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the power of the human mind, and how it affects us in 2012

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posted on Jun, 14 2012 @ 02:02 PM
As we approach the most interesting point in time in the history of humankind, I'd like to bring to light several points that seem appropriate for discussion concerning 21/12/2012. These points are based partially on science, but also require a little bit of faith in the unknown to fully comprehend.

So I have been doing a lot of research in the areas of 2012, ancient civilizations, quantum physics, psychology, astronomy, economy and so on, and through my research, I have come to a theory about what 2012 means to us as humans, and why it is important.

Firstly, in the areas of science; we are approaching the end of the 26000 year cycle, and once again will be approaching alignment with the center of the galaxy. In archeology and biology, there are some very big things to note about the 26000 year cycle; first, that there is a lot of missing information in these periods, and secondly that everything on the planet seems drastically different after this change occurs. In the case of human existence (a span of about 1 million years if you go by mainstream research), we begin to see the signs of technological advancements in leaps and bounds, and within 10000 years, we begin to see large scale civilizations (maybe even earlier if you believe alternate historians). This is evidence supporting the possibility of a real change occurring. Now fast forward to today... we have seen more advancement in the fields of technology in the last 100 years than we have seen in thousands of years combined. Enter quantum physics... QP has shown us that the mind has power beyond the physical body itself to influence the outcome of certain random events. Considering our prehistoric ancestors were quite keen survivors as well as adept at adaptation, humans ultimately evolved into master survivors and masters at adaptation. Today, we have no need for those skills and desire things beyond just survival and adaptation. We have become quite the complex being.

The Mayans, Egyptians, Vedas and other ancient civilazations fixated the end of all their calenders to this point in time that we are now approaching. How did they all know the same thing? That is something that is still a mystery to us today, yet there are probably many theories regarding this. I believe personally that they all came to their understandings of time through observation of the cosmos, as that seems to be the one thing they all had common advanced knowledge of. Many people believe that this ancient cosmic calender system points to this time as the end of the world as we know it, yet no evidence has been found to support this claim. The Bible even points to this time (but sourced from ancient Babylonian, Hebrew and Egyptian research and such). Many people are greatly afraid, but many people are also heavily influenced by mainstream media and religious evangelists.

So this brings me to the point I feel I should share: pretend we divide the world into three seperate, almost equal parts: one being people who believe the world will end and fear for their lives, another being people who don't think anything about 2012 and think it's all a hoax, and the last being people who believe that 2012 is a very important and crucial point in history, but not in a bad (cataclysmic) way. Is it possible that the three outcomes can coexist within the same reality? Take for instance the economy: we KNOW that the economy is heading for a downwards spiral. Who will be affected most? Obviously the people who care about it the most. The people who understand that life goes beyond numbers on a line graph will not feel the effects as those who support and maintain the status quo. Considering about a third of the world's population is of the belief that regardless of what happens to the economy, they will survive, you have one third of the population willing to adapt to new ways of life through innovation and adaptation (the same way our ancient ancestors did 26000 years ago). About one third of the population is heavily invested into the economy in a very depending way, and these are the people who will face cataclysmic results, while another third of the economy is invested into the economy, but not in a depending way, and even if it fails, their lives will go on in a mundane fashion.

Now, economics is only a small fraction of the matter. We also have the case of technology, scientific research, creativity, the environment... All of these things are reaching a boiling point, and I think if you look into it deeply enough, you will see that the people who are most open-minded and adaptable in all of these fields are the ones who stand the best chance of surviving in these fields within the next few years. What does this mean? Well, what you think and how you understand the world will directly influence the impact that the changes that are occurring from your perspective. If you feel like the world is on a tipping point headed for disaster, you are probably the one who created that disaster for yourself (think of the war in the middle east, and the religious undertones). If you believe that 2012 will be a huge change, but not in a negative way, perhaps you will discover greatness within yourself to do something that could make your life (and the lives of others) much better, perhaps like discovering teleportation or something, and if you are one of those who believes nothing will happen, well you'll just ride it out and nothing will ever seem so bad or so amazing to you anyways until you convince yourself it is amazing or bad.

This is how I see it unfolding, I'd like to hear other opinions or perhaps elaborations on my theory, but I think it really looks like stuff is happening. We won't know until everything unfolds, and once it does, we will see for ourselves. I do not however think that it is something that is going to happen overnight, but rather will start at a certain point (maybe it already has) and will create a chain reaction that forces huge changes within our global society.

Sorry for the long-windedness, and if anyone needs clarification on specific points, I'd be glad to further elaborate on what I was getting at and how it relates... it's late for me, and I need to go to sleep now.


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