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'Occupy Unmasked' Earns Standing Ovation at RightOnline

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posted on Sep, 24 2012 @ 04:01 PM

Originally posted by petrus4

Originally posted by Kali74
reply to post by petrus4

If you are truly interested and can find an Occupy near you

I'm in Australia. As far as I know, Occupy doesn't really exist in Australia. From memory there was a small attempt to start something in Melbourne, but the police stepped on it very quickly, and it fizzled out.

I think part of the reason for it not having traction, is because Australia still has one of the strongest economies on the planet at the moment. There's a lot less desperation here, so consequently there are less people who feel inclined to hit the pavement.

Another reason is that Australians are also probably the most politically apathetic, and one of the least intelligent national populations on Earth, and I've had this verified by international travellers I've spoken to. Most Aussies don't have either the brains or the empathy required for political action.

Dude... Occupy did exist in Australia and was not that small

The problem Occupy had in Australia seems like the same we had in the UK, while there is some truth in your speculation, in my opinion the main factors that decided the demise of the movement were the media and government.

The media never reported on it properly, had they done so I would bet my house that the camps right now would be made of thousands and thousands of ppl.... everything I saw in the mainstream media were biased lies designed to protect business interests, in my opinion the most guilty of this were Fox News who never failed to associate words such as "filth, druggies, hippies, dirty, etc" whenever they mentioned Occupy and they never actually reported on the real reasons why people were there and never even broadcasted video when an eloquent member of Occupy gave an statement, for example

Second were the government and police, in my camp's case we saw first hand how judges ignore the Human Rights Acts and give priority to removal of the camps due to trespassing, once we set up a camp in a land that was owned by various owners, our council bought the land off them in order to kick us out, the police brutality in the US was clear and even in Australia... the UK was a bit heavy handed at times but not as bad and my local Occupy only had one arrest which could have been easily preventable, basically a group of Anonymous members thought it would be clever to go inside a bank to protest with masks, I was not at the camp at this point because if I was there I would have told them it was a stupid idea but they were young lads, 2 teenagers and an older one around 25, only one was arrested.

People's apathy and lack of intelligence to this matter is probably just as bad over in Australia as it is in the UK and once again, the media are the ones guilty of this... had they reported why people are actually protesting, why this is a global movement, why many within Occupy are against the current banking system and the bailouts then I am sure things would be very different a year after this began but we have to remember who the media support and is not the common man, is corporate interests.

From a personal perspective Occupy is one of the best things I have ever taken part in... we might not have a camp right now but so many people who are so passionate about positive change are now friends because Occupy brought us together, I feel I have a gained an amazing new family.... being part of this for a year now has shown me how corrupt even my local council is, how the BBC is so clearly biased, how even my local newspaper are a bunch of lying dirt bags.

The way I see it Occupy was a rehearsal for what is to come because is not longer a question of "if" is a question of "when" SHTF.

Peace and Unity to all in ATS, even to all the blatant shills on here
(not you Petrus, I tend to like your posts)

posted on Sep, 24 2012 @ 04:19 PM
reply to post by Xality

this movie is just more outright propaganda from media albeit,
rewritten to suit right sided politics

i warrned the op about taking talking points from brietbart and he stopped posting on his own thread,
this is an advertising thread and is against t & cs

i looked into the group who made it and guess what?
they were all funded by big business

talk about ajenda


posted on Sep, 26 2012 @ 01:42 PM
a couple of my new friends saw this and they are totally in shock and disgust at what the OWS movement was doing after watching this video... They are normally fans of CNN

so... if you have an liberal friends that you are trying to convert, this is the movie... This and 2016, especially in swing states like myself

posted on Sep, 26 2012 @ 04:06 PM
like 2016, the media establishment will ignore it as best they can, and belittle it when they must comment, and all their sheeple will disregard. shame.
the media tried to paint the Tea Partiers as violent extremists and portray the OWS as grassroots Americans Making a Difference, when the opposite was true.
I just wonder how much more of this biased media stuff the people will take. I'm troubled by the bread and circus crowd; give them pizza and a movie and they'll shut down their higher functions and follow the crowd.

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