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‘Iran, Russia, China, Syria to launch biggest joint war game in Mideast’

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posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 08:36 AM
Fars news...isn't that as credible as 'Debka' ?

I think I've stumble upon a photo of that expected drill:

another one:

posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 09:01 AM

Originally posted by jude11
With those 4 Nations working's no coincidence. They know what's coming...

WW3 is shaping up IMO.

I believe it's time for those that don't have preparations like a B.O.B or a prearranged meeting place for friends/'s time to re-think your stance on preparedness.

Just my thoughts


Yea, your BOB is going to help lots when the ICBMs start dropping. Just sayin'.

posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 01:41 PM
I don't know if the four countries are going to hold an exercise of that magnitude. I just don't think Russia/China has the resources to deploy that many people that fast.

I do beleive the above report about Russian Navy Ships with Naval Infantry going offshore. They may need to evacuate their people. Totally legit.

We also had the report of a Russian VDV divison and an armored brigade getting ready to move to Syria last week. I know the Russians maintain enough airlift to move the airborne division, not sure abou the tank brigade. But even so your looking at a grand total of about 18,000 Russian troops......were along way from 90,000, even if China and Iran send an equal amount, it's not 90,000.

Regardless of how many troops/ships may be sent, I am thnking Israel is getting REAL itchy trigger fingers.....better to raid Iran now, then wait until there is a substantial force in place to the north....

posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 01:43 PM
I can't verify the authenticity of this report, but it appears the war games were never actually scheduled to happen but this could all be another tactic:

Russia, Syria deny war games with China, Iran

Russian and Syrian officials dismissed as provocation on Tuesday Iranian media reports that Iran, Russia, China and Syria are to conduct joint military exercises in Syria next month.

posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 02:27 PM
reply to post by Corruption Exposed

Interesting, thanks for showing the other side though. Need to see various perspectives first.

I think if we wait a little longer we will find out ultimately.

posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 02:47 PM
Joint war game, what a way to spin that nicely, I think that meant to say, that Russia, China, Iran , and I guess Syria will stage their troops and military weapons there, in case of a Western attack on Iran or Syria, LOL Wow Russia sure is paranoid about their syrian port, and If I was them I could understand. China ya they are just there to make sure all goes down as they have planned, and the raw materials start a flowing, Iran just wants to look like they are in charge of the middle east standing besides Russia and China, And Syria, well, What Syria???

posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 03:26 PM
Syria has issued a statement denying the reports, not that it means anything but given the circumstances if it were real I dont think Syria would deny it. Especially this close to the possibility of military action coming down the pipeline at them.

Still nothing from Russia or China either...

this still looks like a political ploy by Iran to change the channel away from their less than stellar meeting with the P5 +1 to push the focus away from them onto Syria.
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posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 03:40 PM
reply to post by Xcathdra

Quite possibly. Iran is trying anyway possible to destabalize the region I think.

That being said, the Russians are still sending up to 600 Naval Infantry to protect the port..

And then we had several threads talking about them possibly sending an airborne division and armored brigade. So even if the "exercise" isn't planned, the russians are sending what appears to be substantial forces.

Oh, and apparently the Brits stopped a russian ship after pulling it's insurance, it is suspected of carring attack helicopters.

It's getting a bit sporty out there.

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posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 04:07 PM
reply to post by SrWingCommander

I think all the preparation Russia is taking is based on thw fact there are more than 100k Russian nations in Syria. The port protection is fine since they have military assets present. Since the port is a maintenance facility its entirely possible Russian vessels present cant leave until repaired etc.

Russia is not going to send in thousands of troops to protect the Syrian regime. By doing so they would be formally attaching themselves to the war crimes the Syrian regime is already committing.

The RUssian vessel that was "stopped" had MIL-25 helicopters on board bound for Syria that apparently belonged to Syria and were in Russia undergoing maintenance.
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posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 10:03 PM
reply to post by Shadow Herder

LOL! No Wonder you looked so familiar! LOL! Sorry! It was funny! I just missed it!
Split Infinity

posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 12:39 AM
reply to post by Shred

By what reasoning do you make the statement that the U.S. is now in the process of loosing it's Military Superiority?

I don't think Russia or China believe this. Split Infinity

posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 01:06 AM
reply to post by SrWingCommander

Iran can only be dealt with by either it's own people or by the United States. The U.S. plan is to WAIT until the 70% of Iranian Population which is under 30 years of age...will finally break the Old Guards Hold on the Military.

If it comes down to the U.S. and this would only happen if Iran did something would be in the U.S.'s interest to keep casualties to a Minimum since Iran has a population that 92% want a true Democracy. The U.S. is capable of handling Iran's Military and the best outcome would be direct Military to Military communications as occurred in the Iraq war when many Iraqi Divisions surrendered. I believe the case would be similar here.
Split Infinity

posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 08:34 AM
Looks like syria just lost a pilot, and a Mig!!!!

To Jordan....

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