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Extra details on help for Wake Induced Lucid Dreams

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posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 09:40 PM
Thread is somewhat un-detailed at the moment. Tired at the moment. More random stuff
will be added later on...if I remember to add them. XD

(Not good at making long and good visuals on the thread, please forgive meh. =/)

The reason I'm typing this is to try and help others with lucid dreaming, wake induced method mostly.
And because I can't concentrate on trying it myself cause making this attempt at a guide is on my mind. xP
This "guide" if you can consider it that is to give my own details, that I consider cold hard facts, but
please do correct me if I'm wrong.
I say, the more details you have on something, the better you will be at it.
In this case, you shouldn't think too much on it, just let it become second nature after learning.
Ideas on what will personally help you concentrate, as that varies from person to person.
Sleep in a cold or warm room. Some people can concentrate in very different enviroments.
Other things that I may not include are things I can't remember or do not know.
All users are welcome to add more details, or correct things, at will.

First off, I should post this WARNING...please read it before reading further.
Lucid dreaming may cause your head to hurt while doing it.
After lucid dreaming too much, you may get migraines for a period of time.
Cause is unknown, but has been found to happen.

The reason I put this warning...I get a feeling that my head will burst when I go lucid dreaming. (Not this method, don't worry! XD)
And some friends of mine don't get this, but migraines after doing it too much.
You may not get this at all, some people don't.

Attempt lucid dreaming at your own risk (of pain). Hard to tell if anyone has died from lucid dreaming. (For obvious reasons)


Concentration is one of the most important things you need to lucid dream.
Without it, even if you lucid dream, you wont be able to concentrate enough to keep yourself in it.
The fix...?
Obviously you will need to learn to you'll need to know more about how this works.
Concentration can also be called a form of "Conscious Awareness" concentrating on something
is to be aware of it...but CONSCIOUSLY! So, you'll need to find something you can concentrate
on and practice at it. It helps if you don't just think that you only need to do this for lucid dreaming.

It also increases your quality of help you enjoy life more.

EVERYONE should learn this next thing...go ahead and try to concentrate on everything around you.
Be aware of the room...add to it with things. Maybe try and be aware of the things in your room, or
the rooms next to you.
DON'T IMAGINE IT...imagining it is something completely different. Being aware of it and concentrating
means it needs to be outside your mind. But imagining is good as a visual exercise. But that's not for
this topic.
Later on when you're ready to try and lucid dream after getting better at concentrating for long periods of time...
you should rest comfortably where you plan on sleeping. The time of day is up to you, although nighttime
is harder...usually before naps is good because of brain chemistry, basically you're more awake when
taking a nap.
Focusing on one of your senses outside of a dream will increase it in dreams. You must concentrate
on it though.
Just by concentrating, you'll be able to stay awake ((well, not always stay awake. Noone's perfect. The natural
body's way is to knock your consciousness out, so it may take time to get good at it)) with practice.
This thread is for DETAILS. So here some are:
You'll want to be in a comfortable position that you can sleep in.
You want to clear your concentrating, your mind will naturally start to clear itself.
This could be said to happen because since you're concentrating, you're not thinking about anything.
You DON'T want to try and force it. Attempting to force it will literally stop you from doing this.
WATCH your body...what you should be concentrating on is watching the body. You'll know you're doing
it right when your body starts to feel different...the feeling may feel different for people. So I wont
attempt to describe it. You''ll know it though.

Just practice your concentration and REMEMBER...if you're thinking, you're doing it wrong.
You may be able to do both, but you wont achieve full concentration if you're multi-tasking it.


Okay, this is silly. Lots of people have problem with memory.
Even myself. I'm not really one to talk on it. So I'll just give the normal few tips.

If you can't remember your lucid dreams, what's the point in having them? Not much, huh.

Before you can go remembering your dreams, you should be able to remember memories and
everything else. If you're forgetting your car keys everyday, you probably can't remember your dreams.

The point? Practice remembering things that are going on in real life as best as you can...
keep getting better at that. Refer back to the concentration topic. Focusing on details
about all of your senses will increase the vividness of that sense in your dreams.
There are plenty of memory games one can play and practice. You should do mindful practice
on these memory games. I wont list any here though, but google is your friend. I use it constantly.

