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Would you be in FEAR if an alien species came to EA*RTH to modify current EA*RTH inhabitants DNA?

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posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 05:25 PM
reply to post by aaaiii

ha hmmmmnnn....i like your question better....

get a holy upgrade .....sounds delightful


posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 05:47 PM
Would you be in FEAR if an alien species came to EA*RTH to modify current EA*RTH inhabitants DNA?

If the reason was to make us taste more like chicke, then........YES!!!!!

posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 05:48 PM
reply to post by Ophiuchus 13
Forget hte movies they are so limited.
If you would like a larger picture, a supposed history and explanations of the Earth, our space and all the inhabitants, then pick up a copy of the Urantia Book. I read it in high school and it really opened my eyes to things that I never thought of before regarding where we came from, how we got here. It even goes in to the many races of men and at one time there was a blue-ish skinned race on earth.

It also depends on your definition of alien.
This book is not an easy read and beyond the scope of most people, but you could find something interesting in it.
Good luck

posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 06:10 PM

Originally posted by ElohimJD
reply to post by Ophiuchus 13

Out of Curiousity what is the difference between typing Earth and typing EA*RTH. Is your typing indicative of an acronym based on your beliefs in aliens?

I always wonder when I read your posts what that means.


Sorry if the OP answered this, but I read ahead of 2 ppl asking and didn't see an answer yet. My best guess was that he is referencing "Earth's" name coming from the ancient Babylonian / Akkadian / Sumerian God "Ea" aka "Enki", chief god of knowledge and creation, among other things. My only question to that is...wth does "rth" mean?

posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 07:23 PM
reply to post by bemorphy

...the Urantia Book. I read it in high school and it really opened my eyes to things that I never thought of before...

How do you know that the book was accurate and not a work of fiction? How were you able to authenticate it? Blind faith?

posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 07:37 PM
Another way of looking at this, please read slowly and think on,

As a woman, who has to live under patriarchy, constantly being bombarded with having to assimilate to 'fit' into a certain box, so to speak [from numerous different angles, ok], well let's just say, women [who are Conscious of the sex class-misogyny, etc., that is, not speaking here of women who have Internalized years of patriarchal-state-nationalist-misogynist-religious In Doctor N Ate ion] and yes I know there isn't an E in indoctrination but phonetically, hmmmm]

those of us who are conscious know, KNOW what it is to live with

1) erasure of soul, personality to fit into conditioning-demands, this can vary obviously according to type of culture, men in life, religion, so forth, Meaning, a female from young age loses real 'self' to fit into a Model being for the purpose of man, even if she rebels or resists...the punishment/policing including by other women, society, media, etc., is impossible to escape from--IF she wants to survive that is

2) years of this conditioning and again, this can vary, to the extent of such, along with the threat of violence has trauma effects on brain development, etc., which leads to retardation of personal growth--we see this in extreme patriarchal societies-communities, etc., where women are forbidden to Grow as INDIVIDUAL BEINGS apart from constructs, so forth

3) the fragmentation of having to fulfill many Roles that assist in that erasure of true self, when women come into this consciousness [usually in middle age] so much of true self has been lost or erased or forgotten that it's near impossible to Find again, which is why there is a huge chance of depression, etc., Stats prove this

There's more but to make this short....and for argument's sake WE all, men included go through this because of having to adapt-mold to live in society, work, so forth but I'm mostly concentrating here on Personal Soul development, as a Person, who is free to be a Whole person without the dictates of gender constructs, again variables depending on amount of misogyny-patriarchal-role demands in the environment

So, having known this, on intimate level, one thing I have come to realize is that the making of a Person is far more than simply DNA, your entire LIFE, the people you meet, your environment, the personal exchanges you experience with others, trauma, etc., All make up WHO YOU ARE, add that to Erasure, and to re-finding one's self, true AUTHENTIC SELF, then the concept of Self and Consciousness of Self is a bit more complex,

even our geological environment has a lot to do with who we develop as, as a self.

So, having known and still dealing with this, along with how finding authentic self threatens others [e.g. males in my life] or let's say, Culture, I can safely say that the Essence of Self is so precious that once lost, creates a Vacuum, on a very deep meta physical level. What I mean is, to say that one could simply update DNA without a loss of Self has not become aware of what Erasure is--and how Easy it is.

