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TOP 10 UFO Video Guide V 1.1

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posted on Jun, 16 2012 @ 08:22 AM
TOP 10 UFO Video Guide V 1.1

1.) Use two handys/cameras. Film the first camera AND the Ufo with the second camera. Paint a good visible rectangle at the backside of the first camera. Speak / sing while recording to to synchronize both films.
2.) Use the infinity mode of the camera. Do not use autozoom.
3.) Film the Ufo through filters. Use 3D-movie-glasses (left and right!), sun-glasses or other colored glasses. Should you have a polarizer on your camera then rotate it, while filming.
4.) Switch digital-zoom off. You just loose pixels.
5.) Notate your location (GPS-Position), time, witnesses (e-mail, phone number, other recordings) and film your location (360°). Repeat the recording of the Ufo-video without the Ufo. Record other witnesses, if they agree.
6.) Capture the Ufo with two Fingers. The diffraction effects between your fingers are difficult to replicate.
7.) Use a lightly molten piece of glass and film the Ufo through it. The distortion effect is not easy to replicate. Make later a HD Picture of the glace piece over a checkered pattern.
8.) Film the Ufo AND ist reflection. Use a CD/DVD, a mirror, your glasses, a car window and so on.
9.) At night: Tape a Laser pointer on your camera and film the Ufo and the laser-beam. And you should not point the laser at the Ufo / Plane, but at a reference point, like trees, grass, a wall and so on. The movement of the laserpoint shows you the movement of the first camera magnified. Thats the point behind it.
At day: blow smoke before the camera. Both modes are particularly important if a second camera is filming you.
10.) Use a Tripod, if possible. The top of your car is better than freehand style.

Now, the main reason behind this list is to draw the line between real and photoshopped videos. Some effects on this list are difficult to replicate and some are impossible.
Ok, in my opinion.

This is Version 1.1
Could you please check the grammatical correctness of this text but also the accuracy and quality of my translation.
Please correct and improve this posting.
ATS Members please take over and make a TOP 20 UFO Video Guide.
If another Guide has already been posted, could you please send me the link.
Thanks from Berlin and please dont flame to hot.


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