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The Reason Some Americans Hate's not because they are "illegal"

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posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 08:15 PM
reply to post by OutKast Searcher

Now see, that was all just your opinion. Since you shared your opinion, I'll share mine.
My problem with Immigrants, illegal or not, is the fact that they push their country down our throats (Mexicans, mainly). They expect US to speak Spanish, put Spanish on everything, celebrate THEIR holidays, and the fact that they're always going on about how great their country is. If they expect us to welcome them, they need to be AMERICAN, learn English, and respect our country.

Another thing I have a problem with is the fact that they are sucking our country dry. They have child after child after child so they get paid for their kids by the government. They also get free education where we (AMERICANS) don't, they get paid to live here when we (AMERICANS) don't, they get free healthcare where we (AMERICANS) don't.

Plus, there are also all of those who are drug runners, thugs, criminals, and downright rude people. I got shoved down in Walmart today by a Mexican man all because I was "in his way" while grabbing some Ranch Dressing from the shelf. My family friends house was broken into the other day by her neighbors (Mexicans). They didn't take anything, but they shredded every piece of clothing, destroyed their furniture, and wrote "American Scum" on their living room wall.

Now, if they want to be treated equal and like Americans, they need to show us a little more respect.

Granted, there are those few who actually want to be American, that come here legally, that actually take the time to learn English, and have respect for ALL of us here. But, those do not extinguish those I mentioned above. The one's who actually have respect, I respect back. Those that do what I mentioned above, I despise with a passion.

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 08:16 PM

Originally posted by OutKast Searcher
People don't want to work in a field all day...they want a managment position.

But I thought we lazy Americans were afraid of competing with hard working illegals and that is why we are against illegal immigration? Now we are back to Americans not wanting those jobs? Jeezus, which is it bro?

Talk about a walking contradiction my friend. You flip and flop around more than a fish out of water. What exactly is your position? And how many more times do I need to post a response to your drivel until you finally stop ignoring them and respond yourself? You brought up the subject of discussion, so let's discuss it?

You never answered anything I responded with, and they were all valid points. Go back and read them, cause I am not starting over from here. ~$heopleNation

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 08:21 PM

Originally posted by FissionSurplus
This belongs in the rant section, because it is total hyperbole and opinion, with nothing to back it up but your own skewed viewpoint.

It has nothing to do with prejudice, and everything to do with the screwy way our federal government cherry-picks what laws to enforce. It has nothing to do with hatred, and everything to do with people here who are here illegally, taking jobs away from people who are here legally.

There are thousands of people here legally, who went through all the proper channels and waited their turn. Sure, everybody comes here for "a better life", but does that desire erase the fact that they are breaking our sovereign laws and flaunting it in our faces?

Do you not see that illegals are invisible under the law, so they will take any wage, thereby driving down the wages for EVERYBODY in this country? Do you not see that an illegal willing to work for $3 an hour will be picked over a citizen who has a right to be paid minimum wage? Isn't it obvious who is pushing this agenda and who fattens their bottom line by hiring illegal labor? It is not a question of laziness, as I have seen illegals lazier than an old dog on a hot day, and very hard working Americans. Your stereotyping sounds like more mainstream media claptrap.

Most Americans don't like the illegal angle, and the fact that these "undocumented visitors" do not come here to assimilate, they come here to milk what they can. It is a drain on the system and it is a gross abuse of our services. There is nothing to like or respect about that.

You are entitled to your opinion, but that is all it is. Your opinion....and as far as I'm concerned, not one based in reality.

Major props to you because I agreed with the OP fully but after reading your post... You really made me think about my stance..

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 08:24 PM
My personal opinion? That there is people willing to do jobs for less money, no benefits, no rights etc are the problems. I mean look at our society, we want so many things and we want them as cheap as possible. Wal Mary has made a killing off this. Nearly everything there is made in China and sold for a quarter to a half of what we would pay for the American counterpart. What does this have to do with immigrants? Again, they are willing to do the same but for much less.
There is also the other side of the issue. Along with at least the Mexican immigrants, there is an increased gang/drug/crime rings. Look at much of what is in the headlines in Mexico, if we don't get a handle, those will be our headlines. I am not necessarily blaming most of the immigrants for this, it just happens to be a culture that has mixed into it and you get the package deal. Try gong to Iceland and "setting up shop" and trying to get employment and blend in. They don't have the problem we do because you can't take jobs that are needed for its own people. I'd for one love to move to Austrailia and make that my new home, they ar not got to let that happen either. There is something to be said about the countries that know they need to take care of their own first.