How I came to understand this on a deeper level was researching women and art. Women who have been allowed to have Some form of free authentic Self without the religious-patriarchal constructs were more free in their artistic expression--in Comparison to women, let's say who grew up/live in very rigid patriarchal communities where Self is expressed Only for the purpose of a husband-father to husband, so forth. In every single case I saw, the women's artistic expression was inhibited, very routine or boxed in, probably better word for it--into a Type of design, that fit into the expectations of that particular culture. Example, women in freer societies even though they still are under patriarchal constructs were more freer in their Individualism, in art,

where as, women in let's say, a rigid 'religious' community all had similar if not Identical artwork, you really see this in embroidery and quilting. It's like, this copy cat artistic ability, there IS no self there,

because it's simply not allowed. Now the women will say they are free because they are doing artwork, however, their Identity is defined not by their own self journey which Would show in their artwork, but in their view of themselves in relations to the men/others/roles they are expected and conditioned to perform under.

Does that make sense...what I am trying to relay here?

So, that example there....shows you that when Individuals are taken and molded into some 'upgrade', that something is lost, because we are products of not only our environment but of change as well. An example of this would be,

women from the conditioned group when escaped from that group [take women leaving Quiverfull for example] if they are artistic types, their art changes...because they are freer to find authenticity, without fear of violence, reprimand, policing by Self [yes women learn to police themselves] or by others, including policing by women.

posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 07:59 PM

These same women, if you talk to them...depending on the amount of conditioning, have very hard time remembering any True authentic self in early childhood--because of the Erasure. Even with being free to find authentic self, the Damage that is done, is often irreparable...the same is true in cases of extreme trauma, caused by violence, war, rape, etc.

So to say that one could go through a DNA change and retain authentic Self, even considering living in a completely different environment, I think doesn't realize that everything you are, we are, is interrelated to so much more than just DNA,

as for memory....memories too make up who we are. Women, by far, are more likely to be targeted by unethical doctors [and I do think they are unethical as hell] for electro-shock treatments. We know, if one believes that women's stories are valid, that the damage alone from the brain trauma is bad enough--but the Damage that erasure of memories is so traumatic,

that it provokes many to suicide. Not only that, why would one want to go through all the things that make up YOU, suffering included, and then lose that? You simply wouldn't be YOU anymore,

the bad makes up YOU just as much as the good, now our memories/or brains rather may Select to focus on the negative or positive or warp memories [how we perceive things, I also think a lot of this is social conditioning from horrid marketing to influence how we perceive ourselves so we will buy more crap] but anyway, without the bad,

you wouldn't be whole, I don't think. Now that can be unbalanced, Sure...but I guess what I am saying, is that having to fight to not only BE an authentic self outside of conditioning, which makes being an Individual SELF outside of constructs so much more precious, priceless is better word for it, but having to fight to regain or reclaim Self from that same conditioning to return to a pre-construct state is so very difficult. Because you Do forget, a lot, throw in selective memories [trauma, conditioning, age, etc] into that, and the bombardment of visuals, etc., having to fragment to fit into this role, that role, etc., you'd be surprised at just how much of Self you forget,

and it's way more than just Biological, that's for sure. I think possibly we are so disconnected today [apart from roles, gender, constructs] that we all have lost a lot of authentic self/soul, without even being that conscious of it--so the Idea of being 'reconstructed' at least in my opinion is not a Good one, whatsoever,

I may not be relaying this in a way that makes a lot of sense, but believe me when I say, you Don't want anyone or anything constructing you in a way that you could possibly lose Any part of your authentic Soul...your DNA is your Heritage, your ancestors, traits, etc., that makes up YOU just as much as environment--flaws and all.

To me, many of these movies are just mind control Indoctor-nation to get us to be receptive to a Nazi like science tampering with who we are--after all, they ARE working on for example, putting human ears on mice. If mice were meant to have human ears, then Nature would have made it that way...mice are made the way they are to live in the environment they are in--

evolution works the way it does because it works to ADAPT to the changes in ENVIRONMENT, any tampering of that, we know, proves often fatal. WE've seen this in many bird hybrids [example] who have died out or who are diseased as a result of hybrid-DNA tampering..because it simply wasn't the time or need that Nature required. [do some studies on parrot hybrids via breeding, budgies I know is one]

