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Fasting, and my irrefultable results.

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posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 06:24 PM

Originally posted by JohnJasper
Meat, regardless of the source, is a killer, dairy products are killers, grains are not necessarily killers but are likely to seriously wound you. Everything that is healthy for you and supportive of life exists in the Fruit and Veg group.

When you can find 1 group of people or culture that doesn't supplement and lives entirely on plant products, I'll entertain your statement. In the mean time, if you'd like, I can provide you with many cultures that live almost entirely on animal products.

Actually, I'll entertain your statement a bit...

If doctors actually knew anything about nutrition and our physiological design, they would not recommend eating from the 4 food groups (5 in Australia as they recognise the Junk Food group.)

If you knew anything about nutrition and physiology, you wouldn't say that meat of any kind will kill you. That's a rather incredible statement. And while I can go on and on about it... I'll talk simply about physiology for a sec, since you referenced it.

Herbivores, while living on vegetation alone, actually consume a high fat diet. Cellulose that they get from grass and such is fermented in the hind gut--animals such as rabbits-- or the fore gut--ruminants such as cows. This fermentation effectively turns their high-carb diet into a high-fat diet as the fermentation yields fatty acids (Volatile fatty acids to be exact).

Now... We, as humans, are incapable of eating cellulose (green, leafy plants) and converting it from a carbohydrate to a fatty acid (well, we do, but just a lil bit). We call these foods fiber because they are indigestible. Soluble fiber is that "lil bit" that we can actually ferment into fatty acids.

Can you tell me, please, where we would get our fat calories from if we were to not eat meat? And, while you're at it, if meat is so terrible, how come our early man hunted animals, such as bison, to the brink of extinction and yet thrived healthily? Did they just hunt for fun?

Or are you suggesting that unlike nearly every herbivore on this planet, the "human herbivore" eat plants with the sole purpose of getting fiber, vitamins and minerals but without providing any significant caloric value? Are you suggesting that unlike nearly every other herbivore on the planet, we don't need fat like they do?

I'm really curious...

posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 06:52 PM

Originally posted by Renegade2283

The point of this is to point out how important overcomming obesity is, so that we can then tackle starvation and hunger. Now all these things happen to me with just a little lack of food. Imagine the children starving accross the world. It must be hell, and its usually the First world countries that caused it. So it should be our duty to fix it as well.
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It's funny you bring that up, because there is a paradox that exists which doesn't sit well with the "you're fat cause you eat too much" mantra.

If you think overeating causes be to be fat, then the following should never happen:

Take a stroll through any impoverished part of the world and you'll make an observation that seems a bit odd, to say the least... Obese mothers carrying their severely malnourished, unbelievably thin children to clinics. Do you actually think a mother would sacrifice her child's health just because she can't put down the fork? Hell no. It goes against everything that is motherhood. It goes against maternal instincts.

If there isn't enough food to feed the child, then why is the mother seemingly overfed?

posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 08:03 PM
Fasting does help and if people did it all over the US, then it's bye-bye to the medical industry.

posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 08:07 PM
Fasting is retarded.

Be a normal human being and nourish your body.

posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 08:36 PM
reply to post by edog11

Do you have any stomach pains, or do you feel hungry even after eating?

These are real questions.

posted on Jun, 16 2012 @ 12:08 AM
I wanted to put my two cents in here... I wanted to do a water fast but was a little reluctant because I do remodels and build houses and was a little afraid I would get too weak to work. So I opted for the Master Cleanse (Lemonade Diet) for 10 days. What happened was; there was some crazy cleansing going on. I never felt weak; in fact I felt so good after 7 days I moved on and did 7 more days of just water.. I felt great! So this maybe a way to transition into a water fast for those having trouble.

The other thing I noticed is there are several different "diets" out right now like (south beach, Kauffman's Phase 1, Paleo, Primal) They all seem successful, and there commonality is NO (grain , and NO sugar

posted on Jun, 16 2012 @ 12:29 AM
reply to post by HiHoAZaway

Master Cleanse contains sugar in the form of maple syrup. However, it is a really good cleansing diet, it must be said. If I didn't react as I do to citric acid (in the lemon obviously, but also in the cayenne) I would do this diet regularly just because it is that powerful and very pleasant.

Water is quite good too and at this time in history, it is my feeling from a metaphysical perspective that we need to focus a lot more on our water. Water is sentient. It has memory. We are watery beings. There are a lot of changes going on and water might just help ease the way for us.

At the very least we should all drink more water than we do. Be present with it.

posted on Jun, 16 2012 @ 09:17 AM
reply to post by CosmicEgg

all true I was thinking as more of a gateway to a water fast... That being said if you use organic pure maple syrup it has a very low glycemic value and will not spike the blood sugar levels.

For me the cayenne burned just enough to trick my mind into thinking I was full

Anyhow that method worked for me I was still able to work 8 hour days on a construction site for the initial 4 to 5 days without fatigue (more than usual) and after day 5 I felt like I had more energy even with just the water for most of the day.

