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The Effectiveness of The On Line Apollo Is Fraud Movement

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posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 11:44 AM

Lovell is the WORST ACTOR !!!!

reply to post by SayonaraJupiter

I cannot stand Lovell sometimes SayonaraJupiter. I have to bite my tongue. He told, and tellS, those same ridiculous Apollo 13 anecdotes over and over and over, no deviation, NONE, same idiotic, patently full of heiny jive story, over and over and over.

"I thought to myself, why not Apollo 12, why not Apollo 14 ? blah blah blah".

You know, the typical NASA VOMIT.

I know Lovell and Armstrong were chosen for the most import and/difficult roles, but geeeeeeez eloueeeeez, are they bad in front of the camera or what ? Armstrong nervously so, Lovell, aw shucks "ain't it crazy, and we survived no less" boyishly so.

The two of them side by side, stereophonic vomiting in our living rooms, then they excuse themselves without even wiping their mouths and say they gotta' run. DISGUSTING ........

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 03:54 PM

Originally posted by decisively

The other point, and an incredibly important one

When one casually internet searches this or that as regards Apollo, and then stumbles across a post, thread, video what not that covers some relevant aspect of the fraud, the curious can now see that our work is NOT ABOUT WAVING FLAGS IN VACUUMS, INVISIBLE LM EXHAUST, THE ABSENCE OF BLAST CRATERS. On the contrary, people learn that out work is about ASTRONAUTS LYING, ABOUT THE FATAL INCONSISTENCIES INTERNAL INCOHERENCIES AND IRRATIONALITIES OF THE OFFICIAL NARRATIVE.

They also learn that contrary to popular believe, general public awareness, we know who some of the PERPS are, in most cases with a very high degree of confidence, in many cases with absolute unmitigated metaphysical certitude. There identities as Apollo fraud perpetrators is incontrovertible.

This is most significant, sobering indeed for the fraudulent dark side.

On the contrary. You are a literary narcissist. Your long and drawn out prevarications ARE NOT about astronauts lying, fatal inconsistencies, internal incoherencies, nor irrationalities of the official narrative. These are just the medium in which you are attempting to make a name for yourself. You desire to be lifted up and patted on the back. You want to be a hero. As JayUtah so aptly said it on JREF:

This isn't about space exploration or holding powerful interests accountable. This is about making you feel important. This is about creating a fantasy world in which you are the doctor-lawyer-soldier-scientist who saves the huddled, sheepish masses from their own ignorance and foolishness, and prevails against a terrible, faceless foe that has oppressed them.

Your posts are the views of a revisionist attempting to contrive narratives out of some fictional understanding of what is written to garner an elite status. Again, JayUtah:

It doesn't matter to you that there are simple and foolproof observations that we can do to ascertain that the mainstream results against which you violently compute are good enough. You aren't interested in the answer, because you know the answer will pop your fantasy world like a soap bubble, and because those elaborated lines of reasoning are themselves the payoff. I

n the real world a method that produces the wrong result is useless, regardless of how intricately it has been crafted or how proud its creator is of it. And you can't bear to see any of your elaborately crafted lines of reasoning written off as useless. You rely on deduction when we can obtain better results by observation. You eschew the observation so that you can wrap yourself in the warm fuzziness of a deduction you authored, even if it's misdirected and wrong.

The reason the world won't let you persist in your fantasy is because by accusing Apollo practitioners of fraud, you are affecting real people. Sorry, but your sense of well-being just isn't worth rewriting the world's history and denying skilled people their just desserts. And there really are people whose love of truth and fact is strong enough to compel them to comment when someone like you plays fast and loose with them for his own purposes.

You are NOT accomplishing anything for the world, but only yourself. You use exaggerations, double speak, prevarications, and pseudo facts contrived in your biased mind to benefit yourself, not history, not America, and certainly not the accomplishments of mankind. The abuse you receive from other ATS members and members on the myriad of other sites you have polluted and been banned from is well deserved. It's sad that you are so deluded that you cannot see this. People don't flock to your postings to see what new and innovative discoveries you have. They come to post against you. They come to set straight the disinformation you are spewing. Wake up!

And so, I realize this will place me on your "will not respond to your posts" list. But I do not post to garner your respect. I post to on your silly threads to make sure if anyone reads one of your diatribes, they will be given the truth as well.
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posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 08:56 PM
reply to post by Gibborium

It's too little and too late for the faithful acolytes of Apollo.

NASA is in full retreat. Literally, Keep Out Zones. They are abandoning human space flight. At NASA they will fold down everything to contractors, like Google and SpaceX. Oh look, NASA already did that.

They sent Clementine, Lunar Prospector and LRO to the moon, in 20 years, all we got back were images of Apollo landing sites that looked not unlike photo shopped pixels. But NASA also claims to sent 2 rovers to Mars, and they are sending pictures back for over 6 years. Oh, well?

NASA knows it's time of myth making is nearly over. And the Apollo cheerleaders know it, too. On the day NASA closes the doors for good there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. But it will be to no avail. NO AVAIL.

Al Worden and Mister Rogers are not enough to save the Apollo mythology from extinction. The New Apollo Narrative Will Prevail

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posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 11:11 PM
reply to post by SayonaraJupiter

Sayonara, I see you are still trying to peddle the same old tired misinformation. "Keep Out Zones". This has been discussed more times than I can count. That's a hyperbole by the way, just like your statement about keep out zones. Here is a site you might want to peruse concerning the keep out zones, MSNBC article: NASA sets buffers for Apollo moon landing sites

For Kelso, a key question is: "As the small commercial landers make preparations for possible visits to these historic sites, how do we protect these culturally significant sites from damage so that we can inspect them historically and scientifically?"

