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New greek government - Staying in europe!

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posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 09:10 AM

Originally posted by hawkiye

Originally posted by petrus4
I am very disappointed by this. I was hoping that if Greece withdrew, the European Union would collapse.

The EU is one of five designated geographical zones, devised by individuals who want to implement global government. If the EU is a formal system failed, it would be a significant setback for such people, and as such, progress towards more genuine human self-determination.

I wouldn't worry to much Greece's problems are far from over this is just a temporary band-aid they still can't pay their debts and neither can anyone else.


Greece stays in the Euro = No problem: Just - kick the can down the road- .

Well now, isn't that courageous!

They are just delaying the inevitable. Where is the growth ???
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posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 09:26 AM
reply to post by hawkiye

You hit the nail right on the head; it's all going to come crashing down eventually and my bet that's in less than 2 years from now

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 09:30 AM

Originally posted by bluemirage5
reply to post by hawkiye

You hit the nail right on the head; it's all going to come crashing down eventually and my bet that's in less than 2 years from now

So they will kick the can down the road for 2 years?

Then what?

They all go back to printing their own currencies?

That could work.

Europe got along just fine without the Euro.

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 09:45 AM
reply to post by Eurisko2012

I agree; the Euro will not last and my bet is it will fall towards end 2014

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 12:42 PM
It is still early to judge what's gonna happen, but by the vote pattern, one can learn many lessons.

1. Grassroots decide the vote.

ND Conservatives had been successful with the campagin of fear to paint the Syriza party as communists, that they will tear down the healthcare system( which already had been brokened by the corrupted), education, (which already had been brokened by the inept) and social spending ( which long had already been brokened by the greedy leaders)

Many who voted for ND were largely the affluent upper middle class, the rich and pensioners. They have much to lose if Greece gets kicked out as their money are in Euros, which have to be converted to drachmas for the single nation Greece. The initial stages of self determination using drachmas will see the value drop against Euros. This frightens the 'haves', onto voting for even a monkey if it will not exit EU, and to hell with the majority if they become slaves.

Syriza should have expended more effort on reaching out to the grassroots. Social media is NOT enough to reach out. It is only a meeting point for discussion. It needs the actual action of talking and discussing with families, relatives and friends to share truths, discuss and find solutions, and allay fears.

Thus, for any party wannabe hoping to be elected, DO NOT just rely on the social media. Do the walk as well, for not all are on such mediums, or even who they really are, and thus misinformation can be easily spread.

2. Political doctrines are only labels.

More emphasis will have to be explained to the simple minded electorate on the various political doctrinal labels. Often, generalizations are employed by the cunning to swing opinion. For example, when one mentions leftists - one thinks of the devil Stalin and long bread queues of russians.

When one mentions democracy, one thinks of the freedom of USA and are duped when both examples have nothing in common with their presumed labels. Repressive North Korea calls its a Democratic Republic too, but we are know, just how 'democratic' they truly are.

The fight for hearts and minds will not be upon labels anymore, and will be rejected outright. It is a new world today, and we are educated enough to learn from past mistakes of the different political doctrines, to evolve beyond dogmas and mistakes and progress into a new system of hybrid governance, from the best of all doctrines..

Rather, that fight will be upon the platform of solutions a political party can offer to the masses to end the cycles of enslavement and illusions of security enchainment by the cunning.

3. Ruling party takes ALL responsibilities.

It may be a good thing that ND had won instead of Syriza. There is NO WAY ND can keep up to their election promises. The nation's finances are already brokened, and as they are pushing for austerity, every revenue earned will be towards paying EU and bailing out banks, and to hell with the citizens.

As time goes by, the liars and failures ND will have to resign.

Syriza needs NOT join any coalition gov, simply because there is nothing to legislate. Everything had already been legislated by Merkal and the bankers. ND and any fool that joins them will only be rubber stamping policies dictated by bankers of another country, and will be ones to be blamed by a suffering People.

True power of the GREEK PEOPLE rigth now does not lay with ND, even after this election. TRUE POWER OF the PEOPLE lays in whom will stand alongside one another in public, downing tools, to demand an end to debt enslavement/austerity, and a real path towards growth instead.

