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Ideas for what I call a "Basic Democracy"

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posted on Jun, 14 2012 @ 12:20 PM
Ok, so its obvious through the economic signs that we suffer from over-abundance in the wrong/unneeded areas as well as a lack of resources in the areas that we do need. We balance a fake budget every year and over build our govt as it creeps more and more intrusively into the average US citizen;s life daily. Here are some ideas for a back-to-basics plan to simplify and correct much of our problems, im just not sure how it would be able to work. So like I said, just some ideas.

-First off, like I said I have no idea HOW it will occur but I do know the children of our current society will build it.
-Simplifying this sounds like NWO but its not.
-Boost minority social status in this order: latino, black, asian/indian (they maintain current status), and lastly white status goes down, BUT whites will still be ok in the system because the overall system is more marginal overall so theres not a lot of class separation.
-Not communism but take some of the key sharing and unity principals
-Focus on a simple business cluster, scale down existing businesses/corporations, shut them down. Use the shells for new businesses and renewable resources and such.
-Sub categories (just examples) such as:
Ironworks etc-and sub clusters of this for example would be engineering, mining, real things
-would eliminate a lot of top and middle management as the focus would be group collaboration for societal problems solving (thats what our current system is supposed to be anyway)
-Mass transportation systems that are on a fast schedule and are abundant, it creates more efficiency, jobs, everyone is on time despite lack of their own personal transportation
-Mass emergency preparedness-this would include the military, as defense is a huge aspect of emergency preparedness
-Emphasis on a peaceful society by various iniatives-heavy penalties for violent crime or those who contribute to creating a violent crime-death penalty in extreme cases to set the example
-Incentives for a more peaceful society that can police itself by making self defense mandatory for both sexes
-the training will result in less of the need to own guns, BUT
-still have guns because of international conflict-no changes to current gun laws/penalties, everyone can own and no UK gun club restriction type stuff-ownership is mandatory: at least 1 per household.
-Mandatory firearm training for all US citizens both sexes
-waivers given for people that do not want to participate in the training, which can result in:
-other things like forming protest groups such as "men or women against guns" and the form of protest is waiving training en masse or something like that, facilitating peaceful protest and possible education on peace
-simplify and naturalize food/organics, heavy resource investment in renewable resources
-Heavy renewable energy focuses-wind power, water power, solar, coal/nuke to backup as emergency power production
-More resources for the disabled such as overweight people. Help for people that want to lose weight social programs and such to reduce medical need. Waivers for fats that want to stay fat
-Network controlled food distribution-5 meal per day allotment. If you dont want to eat you can donate your meals to a mass pile for poor/disabled/nonworking, or personally to whomever you want
-Ok I agree somewhat with Hillary Clintons idea on this but only if certain conditions are met, BUT: this is contingent on the condition that everyone is participating, but-limit inherited wealth. Waivers for "low level rich" but not "wealthy". Wealthy keep current assets as buffer and never fall below "low level rich" for their security but also for giving up wealthy status
-Heavy social education on rationing, nutrition, preservation-mandatory no waiver made
-Significant outcasts (by disability, destitution, etc) given special position declaring their worth as a person equal to that of everyone else in the society. Given best waiver essentially. Can do anything they want within the limitations of the society. All they want to eat/drink, full access to all areas, have a team that works for them to make up the gaps that they cannot fill via the disability.
-Family size control-limited to a hih number like 5 kids per family. Exceptions made for people who lose kids and stuff like that
-The more you contribute the larger you can grow your family. Special privlidges for those couples that choose abstinence for life until marriage, such as a waiver to have up to 5 children
-Trade determination and placement for study for children early on to develop essential skills for preseerving the society. In conjunction with regular scholastic education. Use current education system but huge resource dedication to building trade schools into the program.
-Make the trade schools mandatory like classic shop or auto shop class, but more technically involved and earlier in the childs life. Ex 12 years old and up + both sexes. Historians and stuff like that would be acceptable trades for those with less able bodies or jsut who wanted to persue that interest. Waivers ok and very liberal for children.
-Mass water collection, artificial pooling, emphasis on water conservation for all uses but especially emergencies-current water towers cant handle existing population size we currently have now!
-Mandatory survival and first aid training at semi extensive level for all US citizens.
-Mass alternative fuel production, and the vehicle industry shaped to match.

These are just a few of the ideas I had, let me know what you think or contribute some of your own. What do you think would help this society and help to solve the problems that are currently being experienced?

posted on Jun, 22 2012 @ 04:54 AM

posted on Jun, 22 2012 @ 06:21 AM
Your plan is racist.


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