I would definitely recommend cutting caffeine before you start your cleanse. It is difficult enough to detox the toxins in the body without going through caffeine withdrawals.

posted on Jun, 16 2012 @ 09:51 AM
OK, began my Fast after my last meal last night. I'm going to fast through the weekend having nothing but Water, Carrot Juice and White Grapefruit Juice. Fasting for 2 days, but it will end up being about 60 hours by the time I eat breakfast Monday morning.

I'm not going the whole 4 days, because I'm traveling to Missouri and sparring with someone when I get up there next Thursday, and I don't want to lose any strength between now and then.

I'll report back how I feel.

I can tell you right now, I had my Liposomal Vitamin C and a bottle of water this morning, and at this moment I am STARVING!! Buy now I would have usually had one piece of dry wheat toast and 3 egg whites with a slice of cheese, a cup of coffee and a small glass of orange juice, so my body i wondering where the hell breakfast is at!

posted on Jun, 16 2012 @ 09:55 AM
reply to post by getreadyalready

Good luck the more water you drink the better of you are to stave off the hunger pangs!

I started making my own Liposomal Vit C a couple of weeks ago. It is great stuff!

posted on Jun, 16 2012 @ 10:05 AM
reply to post by HiHoAZaway

Thanks! Yep, I made the Liposomal C after the thread came up, and I like it, and my wife likes it. Next batch I'm going to do Liposomal C, Magnesium, and Potassium, and then pour them all into one jar. That combination is supposed to help my wife's Fibromyalgia, so we will see.

posted on Jun, 16 2012 @ 10:50 AM

Originally posted by getreadyalready
OK, began my Fast after my last meal last night. I'm going to fast through the weekend having nothing but Water, Carrot Juice and White Grapefruit Juice. Fasting for 2 days, but it will end up being about 60 hours by the time I eat breakfast Monday morning.

I'm not going the whole 4 days, because I'm traveling to Missouri and sparring with someone when I get up there next Thursday, and I don't want to lose any strength between now and then.

I'll report back how I feel.

I can tell you right now, I had my Liposomal Vitamin C and a bottle of water this morning, and at this moment I am STARVING!! Buy now I would have usually had one piece of dry wheat toast and 3 egg whites with a slice of cheese, a cup of coffee and a small glass of orange juice, so my body i wondering where the hell breakfast is at!

Good luck!
.... I start one tomorrow, i've abused my body a lot this year! and deffinately need the weight loss!!! i'm going for 40 days straight! (fingers crossed)

I started doing fasts a few years ago now, on and off i've done short ones and long ones but much prefer the longer ones as I personally seem to get more from them, and just feel a whole lot lighter/cleaner and mentally stronger after them!

Gorging after a fast is a big big mistake but so bloody easy to do! I have done that in the past and boy do I regret what came afterwards (a day in the rest room) .... that was after an extended fast though over a week! but I learnt my lesson for sure!
won't ever make that mistake again!

I don't know all the medical jargon nor can I recite papers or studies, but from personal experience I can say fasting is good! I enjoy it, the benefits as in weight loss and mental clarity are worth it alone, along with other health benefits, provided you do it properly and more importantly 'break' your fast properly, especially extended ones! I like to think of it as a 'reset' button for when you have over done it and things aren't quite working as they should anymore!

Another thing I have noticed is that after a fast things do not taste the same anymore! as in junk really does taste like junk and the healthy stuff is far more appealing! maybe it's just me but that is one thing I have noticed!

posted on Jun, 16 2012 @ 06:45 PM
Good so far. I had a bit of a crash late this afternoon, just no energy. I've been hungry all day, but it isn't unbearable. I had 4 oz of carrot juice twice today to provide a little pick me up. I also went out to the garden and cut up two tomatoes and ate them with salt and pepper. A little bit of a cheat, but hopefully not too bad to ruin the whole experience.

Seeing as how it is almost 8 o'clock now, I figure I've whooped today, tomorrow will be a bigger challenge though, because we are having a big barbeque at the house. Probably 30 or 40 people will be over, drinking beer, swimming, eating burgers and sausages, etc. This was probably a bad time to try to fast, but I'm going out of town next week, and I didn't want to wait too long and lose the motivation.

posted on Jun, 16 2012 @ 07:24 PM
The human brain is powered by sugar so you will obviously experience changes if you fast or go on a low carbohydrate diet. Its well known that some children and adults get extremely hyper after sugary snacks.

According to the Buddhist narrative Sakyamuni fasted for 6 years before again eating. It was then sitting under the Bodhi Tree that he reached Enlightenment.

Never underestimate the power of meditation followed by a sugar rush.

posted on Jun, 16 2012 @ 07:39 PM

Originally posted by imagineering

Originally posted by Gridrebel
So what was your fasting regime? I fasted for a 17 day period when I was younger and lost two pounds. However, I did drop four sizes. Still haven't figured that one out.

