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WorldStarHipHop: Brainwashing Black America

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posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 05:06 AM

Originally posted by llmacgregor
Absolutely disgusting.

Hip-Hop culture makes me sick.

This isn't hip-hop culture brother, no more than Nazi punk represents punk rock culture. This is a perverted sub-genre of violence and degradation. Not all rappers glorify such things, in fact plenty out there spend their lives trying to stop it but they don't get heard cuz most of them point the blame at the right people (ie. western economics and politics). So they don't get any airplay.

But you sing a song about cappin someone and you've got a number one hit. Write a song about stopping the inequality and violence on the streets and you get laughed at. You can't blame "hip-hop culture" for that, anymore than you can blame punks for racist skinheads. This is a result of social disease and corruption not music genres. These idiots would be stomping each other out on the streets even if hip-hop never existed. Gangs and violence existed long, long before hip-hop entered the scene!

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 05:08 AM
WSHH is more popular than people think. Alexa ranks it as #302 in the US, beating out (#315) and just under the movie review site (#277). Worldwide 1 in every 806 internet users visit the site daily.

I can't find any official demographic statistics, but various articles online and my impressions from visiting a number of times both indicate a primarily African American under age 35 demographic. One site says that Alexa lists that as its statistic, but I don't have the advanced features to turn it on-- but I think it's pretty much safe to assume this is the community that will most be influenced by this garbage.

Also, doing research online, I found that apparently the site allows people to upload videos for a $9 fee, which they can then profit off of if they attract enough viewers. Evidently, senseless violence and shocking ignorance seems to be the site's biggest winners. So I guess the mentality then is, why help an old lady getting assaulted when there's money to be made?

The site is definitely ignorant-- there is no debating that. But the conspiracy angle suggested by the OP is worthy of investigation-- I wonder what exactly "Q"'s ties to the government are? Furthermore, it ties directly into the thread about the "Hip Hop Meeting" by record execs and corporate types that saw money to be made in private prisons.

I think this is not simply a reflection of the hip hop community per se (or at least the mainstream rap glorifying the ignorance), but also a reflection of the individualistic, disconnected internet culture that the youngest generations are literally growing up on. Being in my mid twenties, I literally have one foot in the land before internet and one in the land after, and it kind of horrifies me to think of kids going through high school with Facebook, hell even babies that will have a Facebook their entire lives. Sure there are community sites like ATS, but there are others, especially social network "broadcasting" sites that can sometimes feel like standing in the mirror admiring yourself like the queen in Snow White-- very self-centered. Studies have shown that Facebook can make people depressed, in the way that it can make other people's lives look more awesome than yours. There have also been many instances in which basic human decency has been completely absent on the net-- there was one case a kid committed suicide on his webcam, while a bunch of members in the chat room were watching, some even egging him on. Completely bizarre situation that would've never happened in the real world, which is why I think the internet is a very powerful force that may even be literally rewiring the brains of its most avid users, allowing things like WSHH to be completely okay.

The optimist in me would like to think the majority of the sites traffic simply comes from nonmembers who simply visit for a dosage of ignorance for comedic value (and there are many, many other extremely popular sites like this, or even worse that can fill this need).

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 05:14 AM

Originally posted by disgustingfatbody
reply to post by RedGoneWILD

Why would you post this stuff knowing how negative it is?

Use your head.

Boycott ignorance.

That is the point!!!

The main board is FULL of negative threads and posts!

Why not share it and discuss it? He has a point with it.

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 05:29 AM
Look, lets get back to the point here, is Worldstar hip hop brainwashing black Americans, yes it is its also targeting poor people of all races but for the most part it seems to be aiming at a section of black American youth and radicalising it.

There can be no one on here who's proud of what that site is doing..surely?

Surely no one be they black white or whatever colour or creed looks at the message that site is sending out and believes anyone should be supporting it?

This isn't a site giving the young a voice, its teaching crime pays, its teaching forget your children and fight in the street, its teaching people to not educate themselves but to live off the tax payer, its teaching you don't need social skills, you just need a mob, its teaching not accepting sexuality or race....

TV media is playing switch sides, whatever is topical and acceptable for their watchers and political alliances to see is broadcast, other more important and non palatable news is ignored. is a beacon for badness , yes white Americans will be frightened, yes some will start thinking riots may be coming, people are scared because of that site and you know what, its not just the white people who are scared, the elderly people of all colours are scared because they see the behaviour on those video's being acted out in their neighbourhoods, they don't feel safe. Parents are scared because they worry that this site will encourage their kids to do what they see.