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 08:25 PM
A few things.

1) They are willing to be exploited; they will work for less than minimum wage.

They also, as you pointed out, work harder. They are willing to put in an 80+hour work week. Most Americans are not. So, couple the fact that they have a strong work ethic with being able to pay them less, and you have an ideal candidate for low end labor.

2) They work under the table/unofficially, meaning they don't pay taxes on what they make.

3) They not only take low end jobs, but can perform many trade jobs as well.

Again, they are willing to charge less than most Americans and they will likely work around paying taxes on the money they earn.

It's not a matter of jealousy or who's the harder worker, but a matter of whether it's okay for them to take work from us when they are here illegally. Outsourcing has already cost us many jobs and it's not so different from what's happening here. Jobs in America that could potentially go to Americans, regardless of whether they are wanted or not, are being given to non-Americans because they are willing to work for less money.

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 08:36 PM
One of the main problems with uncontrolled immigration is that it really only benefits the employer caste/class. Working class people tend to see a decrease in their take home pay as a result of highly motivated and often highly skilled immigrants working for less money and longer hours. A classic example is the construction business. Many subcontractors here in the UK got wiped out when European immigrants started doing the same jobs for less money. The fault isn't with the immigrants in my opinion, it's the politicians and businesses that make larger profits for employing people to do the same job for less. It's a bit inhuman to hate the immigrants themselves as if we were in their position we'd do the same - head for a better paying country.

Just my pennys worth.

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 08:37 PM

Originally posted by Hr2burn
Try gong to Iceland and "setting up shop" and trying to get employment and blend in. They don't have the problem we do because you can't take jobs that are needed for its own people. I'd for one love to move to Austrailia and make that my new home, they ar not got to let that happen either. There is something to be said about the countries that know they need to take care of their own first.

You're absolutely correct with your assessment of Icelands immigration policies. Probably the best in the World, but don't quote me on that. However, You could not be more wrong about the Aussies (who I have alot of respect for by the way). Anyway, You should do some research on Australia. They are currently suffering from a massive turd world invasion from South East Asia. The invaders are all getting free housing, education and healthcare which is provided courtesy of the Australian tax payer.

Of course it's not the Aussies themselves fault. They just have the same problem as we do. They have a bunch of old slimey, bottomfeeding criminal politicians who are selling them and their natural resources as well, out to foreign nations for their own families financial gain. It's exactly what's happening here in The USA. And at the top of the pyramid, you got the International Banksters who control all of these carpetbaggers who represent most of the Sheople Nations of planet Earth. ~$heopleNation

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 08:47 PM
reply to post by OutKast Searcher

As a leftist how do you feel about illegal immigrants negating workers rights?

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 08:54 PM
reply to post by OutKast Searcher

Again, they don't have to...they can choose to work for less if they really really wanted that job...if they were determined and driven enough to get that job...they could get that job.

OK, I am going to attempt to answer this... again... in a way you can understand. If you don't get it this time, it simply means you either do get it and don't want to admit it, you simply cannot grasp reality, or you are here just stirring a pot of hatred.

If I approach an employer and agree to work for less than the Federal Minimum Wage, as set forth in the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 as amended (last amendment May 2011), I am actually guilty of conspiracy to violate US Labor Law. Is it specified in the FLSA? No. Is it typically charged? No. But it is a charge that has legal precedence to be made. But even beyond that, if my employer is discovered paying me less than minimum wage, they will be penalized. Of course, if I am already afraid of legal intervention because I am subject to deportation, there's not a lot of risk that I will decide to rebel and turn them in.

I cannot get a job unless I find an employer to hire me. That is an impossibility by definition. So the minimum wage laws, along with other costs of employment which operate similarly, does preclude me from getting a job at less than minimum wage by making it extremely risky for an employer to hire me.

Now, that is concerning a job, not a corporate position or a self-employment situation. Not everyone can start a business or become a CEO. But everyone (with the possible exception of the disabled) can perform in a job. We are not discussing self-employment; we are discussing jobs.