I water fast for 2 weeks, then the other 2 weeks I eat clean, fresh fruits and vegitables, I insert a protien supplent drink, and lean cut steak. When I am fasting I still run and walk and during my time of food consumption I wieght lift and I make my training intense during this time. The only negative effects I have experienced is when I first started. Headaches, weakness and just feeling plain odd.

You know what you describe is very close to what's called a Cutting Diet if you constantly work out. You would just go on a calorie deficient and continue to work out regularly.

I, for example, require 2400 calories a day to maintain my current muscle mass and weight. If I were to go to 2100 or 2000 calories a day, I would begin to see weight loss within 2-3 weeks as your body adjusts. Continue for 3-4 months and you just lost 20lbs or so. I'd probably go from 190 to 170lbs after 4 or 5 months and you would cut down on body fat and some muscle mass.

It's a personal choice, so by all means continue with what you're doing if you know that it works for you. Cutting diets are more up my alley and up others as to stop eating causes various physiological and psychological side effects that would damage relationships at home and at work.

posted on Jun, 17 2012 @ 05:16 AM
Sounds like the results are amazing. Not only is it physically healthy, but you even think clearer too. I've tried fasting, but frankly its a tad difficult, as expected from a semi-active computer guy

Another thing ~ Sugar is completely not at all required for the human body. What we need is glucose, which is fuel for ALL cells. Fructose, dextrose, sucrose, HFCS, all of those things do not power life on Earth. Without sugar/carbs, our bodies start to revert to burning fat as a primary source of energy, just like our primeval ancestors.

Just take a look at this video.

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posted on Jun, 17 2012 @ 08:50 AM
ETA: oops, a bit late to this party, didn't realise you're all on double digits now. This was a response to the OP

I could never get past the insane hunger. They all tell you it passes on day 2 or 3, but for me it just kept getting worse. I managed 6 days on water followed by 2 on coconut water as my best effort. Did several 5 days and many dailies.

To be honest, I've not experienced it as the panacea others make it out to be.
Would rather do juice flushing and herbal cleansing to re-balance the body when necessary, other than that, food is for enjoying IMO and coffee, chocolate and fried anything are hard to beat

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posted on Jun, 17 2012 @ 12:51 PM

Originally posted by getreadyalready
reply to post by JohnJasper

Do you think one can fast, and also get stronger and in better cardiovascular shape at the same time, or should the exercise be very limited during the fast?

Exercise should be very limited during the fast. By modern medicine standards, fasting is a miracle cure: just stop eating and start resting and the body detoxifies itself and given a long enough duration, then rejuvenates itself up to 50% and possibly more. Find a surgeon or doctor who can come close to matching that claim!

In Arnold Devries book, Therapeutic Fasting, available for free from the Soil and Health Library, he quotes Dr. Margaret Kunde, of the Department of Physiology in the University of Chicago as saying "It is evident that where the initial weight was reduced by 45 percent, and subsequently restored by normal diet, approximately one-half of the restored body is made up of new protoplasm. In this there is rejuvenescence."

As well as this out-with-old, in-with-new process, unhealthy substances stored in the body through the years get broken down and eliminated. Stones from the various organs get dissolved and excreted, likewise do arterial plaque and arthritic calcium deposits. Tumors, cysts, warts, moles, etc are catabolysed and recycled. There are limits to the repairs that can be done but if it can, it will be done eventually.

Fasting is not a time for carrying on business or exercise programs as usual. Even if your only goal was weight loss, you cannot stop the body from carrying out housecleaning and repair at the same time. You can limit the benefits by expending some of the available energy for other purposes but you do so at your expense and possibly to your peril. Try fasting for a week and then trying to run upstairs. You may not pass out but you might worry that it could happen. The fasting state just isn't intended for performance.

Additional source for this subject

posted on Jun, 17 2012 @ 12:58 PM
reply to post by imagineering

Fasting has No Medicinal Value what-so-ever.

Any time I hear about 'Fasting' It reminds of Linda Burfield Hazzard. A Medical doctor from the 1930's

Hazzard was the first doctor in the United States to earn a medical degree as a "fasting specialist". Fasting had heretofore been considered a quack medical cure, popular with "health faddists" of the time. In 1908 she published a book, Fasting For The Cure Of Disease, promoting fasting as a cure for virtually every ailment, including cancer.

A disturbing 'murder' story. History of a doctor obsessed with 'Fasting.'


posted on Jun, 17 2012 @ 01:06 PM

Originally posted by OrphenFire
If I were a government agent attempting to weaken the conspiracy theorists at a grassroots level, this is the kind of thread I would post.

I am not saying that's what's going on here. But it's worth a thought, isn't it? This is a conspiracy website after all

It's always worth considering who would gain from any change to the status quo or ingenious new idea. As a government conspiracy, this one would certainly backfire because the medical cartel (Doctors - Pharma - Government officials) profits by keeping the public duped into thinking they need doctors and their treatments to regain and maintain health. Helping the word get out that the body can heal itself just by abstaining from food, and maintain health just by eating natural foods and avoiding as much as possible the poisonous environment provided by our corporate masters, will potentially cut off a large part of their customer base. Dare they?

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