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Are there any other experiencers here that think they may be hybrids?

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posted on Jun, 28 2012 @ 11:32 PM

Originally posted by sled735
reply to post by rebelv

So, let me be sure I understand what you're saying... The "others" are actually aliens disguising themselves as humans? And the only way to know they aren't human is to look into their eyes, and pick up on the information that they are doing all this bad stuff? That really would be hard not to have a reaction to!
Thanks for responding to my question.

Yea sled735, actually I don't know what or who 'the others' are. I have more of an understanding as to who 'the strangers' are, and they seem to me to be kind, nice beings, that often times act and say things that I don't understand, but are still nice and kind. "The Strangers" I am convinced are E.T.'s. That's all I can really comment about-- I don't hardly know anything about "the others" except that I've been warned that they are evil.

I have my theories- one is that "the others" are government psy-ops agents, but I have lots of theories. I wouldn't assume however that "the others" are E.T.'s. They act pretty human to me. Their perceptions are quite limited. If I can look into their eyes and know who they are, but they don't have any special ability to discern me from anyone else-- my guess is that they are human; human relying on a lot of technology that they depend on, perhaps even e.t. technology, but I would put my money on human.

Perhaps also they (still talking about the others) are humans being controlled by something else non-human. I don't know how much credence you give to the reptilian hypothesis revealed in David Icke's book "The Biggest Secret" I'm not even sure how much credence I give the reptilian hypothesis, but that's one theory I have.

Another theory I have is that they are occult in nature. Actually, the occult, UFO's and the supernatural are all kind of inter-related. They may be persons heavily involved in the occult, and are in communication with some kind of not-benign intelligence, such as reptilians or something like them.

Actually I probably would give no credence at all to reptilians if it wasn't for my extensive E.V.P. work (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) that I no longer do, because I used to pick up a lot of non-human sounding entities that actually were not at all very nice. I got tired of the death threats, and other threats from these (I guess what people would call evil spirits) only it seemed they were in charge. It seemed I was listening in on a remote location that I could not identify but sounded very much like ordinary earth, except I never knew where it was, and these intelligent creatures that didn't like what I was doing were constantly threatening me for talking with the human sounding (spirits, I guess you might say) although I wasn't making any assumptions I was trying to study this scientifically and every time I heard one speak I would picture a reptilian creature, although it could have just been my imagination.

After several years and quite extensive obsession to take as many EVP recording as I could and study the phenomenon to determine if the popular assumptions were true or not, that these were ghosts or spirits of passed on human beings, or something else, I was never able to make any conclusions and just had more questions as I continued on.

I still question the assumption that these are ghosts. I often could hear these EVPs sneeze, cough, make all kinds of sounds with wooden instruments of various types like tambourines, hammers, shakers, etc... I heard relatively complex sounding machinery at times (that I was more than once intentionally made to believe was being used to torture somebody) as well as sounds that were consistent with Public address systems, tunnels, trains, etc..

For one thing, I was never able to get an actual conversation with a single entity that lasted more than 4 exchanges. Most of the time, I couldn't even get one exchange.

The other problem is, is that I couldn't rely on the information they did tell me.

I asked them once where they lived. And the answer I got back was 'mars'

So what can you make of that?

Anyway, getting back to "the others", no I don't think they are e.t.'s but they might be being controlled or manipulated by non-human entities-- my guess from the astral plane since its my guess that they are highly knowledgeable in the occult. Either that, or they are some kind of black ops intelligence or military or both.

At any rate, don't want to mess around with them. I like the company of the strangers, and I trust them, and if they say these guys are bad, that's good enough for me.

Would be curious to know other people's experience with them or knowledge of them though.

Wow-- you really got me talking sled735. I have never actually had an open dialog about this subject with anyone. This is the first time I've really talked about it with other people.


posted on Jun, 28 2012 @ 11:47 PM

Originally posted by Trajan
I wasn't going to comment here until I saw this:

however, I have seen bright flashes of light, indoors and outdoors both white and green and lightning bright. I never took a photograph or attempted to video the flashes so I can't say what would have been revealed if I did.

This peaked my interested because I am big into spirituality and sometimes I see flashes of blue light that nobody else sees. I thought It was just me losing the plot or suffering from the after effects of watching the Television for too long.
Still, I would like to know what it is going on if there is a meta physical or paranormal aspect to it.