Incidentally, before you call me lazy again, I am presently starting up a business myself. I have had many previously. I am not new to this.

But you know we can solve this problem...make work permits and legal entry easy and start a severe crack down on American citizens who employ "illegals".

Easier I have no problem with. I only have a problem when your definition of "easy" is only signing a name with no verification it is even their real name.

But it doesn't seem like you want to do ANYTHING until you can somehow lock down a 2000 mile border.


If someone lies to me once, I assume they are lying every time after that. It doesn't matter to me if it is a politician, a used-car salesman, a bum lying in the gutter, or a doctor. They lied once and that means they are liable to lie again.

Reagan signed the amnesty bill that both provided for amnesty and for a secure border, the details to be submitted later. CONGRESS LIED ABOUT SECURING THE BORDER! So now I want my border secured first! If you want to call that entitlement, racism, arrogance, impossible, or a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich, fine. I will not give on this point.

Understand that I do not trust liars.

Or spin doctors.


posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 08:56 PM
reply to post by OutKast Searcher

Very true, some have a much better work ethic.

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 09:05 PM
reply to post by kennylee

Entering illegally is a misdemeanor as you stated, the first time it is done. If it is repeated, it becomes a felony.

Nope..sorry...just because a blogger says so it doesn't mean it is true.

Penalties can go up for repeat offenses...but it still isn't a "felony".

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 09:06 PM
reply to post by OutKast Searcher

Your remarks are utter poppycock. Americans are not afraid of illegal immigrants. We don't want them here.
The reason why ? It is because there are many who try to come here by legal means. What is the point in letting them in illegally? Who's purpose does it really serve? At this moment, it serves the Democrat Party because they are the ones promising them cow dung. Illegals need to be FORCED home. Welfare receipients need to be DRUG tested and made to do COMMUNITY SERVICE for their monthly stipend from the rest of us. That is the absolute truth.The Jobs that Illegal Immigrants have could be done by those on the WELFARE roles. They should be PRODUCTIVE citizens of the UsA, not lazy no good people doing nothing for a living. They need to pull their own weight for what they are getting from the rest of us who work for living.

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 09:07 PM
reply to post by jjf3rd77

But you think they are not criminals. They ARE! Why do you think they get deported? It's not because we hate latinos. We love latinos. The legal ones that is

I never said they weren't "criminals"...they just aren't "criminals" as you and others are trying to make them out to be.

Using your logic, jaywalkers are "criminals"...and yet you don't call them "criminals". Referring to "illegals" as "criminals" is done for a is to demonize encite hate...plain and simple.

And judging by the rest of your post...I think it is safe for most logical and compassionate people to take whatever you say, and believe the opposite.

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 09:11 PM
reply to post by DaMod

If I were to move to France I would be expected to speak french. If I moved to Russia.. I better speak Russian... If I move to Uzbekistan I better know how to speak whatever the heck it is they speak there. If you move here.. Speak English..

But many companies cater to english speaking people in other countries...this is a fact.

So why do you and others get all bent out of shape when a company here caters to a segment of our society???

I don't care what language people speak...if they want to speak a different language than all other people...more power to them.

Why does it bother you so much???

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 09:15 PM
reply to post by MRuss

Americans are the hardest working people in the world, as proven by so many statistics (and our Puritan heritage, and our success), that I simply can't believe you would say such a thing without any sort of statistical evidence.

Not all say all Americans are hard workers is idiotic.

I'm specifically talking about the people complaining about "illegals" stealing their jobs...they could do the same job the "illegals" are doing...but they won't...because they are lazy.

There are plenty of webistes that document work hours per country.

Hours work does not equate to being a "hard worker"...I know people that put in 10 hour days...but they get about 2 hour of actual work in.

I know people who are part time at the same place and get more work done than any full time worker.

Hours worked is a dumb statistic to use to try to show how hard of a worker someone is.

Anecdotal B.S. like this is just further evidence on why some people shouldn't be allowed on the Internet.

I travel all over the world, and there are very few Americans traveling. WE HAVE NO TIME OFF. The word on the streets in other countries of why there are no traveling Americans is this:

"Americans are home working."

Uh...speaking of Anecdotal B.S.

A bit ironic...isn't it???

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 09:16 PM

Originally posted by OutKast Searcher
reply to post by DaMod

Why does it bother you so much???

