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Where's all the money...It's all in the Banks and the "new cloud" .. and a bit more.

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posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 11:12 AM
Dear ATS Readers, Writers,

Hello all... Below you will see a chart, (at the link); that might help explain it.

It is called "Consolidation of Wealth"... by the banksters.

It is the greatest consolidation of wealth in recorded history.

The "farmers" (PTB).. are selling off the flock, (US PEONS), and taking over the neighbors ranch (failed businesses, and failed countries).

The banks are HORDING the money.. NO LOANS are being made, the only folks who can get a loan are people who REALLY dont need a loan!

Money itself, the physical paper form... is a tiny percentage of "THE MONEY".

MOST money exists as digital inputs to a nebulous account in the internet cloud kinda stuff.. 1's and 0's on a banks computer somewhere.

The "chickens" on the farm... (white, brown, and yellow).. THINK it is the other kind of chickens they share the farm (WORLD) with who are causing the problems with not getting enough "chicken feed" (oil, resources, money)..

When in fact it is the farmers who are witholding the needed items to make the chickens live in turmoil again out in the barnyard (society).

The "farmers" spend a lot of resources convincing the chickens that they ARE caring for them, and are constantly trying to improve their barnyard for them (Nanny state, oppressive measures).

The farmer also make sure you various chickens, do not heed the crows (propaganda), and cackles of the other colored roosters, (world leaders of various ethnic "flocks"), by playing pleasing music to the flocks of the various colored chickens. (Mainstream Media of various countries and factions).

There was a reason the movie "Animal Farm" was And do you find it "ODD" that the CIA owns the rights to that movie?

The farmers have created a terrible storm (war, economic strife, food shortages); and telling the chickens it is an act of God, or the other color of chickens who "done did it"...the dirty deeds.

The storm will take many chickens to that big egg in the sky.... (depopulation).

And when it blows over.. the farmers will have a gigantic bankroll to start up the FINAL and BEST FARM the farmers are convinced they can come up with.

What few chickens are left after the storm will kiss the farmers arse, for the NEW BETTER chicken feed (world currency).

And so it begins again... the evolution of the chicken, and the farm.

The chart below is a list of banks that once existed on the left, de-evolving into the minute few that can survive a terrible storm, on the right side.

We have always been told that what would survive a nuclear war is COCKROACHES, RATS, BACTERIA, VIRUSES. and they would emerge a much more powerful and dangerous scourge to any surviving mankind...

Funny that the chart funnels down to 4 banks left..liken them to the surviving scourges if you will.


Sorry, don't know how to post the chart image itself..Maybe a more astute ATS poster can add it?

Anyhow.. it goes from a list of 37 banks.... down to a list of the surviving 4 banks here.

Which were Wells Fargo, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and Citigroup.

Now that the farmers have gotten there Consolidation of wealth well in hand, It is time to begin to thin the flock. (war, depopulation)

Once this storm is over, the farmers will sit in the 100th elevation penthouse of their farm, unassailable, unstoppable. (Emerging police state)

Most of the chickens will not have a clue as they were too busy looking for chicken scratch (money for essentials of life).

The surviving chickens, a smattering MIX of all colors of chickens... Will just be happy they have a great big farm with hardly any other chickens, and there is PLENTY of room to raise their baby chicks on.

Perhaps just a creative writing exercise... perhaps more truth than fable?

Wonder what Aesop woulda said on all of this mess going on?



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