Also we are, like the animals, interdependent like, let's say your theory comes true....WE are of this earth, so let's say aliens change our DNA, then what? IF you have your memory-soul intact, you Still have to adjust to another you not only have a new body possibly to live with, but new environment, all while having your authentic self still there, I know there is a psychological thing that when like you lose your arm, your brain will still tell you that you can do certain things...well better yet, this video goes into this a bit better,

these videos are very enlightening and well he goes into some of this,

as for Women, on interdependence, since I thought of regards to environment, same would apply, but we also know, the low status of women and the erasure of authentic self forced onto women, in many societies, IS interrelated to how the Environment is also treated..hence, Desolation,

every single area on the globe where women are not allowed to be authentic selves outside of rigid constructs, the earth is treated the same way. Following earth degradation, water pollution/mining pollution, effects of war, disease, etc., but if you want examples, do some comparison studies of environmental degradation/effects of mining and war [because in these areas there is -Con't

posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 08:02 PM
bout all I want to say is............from what I observe this race needs an upgrade.

posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 08:09 PM
con't huge causalities as result of trafficking, violence, etc., in Every single area [also high numbers of HIV]. Therefore, when there is forced erasure or constructs there Is also changes in the natural environment at the same time,

so I use this Example of women, constructs here to show that upgrading DNA there would have to also be radical changes in Environment or Would be--therefore, you Would lose your authentic self, or suffer incredible losses.

If you ever read accounts of women [or men even] who have endured years of erasure, trauma, etc., uh, Cult programming is another good example to look into here...and the effects, long term, often permanent damage, that results, the loss of authentic self is extremely traumatic. Also we know there are real physical changes that occur in the brain as a result of,

and that includes Memory loss. So I guess what I am getting at here, is that one could not go through a DNA upgrade, so to speak, without loss of self, including Memory, [with environmental] if it's forced like that--that wouldn't be a radical shock to the system--to the point where one could not return,

as for Biblical-God, in Genesis, when Adam/Eve were thrown out--it says, 'they now know good and evil like US'

that tells me, if one refers to that account [be it literal, religious or from ancients, Sumer, etc, since this is about Aliens] that, they still had some type of consciousness and authentic Selves,

or they wouldn't be able to say, they now know good and evil like us--because one needs memory to KNOW, to be intimate with, which is what knowing is,

so the change, transformation rather, that is discussed in Biblical terms, I don't think is some DNA upgrade that improves upon human nature in a way that removes all flaws and Interdependence--

I think the whole thing with the obsession with Perfection, no flaws, comes more from a borg type of belief system which if you really think about it, would be horrid, because social insects, though they may be in a hive community, still have individual traits to some degree. I don't know, I just see a lot of the Nazi ideology in so much of this--yes humans are not perfect,

but then, neither are animals, they are all interdependent on one be That kind of perfect, one would be Plastic. Plastic barbies...idols, you know, kind of's our imperfections and Need for one another, based ON those imperfections, that makes us, not only individual authentic selves, but also, social animals.

Maybe some of this made sense--this is not my area of expertise...but OK then.

posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 08:19 PM
Found these two really interesting videos and looking at the Sphinx and the other mythological creatures and these two short videos gave a pretty interesting twist.

Part 1

This video is Part 1 in a two part series that explores Animal Human Hybrids, Transhumanism, and their connection to the Bible. If you are not familiar with these subjects, have a listen and do some research.

Part 2

Part 2 gets into the Transhumanism...........the changing over of human DNA (again).

Now google Katy Perry's ET lyrics..................things are getting not just strange for "entertainment / shock" purposes but we're entering real supernatural terratory.

I always thought that mythology was that, fairy tales but now scientists are now (maybe again) doing this stuff.

posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 08:28 PM
I would be intrigued but would prefer to evolve myself because the Fire within me does not depend on the nature of my external form, rather, it is the external form which depends on the Fire within. I am eternal and belong to what is imperishable, all that I need is within my Root rather than in the handywork of such beings, but my external form is perishable and belongs to what is perishable hence it cannot be sustained by the Fire because of the nature of this world which is to increase and decrease, dissolve and reconstitute, etc.

posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 09:23 PM
reply to post by Ophiuchus 13

I do not care as long as the human beings continue.

Is that bad?

posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 09:25 PM
reply to post by ofhumandescent

According to Dolores Cannon regressions, its been going along time, DNA manipulation and Atlantis was supposed to be the downfall.

I think everyone needs to have faith in Goodness, because negative ETs just don't have the right over us they claim, and the Galactic Center is sending in a huge plume, so the Sun/Stars is upgrading our dna already.

I like these pictures I just took today, get energy and healing feeling. I believe as Dorothy Izzat said, light in any media doesnt lose its potency.

Maybe they're afraid of something and rushing to do alternative plans to stall or block this?

