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The War on Nature

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posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 07:04 PM
Why do some people treat nature as a battle? The war against the elements... the battle to defeat pests... the fight for survival! All this machoism and bravado!

It doesn’t have to be this way... we can work with nature. We can accept that for every 3 seeds we plant one will be for the earth.

If planting vast swathes of mono culture crops cause plagues of pest then don’t plant one type of crop... plant 3 or 4.

Why spray crops with chemicals? When nature has provided an abundant supply of creatures that hunt pests, we just need to encourage them in.

We chop down entire forest so that we can provide the world with cheap meat. If our hunger for meat means we must chop down the plants that give us oxygen then we should simply eat less meat.

We have taken food production out of the hands of the people and placed it into the hands of corporations. We have industrialised food production to point where companies can patent seeds and tinker with the very building blocks of life in an attempt to bypass the distraction from money making that is called nature.

We are waging a war on our own life support system... arrogantly believing that we can control it and bend it to our will. Our egotism blinding us from the reality that it is us who needs to bend to it.

One day we may well win this war and defeat nature once and for all... and in doing so we will defeat ourselves.



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