*Note: The things listed are from personal experience, and while every brain is different, they
have very similar/if not the same processes*


Somethings people should know for when you start to clear your mind..

Your sub-conscious mind will start to come forward, that is basically what the dream world is. (Okay, don't
quote me on that, lol)
When this starts to happen, you know you're doing good. It'll only be clear if you clear your own mind though.
Don't let your conscious mind clutter it.

If your sub-conscious mind starts to come forward while you're concentrating, it's up to YOU to decide
whether or not to attempt to focus on that and "jump into" it, or to keep letting your body fall asleep while
watching it. Doing that should "throw you in" to the dream.

REMEMBER: Without having good concentration, you wont be able to sustain yourself.

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posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 10:31 PM
Well thanks for the details, but I am curious what your experiences have been. I have had some luck but control during the state seems to be fleeting and the experience is so short lived. Have you been able to consciously explore an environment that you sought after, and not just within a given dream? I have been in a dream and then became aware, and I could even fly, but I was already in a dream and I wonder if I could create or travel to a different environment such as exploring space or other dimensions.
Is it just for fun in your opinion, or is there more, such as destiny, entities or revelations?

What has been your greatest experience thus far? Have you ever tried to solve a problem in a dream?


There are some eye shields to aid in the transition also.

Here is how to make your own. I like the timer idea and this option is inexpensive.
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posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 11:10 PM
Not bad! I'll take these aspects into mind and give each a try. I like the difference you described between being aware consciously and imagining.. I find I try to produce mental images as a form of clearing my mind, or to create the foundation of my lucid dream. Could be why I get caught in these images which takes me into a dream where I'm not lucid, but then I snap awake at the realization, if I'm lucky and don't pass out for the night. :/ Always a bummer waking up the next day, having wasted another sesh. But it still feels worth it the next day.
I'd like to throw in some opinion and experiences for others to reminisce on. I wouldn't go calling myself an expert though. I assume this topic corrolates with OBE's and astral projection as well, seeing as how my goal has been to achieve a dream where I'm fully aware, and all of these interpretations have been helpful in my quest to do so.

My first experience was dreadful, unintentional, frightening, and paranormal... I mean, I was not expecting what was to happen.. One morning I woke up in my dead-space bedroom, half painted walls. The place already gave me the creeps. I juggled the nights dreams for a bit without moving, eyes closed. I suddenly felt a sensation which worked it's way from the outside in. Like I was becoming engulfed in a vibration coming from else where. I let it be. Before I knew it, it took me over. I was fully awake, refusing to open my eyes because I was afraid. I had been paralyzed, and during this all I could hear were screams of womens voices, and a man. it took me roughly half hour after I came out of this trance to leave my bed because I was afraid it was some sort of possession ( ghosts gave me the fright back in the day). Hopped on my computer, and began my research.

Through that I founded sleep paralysis. Mind awake, body asleep. Five times this was induced before I knew what it was, all of which took place early morning, before having left my bed. One occasion I was lucid, but it wasn't my dream so to speak. I spent my time following a young girl around my house.

Another, I was dreaming eyes open, facing an entity stiring some concoction which fell into plot with my dream prior.(some damn vampire made a poisonous elixir which put me into the paralysis state) I managed to mumble " I know what you're doing" Before I began to move my limbs and became awake. The significance of that one, is the pressure on the exposed side of your body when sleep paralysis begins. It frightens people, and religions believe it's a dark presence, demons or whatever. This can cause helucinations in the sense something is on you. Remember, your thoughts will project these images, especially fear of what's happening. I've only recently wanted to get passed this to fullfil the experience. So since sleep paralysis causes you to dream even if you're not asleep, it's best to know this. And to get over that fear. Things such as cramps or uncomfortable pains can be produced as well. A feeling like my left side of my ribcage about to collapse is an example. It's caused me to force myself awake due to it being quite uncomfortable, but this is the mind at play. You feel pain in your dream don't you? I do, but it's tollerable at the same time some how. The awareness is what makes it unbarable. I don't want to plague your minds though, you're in control, just remember that. This state is said to last 20 minutes, so bear through it! And keep aware.

Hope you don't mind the long post Major! But I think this is a huge factor into what's soon to be an amazing experience for the people seeking Lucid dreams.

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