Good luck to my fellow human brothers and sisters in Greece.

posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 11:59 PM

Originally posted by thePharaoh
so the greeks are staying put...anyone shocked?

is anyone else out there begining to see that the "euro" is doing exactly what it is supposed to do

putting pressure on states to sell their assets....

let me explain what iv noticed:

before joining the euro......every country had their own debts.......
to give an example....greece borrows 200 million from timbuktu....and agreed to pay them back in 100 years.....just an example.....

now, when you join the euro, one day the central bank whisper in your ear:
"sort out your debts...better sooner than later"...."its all uncertain"

and force you to sort out 100 years of debts overnight.....
what im saying is...they know greeces situation BEFORE it joined the euro...

is forcing them to hurry and sell its assets to rich germans....the right thing to do......looks like a scam...
bearing in mind "privatisation" is a dirty word in greece

that IMF womens shrugs and "uncertain" comments .....belguim needs to sort this out and pass a bill limiting austerity


anyway im not getting side tracked....the elections to watch are the egyptian ones....
(visit the link for the full news article)
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How about we leave fantasy land and enter the land of facts.

Greece enters the EU in 1981.
Greek debt in 1981 was 31% of GDP.
Greek debt in 2012 is 159% of GDP.

Greece did not have this issue when they joined the EU, facts in no way support your theory.

posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 02:41 AM
reply to post by Eurisko2012

The great Euro experiment/swindle will collapse, it's simply untenable, sooner rather than later. Spain has higher unemployement and a lower minimum wage than Greece, with a population 4 times Greece, Italy owes more, and with a bigger population.

Most of the people in Greece voted for anti-austerity yet now nothing has changed, and in fact it's probably worse. Very dissappointing, the scaremongering of Germany worked. I wish Greece would follow Iceland's example. The sky didn't fall in as threatened there. !!

I'm sure a lot of non-Greeks will be cheering for Greece to beat Germany in the European Cup also. A symbolic victory if ever there would be one.

posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 07:47 AM

Originally posted by OccamsRazor04

How about we leave fantasy land and enter the land of facts.

Greece enters the EU in 1981.
Greek debt in 1981 was 31% of GDP.
Greek debt in 2012 is 159% of GDP.

Greece did not have this issue when they joined the EU, facts in no way support your theory.

im sorry...are those facts meant to support the Euro?......

i said they knew greeces "situation" before they ability to pay debts....

and i noticed you never mentioned the time aspect.....why not give them time??


posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 01:55 PM

Originally posted by haarlem
[I'm sure a lot of non-Greeks will be cheering for Greece to beat Germany in the European Cup also. A symbolic victory if ever there would be one.

The EU Cup is indeed capturing attention with 3/4 of the world. Majority loves soccer.

But it is my fervant hope that when the German People gets to hear the insults and cheers from the Greeks or any other EU teams, know full that it is NOT them that is being the direct victims, but rather it is the puppet Merkal and the HumanSlavers banking elites whom had caused much of the suffering in EU.

I had studied the german people since recorded history of 5000 yrs, the descendents of great antiquity, and are a truly great people. They are serious, no-nonsense hardworking type of resiliant humans. Unfortunately, time after time, the greatest affliction of ALL humanity - Greed, exists amongst their leaders, whom had sought to make use of the great german people's strengths to glorify themselves and rule the world, something that the true german people had no wish for.

They only sought to live in love and peace. But like all other human rulers of Earth, greed destroys all.

As the soccer match, a supposedly non- political event, comes friday, somehow time had once again flipped back for the german people and humanity to reflect on, over its circumstantial timmings.

In 1936, during the Olympics in Hitler racist-ruled Germany, Jesse Owens and the german Lutz Long, the long jump record holder, became friends and courageously helped one another in the games. It shattered the myths of racial superiority and suspicions over each other, in a time of deep and intense racial follies and racial segregation practiced everywhere in our then world.

They both had shown we humans were only one people, the same race, with the same capabilities and aspirations in life, despite what the rulers then were mouthing and propagandizing.

May the German team today in the soccer match know too that they Greeks they are facing are the same people too, one people with common aspirations in life. The only anger the Greeks have is saved against Merkal and the banksters, unfortunately represented by the German tearm.

However, soccer is a gentlemanly game, of skill and opportunities. Let there be no violence and may the Greeks know in truth that the german players are not Merkal and gang. Let it be a good game, an honest game, of each time proving each other's skill and prowess on the field.

It will be good if the Greeks won, and prove that they are no cheating sloths as propagandized by Merkal and gang. But it will equally be good if the German team won too, to prove they are honest, resorted to no violence, diving or cheating, but pure sportmanship and skills, to achieve that humble victory, for the road to the cup is still long. It will not be a victory for Merkal and gang, but an honor to the resiliant german people, for Merkal and gang and their leader predecessors, cared nothing of the painstaking human endevours, only utter stupid symbolism of racial superiority and greed/money.

There may be dishonor, scams and moral corruptness in the economic battlefields, but let there be none of such except atheleticism, energy, sportmanship and honor in the sportsfield by our gifted young in soccer, to show mankind the way, as Jesse Owens and Lutz Long had done. May the best team wins this Friday.

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