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Music SEVEN times more valuable to UK plc than first thought

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posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 09:52 AM
Source: Music SEVEN times more valuable to UK plc than first thought

The struggle continues to find a way to influence public opinion and the narrative to ensure the "external" pressure on the government of the UK appears "justified" enough to overlook the fact that it is coming from the media behemoth that the Hollywood-Madison Avenue represents....

Now we have new numbers to bolster the idea that the "losses" of the private industry are of more relevance to the constituencies at large, rather than the stake-holders of an intransigent business model who happen to be wealthy and favored by politicians and their media public relations friends.

Government statisticians and economists have revised their estimates of the value of copyright investment in the UK economy - and found it's worth £3.2bn more than they previously reckoned.

Are we never to ask how it is that the mathematics of the circumstance changed? Or shall we take for granted that the "government statisticians and economists" have experienced a mathematical epiphany?

The study (PDF) was conducted by the Office of National Statistics and the Intellectual Property Office with Imperial College.

The most amazing thing is that the nature of the information we had been receiving was driven only by certain industrial concerns... namely the MPAA and the RIAA as prime agents of the effort. But even they can't be so obtuse as to realize that their problems do not amount to "international" problems... but they only really are concerned with their ever-lasting profit margin growth....

Amazingly, the old way of counting didn't include live music royalties from music at all; performing rights societies were ignored, as if they didn't exist, even though the PRS (for example) collects and returns over £600m of royalties annually.

Other areas were ignored too, including photography, choreographed routines and artwork.

"As people diversified, the national accounts didn't," PRS economist Will Page told us.

So now they do what all technocrats do... just like the FED in the US... they change the definitions,. adjust the variables, and call it "economics."

These IP trolls need you all to believe that this isn't their problem, it's your problem....

Next come the threats about rising prices..... wait for it.

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 10:19 AM
I've only just begun researching organisations such as the RIAA, I'm sure there still many more cans of worms to open, SnF

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