I'm big into spirituality too, and I actually find all of this very intriguing. I've been seeing unexplained flashes of light and lights since I was little. It isn't always something meta-physical, I used to often see eerie green bright flashes of light along the horizon when I was sitting in the back seat looking at the scenery on the freeway while my dad was driving the car, my folks and I coming back from Orange County back to Los Angeles, (I can't believe this spell-checker underlines 'Los Angeles' with red misspelled lines!! Ughh) anyway-- those were probably the occasional exploded transformer miles and miles away, they can really light up the horizon for a second or two, but the closer light flashes with no sound, etc.. I always find quite exciting.

I think too I have heard that popping sound that you referring to that sounds kind of like electricity.


posted on Jun, 28 2012 @ 11:53 PM

Originally posted by autowrench
reply to post by rebelv

It really doesn't matter where you post for insults. Say ETs, Aliens, or UFOs in any thread and the religious crowd will jump all over it. Say the word Magick, or Occult and they will shout Satanist at you. It never ends. This is a free Nation, with Freedom of Speech and Religion. Say what you want.

Thanks autowrench I will. And you're right. This is a free nation. People have the right to believe what they believe and so do I. Actually, its a very personal thing. People wouldn't think of telling you that you should become a lawyer or a doctor, because deciding what your occupation or dream is, is totally up to you, and people respect that, but for some reason they feel they have a right to tell you what your very deep personal beliefs should be. I wouldn't tell them what they should believe.

But religious people are welcome to talk to me anytime they want just as long as they're respectful of the fact that we don't necessarily share the same beliefs. I am respectful of that regarding them.

Sharing a theory and telling me what is, are two different things. If someone wants to suggest that perhaps they are demons, that's fine. Telling me they are demons, and that I must accept this, is something altogether different.


posted on Jul, 4 2012 @ 08:21 PM

Originally posted by cavalryscout
You know what is weird?

The number thing.

I'm one of the freaks who constantly see patterns of numbers.

like in a series 3:33 or 4:44 or 11:11 or 12:12 etc.

not only on clocks but everywhere. i don't know what it is if i somehow trained my mind or if somebody(thing) changed it for me. dude at times it gets annoying. i point it out to my friends but they just think i'm crazie or something. i may be nuts but that doesn't change what is happening.

i don't know. i worry sometimes.

so now i'm just too lazy to use caps. sorry. deal with it.

U aint alone, i catch myself doing it several times a day. Its odd though "Random looking at clock, hitting spot on 11:11 or 22:22 9/10 times... wtf)

posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 06:57 PM
reply to post by Johnkie

Yea, just wanted to reiterate that I don't see all sorts of numbers, just the one-- well, one one one one.


posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 10:55 AM
Think... no..

Know, yes

Not a easy "conclusion" to make either, but enough has happened in my world to validate the fact im not entirely normal, i'll be brief.. as i REALLY don't like talking about it (im normal see.. just like you)

I heal really fast, not superhuman.. but faster than what is normal.. this has also led to a few problems with old injuries that continue to heal, i've seen that look of "hmm.. that's not right" in many a GP's eyes when they look at scans of my knee and other problem areas, it flips them out and they get all confused.. it's fun.. but also makes you think "why".. i've never gotten a straight answer other than "come back in a few months and well look again"

I do this "thing".. hard to explain, i can see straight "through" people and they feel it too.. it's hard to explain but as a teen i did this alot because i thought it was a blast.. not so much fun in my 20's as folks didn't think it was that "funny" anymore and niether did i but every now and then i'd loose focus and the poor person in my direct line of sight would end up feeling it. last time it happened it was by accident and i made a promise to that person to never "do that again" .. it wasn't until recently did i understand that promise.. and im keeping it.

So there we have 2 "anomaly's".. but wait.. there's one final thing and this is what really (if the other 2 didn't spark questions already) got me thinking. I'm a musician.. not by choice, but by design. For many years i thought it was by choice but if it was my choice i would have hung up my tools of the trade long ago. I feel music, sound.. frequency's, for many years i worked live sound on big rigs and could just feel feedback long before it hit the ears and had us reaching for or faders.. my boss loved the fact he had to explain little as i just "knew".. ive been to no college of sound.. i just know things,, almost like im pre-programed with all this understanding of sonics.. my theory is that will come in handy latter, for what i have no idea.. if there truly is going to be some confrontation, i've heard different races are susceptible to different frequency's (along the channels) made me really think when i read that a few years back.