Maybe it's because I got refused at a majority of jobs, McDonalds and the like, because I don't speak Spanish. Maybe it's because this is AMERICA and not Mexico.
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posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 09:17 PM

Originally posted by TheTardis

Originally posted by OutKast Searcher
reply to post by yeahright fraud is not unique to "illegals".

If you want to show that the overwhelming majority of "illegals" do this...then please do so and then you are free to define the group by that standard.

Finding a few examples and defining the group is just an attempt to demonize them so people can hate them for irrational reasons.

So far we have learned that illegals are drug dealing violent criminals who rape children, are plague bearers, tax cheats, identity thieves, and that destroy cultures.

There you have it...propaganda straight from members of ATS....all the reasons to HATE "illegals"....even though they are all generalizations. But next time you see someone you THINK might be illegal...don't forget how vile they are.

Blah Blah Blah Blah, Your like a broken record. So in your defense here since others are committing crimes it is ok that we let some illegals com in and commit crimes too? That doubling up the crime is ok as long as its the same crime? You still have not answered half the questions posed here with anything remotely resembling a intelligent thought. You just yell out that "See they hate Illegals" when we have offered up MANY MANY reasons why they are a drain on our economy, they lead to lower wages, they DO commit crime and some are absolutely unforgivable crimes and EVERY LAST ONE of them has committed a federal offense. Do you think you should get a free pass if you commit a federal offense? They did so why not you? That seems to be your logic here.

WOW, I've been reading you're post and I don't know if you are just ignorant, or seriously mentally challenged. Illegal Immigrants DO NOT ALWAYS commit unforgivable crimes. Yes, we've gotten past the point that they are illegal, but you keep demonizing us, WE ARE RAPE CHILDREN, WE ALL RAPE TEENAGERS. What is your logic? Illegals are nothing but rapist, killers, drug dealers, is that your logic?

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 09:19 PM

Originally posted by hellbjorn012
reply to post by OutKast Searcher

Seems like you are just a open boarder supporter. So lets be fair about this and go pick up everyone in Africa, Cuba, and the middle east etc etc who wanna come here. If 2 billion people wanna come to America let them in.

This is what your saying right? Cause ya cant have it both ways.

Anyone who wants to come here and work hard...yes...give them a work permit and let them come.

Land of Opportunity and all that.

They will only come if there are jobs to be had.

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 09:20 PM

Originally posted by xyankee
reply to post by OutKast Searcher

I would say risking your life to cross a desert, risking deportation at anytime, living in sub-par conditions, getting paid less than others doing the same job are all examples of "earning" it.

Maybe they should focus there energy on fixing the problems that they have in their country instead of trying to "steal" Benefits over here and "risking" there lives to get here.

Yeah...just like the American colonist a second.

Nope...American colonist didn't try to fix their problems...they left for a better life. It seemed to work for why not for other immigrants?

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 09:21 PM
reply to post by OutKast Searcher

Your ignorance is astounding. 1st of all, many of them are endangering the lives of the people they work with and who they're doing the work for. There's one thing doing physical labor and it's another to have the skills and knowledge acquired after years of on the job training.

I will outwork ANY man there is. I have yet to be shown up by ANY illegal or legal immigrant or American for that matter. The problem is the salary they work I'SNT FEASABLE for an AMERICAN as the wage earned couldn't compare to the economy.

IN layman''s terms, why bust my ass for 40-60 hrs a week of back breaking, greuling work for a McDonald's paycheck? I used to be able to survive on my salary alone, and now it can't pay for gas. Besides the fact that illegal immigrants have almost NO overhead except for rent split between 50 people in an illegal appartment and bus fair. I have to pay insurance, gas, mortgage, insurance, utilities and so on.

The guys I worked with were all great guys, and hard workers...problem is they ARE ruining the market for us Americans. If they were in YOUR field of work or taking jobs from lawyers, judges and cops, it would be a different story. THEN illegal immigration would become a problem.

I have No problem with hard work and hate lazy Iove and welcom ANY hard worker as long as it isn't ruining the structure for others lives. In all honesty...I blame the companies hiring them. They should be held liable along with he sympathizers such as yourself. It's people like you with your ideals in gov't that led to the current situation being so bad in the 1st place.

You honestly need to get a clue before you comment on a job field you have no clue about.

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