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posted on Jun, 14 2012 @ 12:23 AM
Today's shrills were better yet.We made camp during the mid afternoon on a pleasant sand bar which,with in an hour,had been invaded by thousands of bees,which are still with us.We can only hope they are not the famous South American killer bees.I have 20 or more bees crawling over me,including one in my ear.Seems they showed up as the guitar strummed.....In ultra slow motion,we removed are salty T-shirts and pants,threw them in the heap,and walked into the water into our necks.Sure enough as we watched from the river,the bees congregated by the hundreds on our clothes...swatting and riling endorsed me with welts and three nasty stingers from the behind.

After an hour in the cool water,we gingerly emerged in the nude,hoping that our now saltless bodies would no longer be an attraction to the bees.After all fury and buzzing about, I managed to include two species.One about the size of a honey bee and the other like a bumble bee.
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posted on Jun, 14 2012 @ 09:39 PM
I gave you a Flag and a Star, simply because you had the bravery to post this in the SS forum as an entry to the writing contest.

Other than that, I am trying to remedy within my own mind how to be polite in my response.

I am a beekeeper, and you just violated just about every fact about bees.

been invaded by thousands of bees,which are still with us

Ok, so it was a swarm.

the famous South American killer bees

They are not famous, they are infamous. They are also not "killer" bees, they are a more aggressive bee, more irritable, but they still do they same thing as a European or Italian bee. There's a reason they are called killer bees, and it's only because of one fact:

Humans can withstand bee stings, the poison absorbed into the bloodstream. (Except those that are allergic.)

Humans can only withstand 1000 bee stings before the level of toxin in their system compromises their neurological system. Yes, fact, over 1000 bee stings, and you have a lethal dose of bee venom. Another fact, African are aggressive, and are feral, and thus, it's easy for an individual to get over 1000 stings, and thus the negative nomenclature of "Killer Bees".

Seems they showed up as the guitar strummed

I have the theme, you having a party, guitars, hippies. Bees are not attracted to noise. Not ever.

we removed are salty T-shirts and pants,

Like sweaty and thus salty? Sorry, bees are not attracted to salt. They are ONLY attracted towards sweet things, pollen, nectar, and honey. Bees ignore salt like you would a 5 dollar hooker.

hoping that our now saltless bodies would no longer be an attraction to the bees

You never were in the first place.

They ignored your salty bodies. They were mildly attracted to the perfume someone in your party had sprayed earlier. Only if, and ONLY if, you smeared corn syrup over your naked bodies, or honey, or got wet and then rolled in sugar would the bees even think twice about you. Even then, they wouldn't sting you, they'd only be interested in cleaning the sweetness off you, and returning it to their hive.

You came across a wild swarm while you were camping. It does happen, and you should be amazed. The twenty bees you had crawling on you? That's real, because bees are very very domicile during a swarm. A swarm of bees has no hive to protect, so they are never aggressive. You only got stung on your butt because you swatted at them, and they were defending themselves, not the hive.

They weren't after your sweaty clothes, not ever, they were after a new nest. Bees are scent driven, so one of your party had AXE body spray on, and it attracted the swarm. They didn't settle there, they swarmed to a new location.

Thanks for posting. Sorry for the criticism, but facts are facts. Bees only like sweets.

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