I have no idea if its a instant ascension plan like I was shown in meditation, or we try to live to old age and strive to spread peace all our lives, and do our best, graded after death, as normal.

posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 11:23 PM
For all those afraid and opposed. Just point ET towards me. I’ll take the plunge for everyone and even come back to let you know how it turned out.
My love ones are already prepared, they know that if an ET shows up looking for volunteer’s I’ll be the first in line.

Don’t care what they do as long as it’s new and I remember (a little bit) about who I am or was. Also I would want to be able to return to Earth every now and again. I love my planet way too much to abandon it totally.

I actually LOVE being human and adore the human race in all its forms. But nothing last forever, we change or we die.

posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 11:57 PM

Originally posted by jimmyx
c'mon really?? you think that humans at this time in our development stands a chance against beings that have the capability of long distance space travel? about denying ignorance.

I don't think this thread is about fighting them.
It seems to be about what your feelings would be towards them up-grading your body/mind/being...

posted on Jun, 16 2012 @ 12:01 AM

Originally posted by Chrisfishenstein
Someone had to make these alien races also, and if they came, they are a product of god also.....God doesn't like anyone trying to do his work for him!

I'm not so sure we humans really know what God/he/she/it wants or likes...

posted on Jun, 16 2012 @ 12:02 AM

Originally posted by aaaiii
reply to post by Chrisfishenstein

what if it was god who wanted to do the upgrade? would you do it then?

Pretty sure that's covered in Revelations...

posted on Jun, 16 2012 @ 12:10 AM

Originally posted by Chrisfishenstein

Originally posted by aaaiii
reply to post by Chrisfishenstein

what if it was god who wanted to do the upgrade? would you do it then?

Why would god want to "upgrade" something that is already perfect?

You might not see your life as perfect, but look deeper! Brain function, blood flow, eyesight, movement....etc

Think about how perfect human beings are (physically) not mentally!! Our body and bone structure and functions are completely perfect for something rediculous like evolution to be true! It would take Trillions of years for an advanced civilization to come from a form of animal.....More likely scenario is that evolution of humans is not possible.

But to answer your question, god would not want his perfect creation's to get a different body than what he made for us.

It only took millions of years to evolve an animal into a civilization building creature. Trillions is unnecessarily long since the sun would not last that long.

And, by the Bible, humans are looking forward to a perfected light body... We can not be perfect if we are going to be perfected on Judgement Day (should one be judged favorably and not cast into the lake of fire)...

What if evolution were how God creates?

Silly for hmans to guess at the mind and methods of an omnipotent being, regardless...

posted on Jun, 16 2012 @ 12:15 AM

Originally posted by Unity_99
We're in a duality school, and there are sides here. Earth and its inhabitants have been up and down, I believe this is a downgrade right now.

I personally just want all my memories back and to go home, or hopefully graduate to another level sometime soon, and be with Family, in far more perfect form, and with my soul mate who I feel is waiting and my children, who have visited, the veil lift. If there is ever a change while I'm here, concurrent to my lifetime of these suits, I'm not sure they would feel comfortable approaching me because I 've seen some of the suits we see here, that are cosmic and already wonder why so many men or male energy beings are having too big a say, deciding what shapes and forms others should be in, because I have some pretty high standards, that are both intelligent and loving and beautiful for all. Female enegy doesnt do function over form, but knows everyone needs to feel good about themselves, a gift to self and others, all the time, and that what is good for our psychology is needed, our spirits, and beauty is equally important to function.

So I hope all the female energy on this planet is going to speak up stridently and that the cosmic beings will be ducking and dodging a bit, instead of doing whatever they please.

After a friend shared his experiences with what was a black op, abuse of women and children and using them as slaves, for their programs, I've already stood out under the stars shaking my fists at everything and telling them to let women and grandmothers run the show so everyone can be happy, and children safe.
edit on 14-6-2012 by Unity_99 because: (no reason given)

Men and maleness are not the enemy.

Evil is the enemy.

Be good.

posted on Jun, 16 2012 @ 12:16 AM

Originally posted by Chrisfishenstein

Not true , evolution is real and proven ... God is theoretical and a matter of faith

Yet it happened ...Go figure

PLEASE......I was waiting for someone like you Gortex to come in and spout off some garbage about evolution...

Bring on the "PROOF" buddy.......Rain it on me......And good luck with that one by the way

Just because you spout BS of "PROOF" of evolution doesn't make it true, yet you claim it to be.......

Let the crickets start chirping now!!

Sorry for the off topic post here O.......I am interested in said "PROOF" from gortex.....Which won't derail your thread for long, since there isn't proof....
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Where is the proof it isn't true?
Please, don't point to a book written by the hands of men, either.

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