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Explaination of a UFO

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posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 11:21 AM
Okay in regard to UFO's I've had a few sightings in my lifetime. The most distinctive that comes to mind was back in the 90s. I was driving to work one day. Saw a small metalic silver object hovering about 300 meters off the ground. It was a very windy day. The object didn't move at all. Just hovered there as I drove by. It was so crazy. I still remember it so clearly to this day. Really can't explain it.

But here's my theory....

I believe that some UFO's and or Aliens are simply demons. To me I think that makes the most rational sense. I'm not say all either. Some might be some kind of secret US military flying saucers. But the aliens that have been accounted for are most likely demons. What's a demon? Well it's a fallen angel that was sent to earth with there head demon Lucifer. The same one that appears to Eve in the garden of eden in the form of a snake to trick her. That bible says that 1/3rd of the angels ended up as demons.

So if this account is correct then we know they can take the form of various creatures. We also know their goal is subversion and trickery. They now reak havoc on the planet which is why we have so many problems in the world. As there's pure evil beings out there. They seek to trick and harm people in a variety of ways. One of which I believe is manifesting as the Greys. And appearing as some of the UFO's we've seen.

Your thoughts?

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 11:25 AM
Nobody knows. People like Whitley Strieber have been going crazy for years trying to get that info. But, if your

really on the ball you can write a book and make money without even getting close to what they are.

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 11:35 AM
Provide hard proof

not hear say

then we can talk and see where this leads.Till then i wont go into another debate of aliens-demons

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 11:37 AM
reply to post by r2d246

Not all ETs are demonic. A lot are not.
I lack time to explain more... See ya.

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 11:53 AM
Your assumptions are foolish and short-sighted. In fact, to make such an assumption makes one look like they have not done the research themself, only taking "information" others have spouted out, such as religious fanatics to incite fear in the hope of gaining more of a following or shock factor.

Please provide concrete evidence that they are in-fact demons. Because as it stands right now, there is a landslide win of eyewitness accounts, police and military reports and officials on the record books whom all claim otherwise.

To simply sit there and assume that things you dont understand must be demons is foolish, just as foolish as ancient man was to beleive someone's story about how the world was made precisely for us, by a diety that just so happens to look just like us.

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 12:32 PM
If all UFO's are demonic, why are some noted for shutting off nuclear warheads over military bases? Why is it only evil has such technology? What does this say about god? Why doesn't god show us his space ship?

That guy from the Old Testament flying around in his pillar of fire, and Ezekiel's wheels within wheels sighting must have been demons too, huh?

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 12:50 PM

Originally posted by r2d246
But here's my theory....

I believe that some UFO's and or Aliens are simply demons. To me I think that makes the most rational sense.

THAT makes the most "rational sense" to you? That some UFOs out there are actually "demons"?? don't think it "irrational" to believe in demons to start with?

But the aliens that have been accounted for are most likely demons.

Uhm, *which* aliens that have been accounted for? I haven't seen any sort of offical compendium or world encyclopedia of Aliens we know of. And of those non-official, nothing confirmed but just opinion, you claim are most likely demons...

Jesus, what is this site coming to. I used to come on here, looking for really insightful posts and hoping for that "one" post that had it - the final proof or video.

Instead, we have this. I feel so sad for ATS...
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posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 12:53 PM
They're not demons. Though in a huge multidimensional universe school, some could be negatives. But demons don't need crafts to fly in. However, our black ops are creating their own ufo's and their own hybrids, and then they do open stargates via sacrifices of individuals, groups and nature, so some of those manmade ufos and ET's are negative entities operating out of those body suits. That is just one small faction of what is around us.

We live in a duality, and there is far more good in the universe, just like most people are good.

Raising your own frequency having a sense of Goodness protecting and also both Love for even the bad guys, and a wish to tell them to repent, and a strong message should any show up, really changes your experiences. If you have a pure heart, and pour out concern for the homeless, the poor, the abused children, the women in burkas, the horrors and murders of this planet, and meditate, you'll have some good experiences, perhaps not just skygazing, perhaps in your dreams, perhaps meeting with your Guides, Higher Self, Guardian Angel, whatever your faith is, your beliefs are.

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 02:14 PM
Great replies....

Wish I knew how to do multiple replies to quotes.... ahhhh

Okay there's 2 things. The UFO and the Alien. The UFO it would be hard to tell if it's demonic or if it's a secret military aircraft. Those are the only two I go by.

So that leaves the Alien. The greys. My thought is those for sure are demons. The reason being is that they all end up with the same look when you get eye witness accounts.

Proof.... I have none really. But I did witchcraft so I've encountered demons first hand. Also tons of accounts by other experts give me the idea that although they can't get physical bodies, they still are able to manifest so we can see them. And they still can interact with us on a physical plain as well.

As far as what seems like good deeds go we don't know what those are. First off the nuke thing from what I recall was a UFO pulled up and shut that down. Not an alien being that anyone could actually see. So we don't know if it was military overriding there own launches, if it was a demon in or appearing as the UFO and shutting it down as the timing wasn't correct for that phase of the game. Or if it was an angel from God coming down and was all shiny and brilliant and was mistaken for a UFO and shut it down.

But if you have any concept of the additional 7 dimensions that scientists have discovered (check youtube) you can easily understand that there are higher powers working and living in those dimensions. They seldom appear in the 3d world as they don't need to most of the time. Also considering they don't have physical bodies when they do their not entering this 3d physical universe with any type of body like ours. It might look like a body (like the greys) but it's just what they're manifestation appears as when they need to show themselves for some odd reason.

But the whole idea that they came all this way from some other galaxy as their are other planets like ours with aliens on them we know that's BS. Why? it's simple really. We got that idea from shows like Star Trek, MIB, etc etc. So hollywood specifically got people thinking in that direction. Whenever that happens it's pretty easy to exercise your ability to be counter intuitive. So for example they want me to believe this propaganda by showing it to me directly in these movies and tv shows. Therefore it's most likely a psy-op or some lie and that gives me further assurance that the direction I'm thinking is the more logical one. How do you think we landed on the moon without a hollywood studio to shoot it, it's fake. That's obvious as we never went back and they cut up the rocket that went there. If you want further proof of that. Go to the air and space musium in DC. They have what they claim to be was the luner lander there. Plus they have real re-entry capsels and other orbiting space stations. The orbiters and reentry devices all look 100% legit. The luner lander? What a mickey mouse fake piece of garbage. It's 100% a prop. Anyway that's my take.

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