back of my truck with a faucet on the bottom so I can fill the bucket up again. This way capturing the micron gold, flour gold using soap so it sinks with the black sands. I dump a quarter bucket at a time then take the rocks that feel thru the screen and look for gold using my Saruca gold screen that I made looking like this one... youtube gold prospecting tool

I can run 300+ 5 gallon buckets in about 15 hours. I am now wanting to sperate the black sands from the flour gold and micron gold. What do I use. So far I think I ran about 30 cubic yards. So I have a ton of black sands with flour gold and even more micron gold. I picked my nuggets and have so far gotten $32 every cubic yard. I expect to increase take 30-45 percent. The ground was rich with the stuff and you can see the flour gold in the black sands. What do I use to extract the mircon gold. I want to do it fast. I already got most of the flour gold out.. Is ats smart in everything like me.


posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 11:59 PM
Are you familiar with using mercury for extracting gold dust from black sand? I had a friend many years ago, in Placerville California who swore by it. I can research it for info for you, if you'd like.

ETA: Here is a forum dealing with the exact problem you are dealing with regarding flour gold.

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posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 12:46 AM
Thanks I have about 1300+ pounds of black sand using this method. I extracted some of the flour gold out of my stock pile +

I am going to have to research this in depth.

My stock pile a huge gold mine. If I can extract all of the gold from them I could live off of it for a few years
and really start to prospect again. I am definitly going to have to head for canada to do this though. Truck alaska, it is small time compared to canada. Even more so in Australia.

A few years prospecting, I could probably find a few spots that average more than 100+ every cubic yard.


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