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George Carlin, Dennis Leary, Dennis Miller reincarnated as a high school student...

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posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 02:09 AM
Had to post this on here just to see what people would think. This was from Stow Student News a video news production that would get played the last 15 minutes of every period every Friday. Figured I would post it on here just to get a reaction. All of the material is completely original written by myself regarding social issues from the inside out of a high school student. Some of the material is based off inside happenings in the school. For example seniors being forced to go to 'saturday school' for ditching a D.A.R.E. rally...

The initial opening statement comes from an Adam Sandler bit called Tollbooth Willy... Where at the end he couldnt take the humiliation and ridicule he was receiving then looses it... saying 'I'm coming out of the booth'.

Whatever it was cool in high school...

Not all high school kids are retarded.

This is going into my Senior year... I came back and was notified as a result of my previous videos they needed a disclaimer...

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posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 02:17 AM
I'm sure the kids cool and all, but none of your vids work.

Oh BTW, just saying.


posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 02:21 AM
reply to post by morethanyou

yeah just got it working... havent posted youtube vids before on here

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 02:45 AM
Wow, these were amazing. I don't usually comment on anything around here (proud lurker) but I felt compelled enough this time around. I really wish there was more kids like you in the student body during my high school years, maybe I wouldn't have dropped out.
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posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 10:45 AM
Watched the first two and plan to watch the others after this.

Just wanted to see these are all pretty awesome. I was a rebel in school. Started off pristine and nice but after my second year of high school, that was when I started to question the order of the "system". Things went downhill for me after that because I asked to many questions and toyed with too much authority.

These videos in my school, even though it was public, wouldn't have been given the light of day by the staff to be viewed by the student body. In a sense, I have to give kudos to the school for even displaying them in the first place, especially considering the content. Most schools run on a dictator mentality unless you bring it up at a board meeting, and this type of thing would have probably incited a protest or walk-out in my school.

Star and flag my friend. I can only hope that there are students in schools today that are spreading views like this, questioning the norm of authority, and getting answers for why they are subject to certain rules and regulations. We need more rebels in the world.

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 11:12 AM
reply to post by xtcsx

I wouldn't exactly say George Carlin- not foul mouthed enough (not really a bad thing).

You aren't close to being angry enough to be Dennis Leary (I'm sure he's been chemically enlightened more often than you had been at that age).

I heard nothing whatsoever about having lost all the records from the Alexandria Library database being the cause of educational ignorance in the 20th century. --so not quite Dennis Miller.

But as a young person raging against the Machine? Not bad at all!!!

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 11:31 AM
reply to post by gwydionblack

This was in a public school. Around 1998-2000. Believe me the administration HATED these videos. It brought down a lot of heat on the mass communications teacher at that time, but he continued to let me do them with relatively little editing. For example it sounds almost like the sound cut out, but the one thing he had an issue with was one of the videos talking about hypocracy was said something like 'the anti-american monopoly the school allows Marriot to have over our school lunches'. Another I had to revise was 'not to say that teachers drink in this school...' when it was originally 'who do you think is more inclined to drink the students or the teachers who have to put up with those students?'

My interviewing style was probably influenced most by Howard Stern. Some of the footage if still around today would be hilarious enough on its own. They would pretty much give me a camera and let me roam around all period just doing whatever I wanted. I would interview the handicapped kids about important issues... Ask the National Honor Society overachievers if they got laid at prom... I think my favorite interview was with a shop teacher (a Green Beret veteran from Veitnam) after a friend of mine after watching the video heard him say 'I wish he was here so I could give him a piece of my mind' then showing up minutes later with a camera to film it. I remember at the time it was funny to make authority squirm in their seats when asking them questions like 'Have you ever killed another human being' or 'Have you ever taken trophies from bodies and made a necklace out of it' or 'ever thrown a grenade in a schoolhouse'. Too bad I didnt recover that...

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 11:46 AM
reply to post by xtcsx

Get your ass out of that Tollbooth! Find US a Filibuster!

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 11:58 AM
Kudos xtcsx.

I was in high school around the same I'm guessing you are my age.
Stow, is that in Ohio? My homestate!

Very nice videos and at a time where the American public didn't quite go ignorant yet.
You definitely seem to have had a strong head on your shoulders at an early age.
Actually, you seemed a far ways ahead of the game compared to the interviewee's.
Most high schoolers wouldn't have a clue how to touch those topics.
Even worse today...

I definitely see your similarities to the comics, but I didn't catch the humor.
Although your videos definitely made valid points and strong arguments.
You seemed more stern than funny, but I caught most of the hidden jokes.
(pun intended
Great job.

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