There's more.. but there one off events that im very happy haven't ever happened again

So now you'd be expecting me to tell you i talk to aliens or have them over for tea on every second Wednesday.. sadly no, but i have seen the bottom of a wild "craft" with 2 spining disks inside providing huge bursts of power when the disk are forced to grind (spinning counter and clockwise respectively) weather that was a dream or no is still fuzzy but if that was a real experience i would have been in my early teens.

Im still not 100% certain in my belief that im not normal, but when i look back at the past 3 decades of my life i have to admit it hasn't been a regular journey by any mans standards.. I live my life just the same as the next guy and only really speak of this amongst those that have been there at those times, but you sir posed the question.. so i felt i should answer.

Oh and yes i asked my mother a few years back when i was searching for answers if anything "weird" happened when she was carrying me.. i wasn't prepared for at least 5 tales of freaky, she just shrugged it off as she normally does anything strange (she's used to it.. most of my family are..) not much added up till i started reading about the fedora guys (the black ones) and BEK's .. then the pieces fell into place..

Hybrid what though?.... that's the bit that scares the beegee's out of me..

posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 07:56 PM
reply to post by Xarian6

Yea, thanks for that post. Helps me to know I am not alone. At least in thinking the thought... if you know what I mean?

Thank you for sharing that post. I really mean it.


posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 06:09 AM
No worries

If you want to know anymore of the crazy time that is my life, i've just about layed it all out in my short post history (now i think on it,, oops) as a few similar threads have caught my complete attention in the brief time i've been here on ATS, all legit.. im no story teller, i just see stuff here and have had a few "yeah.. like that time.." moments such as above and i end up posting.

I think the key is though to just forget about "reality" making any coherent sense.. there's much we don't understand even though some may loudly proclaim otherwise.. trust me on at least that fact, and after realizing that (if you haven't already )
the sky could fall.. your letterbox could turn into a 3 headed Cerberus and eat your cat... and you'll be fine(you'll miss the cat though), greet any new reality with a steady "hmm" and you'll pull through just fine.. Douglas Adams said it best... "Don't Panic!"

Best of luck

posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 02:15 PM
Yes, lol, Douglass Adams did say that, and actually he was right. Fear is our greatest block of spirituality
And enlightenment.

It would seem that the improbability drive has been activated

I just hope I don't turn into a pot of geraniums, lol.

And if I do then I guess it was meant to be.

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edit on 11-7-2012 by rebelv because: gramar

posted on Mar, 9 2015 @ 05:41 PM
a reply to: rebelv

Never had any such experience. I have seen orbs of light close by more than once and wonder why its always me that see them..


posted on Mar, 18 2015 @ 09:31 AM

originally posted by: rebelv

Originally posted by BlueMule
If the term 'hybrid' is properly understood as a mystical term, not a biological term then yes I am a hybrid. All enlightened mystics are. The difference comes from recognizing the archetype behind the word, or not. Words are just fingers pointing to an ineffable moon, so to speak, and that which we call 'outer reality' is basically just a symbol of a greater spiritual reality.

Interesting post, and I don't disagree. I was thinking more along the genetic term of hybrid though.


Actually, there is a rather easy way to find out all you want to know about your genetics...

DNA testing....that Ancestry DNA group does a reasonable test...the results they produce are easy to verify, and will probably tell you that you are 100% human.

But here's the thing; get the test, and compare it to your family history...they should agree! The DNA testing done here is what is called "autosomal" test...that is a collection of several "markers" that indicate the population you belong to (i.e. American Indian, German, Chinese, etc.) these kinds of test are highly accurate and inexpensive.

What they won't tell you is IF you have any "alien Dna" or not...they can only test for Human DNA, as that is all that is tested for. They can however tell you IF your DNA is anomalous, even IF that anomaly is only that you are supposed to be Chinese, and you look like an Englishman.

Oh, and you will absolutely have to evaluate the anomaly to figure out the reality.

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