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For whom the troll bells (Nature)

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posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 11:33 PM
Many a tale had been told of an obnoxious old wizard named Farte.
He was heir to a large countryside yet only sat upon his throne on one day of the week, Saturday. On oneday, twosday, threeday, fourday, fiveday, and sicksday he would spend out among his subjects away from his throne.

In order to notify visitors of when he was in and when he was out the townsfolk put up a sign "Olde Farte is heiring it out" and when he was in they would all cry out "All hail! Olde Farte, Heir on the throne". Most didn't really like the olde Farte since he tended to be a windbag and they had secretly hoped his son would become throne master instead but that is another story.

There was a troll who lived in the surrounding forest (that was named pistin forest because he lived there) who by chance was in the center when a mighty moonstone fell to earth and came to rest upon the tallest tree that had branches that swept out dozens of feet. (Many a troll stumbled there) As the hot stone started to burn the tree the troll tried to put out the fire that was consuming it so he relieved himself there since the closest pool was too distant.
However, the fire was not to be so easily silenced and all he did was create a mighty mist that deadened all the leaves in the surrounding area forming a ring.. The stump of that tree in the center came to be known as the pistanmist tree but what was remarkable was that the moonstone flowed down the sides and bending the branches of the tree it had formed an umbrella shape that looked so much like a bell the troll decided to make it one.

His problem was he didn't have a clapper for it and nothing he had tried could make the stone ring out.

That was when olde Farte and the pist troll first met. Seeing the mighty stone olde Farte much desired it and the troll seeing olde Farte's wizard staff desired it too since it would fit as a perfect clapper and on the top was what also looked like a moonstone.

A contest would decide to whom would get the prize. Each would ask of the other a question and the winner would be who could correctly answer the other.

The troll began and picked up an egg that was laying there and asked the olde Farte what was within the egg. Olde Farte recognized the egg immediately as a Robin egg but soon found out that the troll had eaten the contents through a hole whole and nothing was inside. Score one for the troll.

Then the obnoxious wizard asked of the troll what olde Farte had eaten that morning. Hah, too easy since the troll knew that on sicksday was the day all would eat leftovers and judging by olde Farte's color and vapor trail he correctly surmised that olde Farte had eaten cheese.

The pist troll had won and after raising the bell upon a tower and placing the wizards staff as a clapper to his amazement the resonance of the bell in the ring caused all the pistin trees to lose their nuts and that saved much work during harvest.

Olde Farte was beside himself and anytime he would hear the bell troll he would try to win back his staff. On Saturdays whenever the obnoxious olde Farte heired on the throne he knew the troll belled for him. From the distance the thunder of the bell of the ring moved him deeply and when an obnoxious olde Farte breaks wind without his staff you just know that a pist troll is clapping..

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 11:39 PM

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