The recommendations listed by NASA are intended to apply to U.S. government artifacts on the lunar surface, such as:
  • Apollo lunar surface landing and roving hardware;
  • Unmanned lunar surface landing sites (e.g., Surveyor robotic landing sites) and impact sites, such as those of NASA's Ranger spacecraft, as well as the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) that slammed into the moon in October 2009;
  • U.S. government experiments left on the lunar surface, tools, equipment, miscellaneous moonwalking gear; and
  • Specific indicators of U.S. human, human-robotic lunar presence, including footprints and rover tracks.

  • The intent is to protect the areas where these artifacts are located. Kind of like putting up those nice velvet ropes at the zoo, or museum. To keep people from walking all over the displays and to keep them from picking up souvenirs. Besides, NASA can only recommend. These are guidelines which they hope will be honored.

    posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 12:08 AM
    reply to post by Gibborium

    It is true, words do love me so

    I love that, "literary narcissist" !!!! Hey, you're pretty good with a pen yourself Gibborium. My friends are reluctant to let me off the hook and go back to my bicycle movie. Perhaps you would like to join our "inner circle" and write for the Apollo docs ?

    Smart guy like you, should have caught on 'bout my writing style(s). I always make my point about Apollo, about the fraud. There is always plenty of straight up content, but some of it, the content by way of style stuff, the "literary narcissism" as you call it, is of course more often than not tongue in cheek. It's a debate tactic, like when you guys call me an idiot. Obviously, I have tremendous respect for you, literally do Gibborium. That should be obvious by now. Hence my sanctioning of the others.

    Anyhoo, I actually think the video/YouTube stuff is the way to go with regard to "influencing the public at large". That said, writing will always be important, and ultimately writing serious and polished pieces online will be critical for our side. We are working on a dedicated web site for this and an iBook. You probably will be relieved to know that I won't be involved in these projects, at least not early on anyhoo. I need a break.

    With respect to informal forum writing, I do believe it is VERY important to explore, use different writing styles, different literary approaches, get a feel for what works as a writer under these rather unusual circumstances, and get a feel for how the public responds to any given approach, from straight academic writing, to off the cliff satire. I am almost convinced that a straight forward, for the most part serious approach, will be most effective. Presentations that lean toward emphasizing the profoundly ironic, will and do indeed, present tense, have their place. Satire may prove most effective in film/video with regard to the exposing of Apollo as the fraudulent scam that it is.

    I consider myself rather an expert by now, having done it for 14 months, and having had a hand, albeit a small one, in the making of some videos about the fraud.

    There is so so so so so much information we have to convey, our movement does. Each day I sit down to write there are a dozen things, a dozen things quite literally that simply go unaddressed given time constraints. For this reason, my sense is that it is critical for people like myself, people that post in high volume and despite your compliment, "literary narcissism", post very much unpolished material, to continue aggressively covering a lot of material. Just getting it all down in some public forum, whatever "all" means, at any given time, is very important. To be sure, that is one of the reasons I actually enjoy posting here. SayonaraJupiter teaches me so much about the fraud, things I do not know, would never learn by way of my interacting for the most part with others that "do Apollo fraud" by way of examining the bogus medical issues, the activities of the astronaut malingerers. So together, our record, mine and SayonaraJupiter's, albeit very patchwork and sketchy, and not always correct, off target at times as should only be expected, is more complete than either of us could do posting in isolation, and actually constitutes the most complete and accurate history of Apollo heretofore penned, and that of course includes histories by mainstreamers like Chaikin and Harland, their histories flawed from the get go by virtue of their not acknowledging the fraud to begin with. Fundamentally, Apollo is at heart fraudulent. It is not about manned lunar landings. It is about military activities. So if a historian misses that, their story is borderline worthless.

    At some point, I will post a polished piece here, something that takes several months to write. It will be a piece that focuses on a single dedicated subtopic. I will perhaps do this just before I pass off these writing duties to a colleague. We'll see. Bet you'll like it Gibborium, almost can guarantee it. Maybe a character piece on Kranz or something like that. Schmitt would be a great subject for a dedicated polished piece as well.

    I think I have mentioned before, in my opinion, a couple of my colleagues write as well or better than do I. That said, writing has been more a part of my life than it has for the others, more central, and looking back, I think that aspect of things did prove to work well for my group as writing per se is a motivation for me. As PluPerfect once wrote so eloquently;

    decisively "is enamored BY flowery writing". And it is true. words do love me so.
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    posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 12:41 AM
    reply to post by decisively

    With respect to informal forum writing, I do believe it is VERY important to explore, use different writing styles, different literary approaches, get a feel for what works as a writer under these rather unusual circumstances

    you mean LIE and try to present yourself as a doctor?? an expert radar programmer?? disabled?? and see what people will believe initially??

    I consider myself rather an expert by now, having done it for 14 months, and having had a hand, albeit a small one, in the making of some videos about the fraud.

    possibly the most hilarious part of your post..

    is this why you consider yourself a doctor?? an expert radar programmer?? geologist? cartographer??
    you are hardly an apollo historian.. from the top of my head:

    in 14 months you have failed to find out what happened the night of the test where Aaron found out about the SCE switch..

    in 14 months you were pushing the lick observatory coordinates.. although you have dropped that now ill give you that much.

    14 months you are still adamant there was no lightning.. even though there is ample amounts of witnesses, not just news crews but people inside the firing room, from your own videos, saying there were reports of personnel seeing something but attributed to flames or a fire.

    As Paradox once wrote so eloquently;

    decisively "is enamored BY flowery writing". And it is true. words do love me so.

    wasnt paradox.... and it was flowery prose.

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