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A Consciousness-Based Theory On UFO's

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posted on Jun, 16 2012 @ 10:04 PM
There is a theory on UFO’s that I have held for quite some time, but have never particularly articulated on the internet for others to see, though I think it is very significant to people interested in UFO’s. Historically, we have thought of ‘UFO’s’ as being metal discs in the sky. I do not believe this to be the case, though they may have appeared that way to people in the past, and perhaps up to this day. I believe it would be more accurate to look at UFO’s as manifestations of energy, rather than in terms of a typical physical interpretation. Though I am speaking specifically of the UFO phenomena, the basis of this really correlates to a revision to our fundamental views of reality as a whole. What we perceive as being our reality is really just our brain’s projection of a very limited range of the total energies that exist. There is much around us at all times that is beyond the frequency of our possible perception, yet is actually there.

UFO’s, in this understanding, would be objects of a higher vibrational frequency than we are typically able to perceive, which for one reason or another ‘leaks’ into our reality. Its essential ‘information’ would really exist, but its appearance to us would be highly subjective, because each individual would produce an image of what it looked like according to the dispositions of his own mind. The fact that it is of a higher frequency, beyond our normal perception, would create a great elasticy of the way in which it is perceived. So, an individual who can only conceive of these things as being hunks of metal would, sure enough, see a hunk of metal flying around in the sky. These high-frequency objects are likely the same things that have been interpreted as ‘angels’ and the like in the past. These objects appeared, and to the mind of that time it could only be interpreted as an angel, and thus they saw an angel. I believe that these energies could manifest as being any sort of brilliant image or energy-like phenomena ‘in the sky.’

It is important to note that, despite the great range of ways in which these energies could potentially be perceived, that does not discount any particular way of perceiving it. They are all ‘real.’ To one individual, an angel REALLY DID appear to him. To another, there REALLY WAS a flying metal disc. To another, there REALLY WAS some strange lights and images in the sky. There are certain theories that can naturally follow from these premises. I believe that UFO’s likely tend to appear around individual’s who are of a high state of consciousness. What is fascinating about all of this, if it is the case, it would not preclude others seeing it. So one individual may be of a high level of consciousness, which would be the source of a UFO appearing in his reality, and yet others may see it. This implies that one individual of high consciousness can truly effect the objective world around him.

Another theory of mine is that it seems likely that prior to an appearance of a UFO, there was other strange things going on in the sky. These things would be more explainable in typical world-views, unique cloud formations, shooting stars, anything really. Yet despite the fact that these would be explainable, following these explainable yet interesting phenomena in the sky comes the UFO. This relationship would not be a coincidence. Beyond strange things in the sky, in all likelihood strange things in general would happen prior to the appearance of the UFO. Again, these wouldn’t necessarily be ‘supernatural,’ people may just behave oddly, unusual and funny things would happen, yet it would ‘coincidentally’ happen right around the time of the appearance of the UFO. All of these things could perhaps ultimately be traced back to one individual, or multiple individuals, who were in high-consciousness states in the area.

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