I think its very clear what the aim of this site is..

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 05:41 AM
reply to post by disgustingfatbody

Someone tried to knock you, but you're right.

Fact: you cannot demote something by promoting it. All it does it give it more attention, and it grows.

That is why the war of drugs is nothing but an advertisement for drugs, especially posters in schools. You know certain posters show the exact drugs they don't want kids to use? The government knows how this type of stuff works. They do it because they want your kids to use drugs, make no mistake about it.

This is a wild group of domestic terrorists in my book, who promote hate. Imagine is this were going on in certain other places in the world. These kids would be shot and shut down for life. I don't mean in prison where they get to work out and start gangs within prison. Just a clean bullet to the head, and the problem would go away pretty quick once the rest realized what happened to people when they "act a fool" on the street with innocent people.

The other replier also makes a great point, but sort of takes offense when none was meant. It's obviously a website geared toward blacks, isn't it? That is why the OP put it that way. This "black America" would encompass people who act black, like, well I won't use the terms so I stay within the site rules, for sure.

Tragedy this site exists. This is the worst type of trash. Let me guess, the government informant is "Jewish"? They are the ones trying to destroy this country, now that their Federal Reserve has done enough damage and can barely prop up the rest of the world and the USA at the same time. They will push our country to ruin. (Note: I am not talking about the Jewish people. I am talking about the Zionists who are not Jews at all, because I would expect real Jews to be peaceful, but like "real Christians," they are rare these days.)

Perhaps what they are really trying to do is show everyone the "horrors" of a free internet, so that when people wish sites like this were taken down, they will try to offer an "internet police" who can shut down websites. Damn scum. Seems like a Mossad operation to me.

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 05:47 AM

WorldStarHipHop: Brainwashing Black America

WorldStarHipHop glorifies ghetto. Ghetto of all skin colors.
But yes, it does lean heavily black.
It wouldn't surprise me to see the 'stars' of their videos on Maury or Springer.
America at it's worst.

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 05:49 AM
I think everyone who has any context will agree with me here:

HIP HOP(almost like non western spiritual scriptures, imparting knowledge and empowerment in an acoustically pleasing form. The whole Qur'an rhymes in the original Arabic. This can be understood for people who are very myopically western in their perspectives in life as akin to Gregorian chants or something) :

NOT HIP HOP(tavistock institute influenced pop music, geared toward an "Urban" market,and I honestly, honestly, think full of subliminals to... let's just say make weak men, and man-like women. Pretty much Willie Lynch 2.0):

HIP HOP(check for acronyms and levels of meaning all throughout this song. Guru is saying things that only certain people will overstand, while those who would be opposed to the positivity are ignorant of anything beyond surface images they don't "peep tha recital" lol ):

NOT HIP HOP (not even music far as I'm concerned. The beat "feels" confused and of a low vibrational energy, bordering on psychotic or evil in my opinion):

Just to clarify, here's RAP ( A branch off of Hip Hop, focused on lyricism and "treating" the competition, which can take the form of metaphor or through a persona the artist projects. It is this aspect TPTB have exploited to make their evil urban pop music to hypnotize the youth. Love this song too, it doesn't have to be "conscious" to be good music. Otherwise I'd love to hear an apology for Punk Rock.)

I don't care what color your small town is there are plenty of kids down there listening to garbage like drake, lil wayne, rick ross, the list goes on. They're never exposed to true Hip Hop, EPMD, Krs1, Rakim, De La Soul, which has a very real spiritual component which you can hear in any setting with a sizable concentration of people who have never felt welcome in America, since it's foundation. It's the metaphysics of the "East", and Africa manifested spontaneously through youth that had their legacies stolen from them. It is also young, ever changing and off the cuff. Check Lupe Fiasco, Immortal Technique for a new take on things. The sound changes but the REASON for the music does not. Like Jazz and Blues once were..... That's getting a little off topic though, a whole new thread.

So, I do believe the majority of ATS'ers have absolutely no idea what they're talking about when they use the term Hip Hop. By saying the ignorant 17 year olds on worldstar are "hip hop culture", it would be like saying your redneck methamphetime abusing Uncle represents the spirit of the south or something. Which is also a widely held stereotype. Can it be true? Sure, and probably is. Is it the whole picture though? Is there not something beautiful being missed out on by these stereotypes?

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 06:00 AM

Originally posted by Mclaneinc

Well you have the Black Panther party happily talking about killing 'crackers' and if you have not noticed the multitude of attacks on Whites by black people but the point here isn't that its happening its that there are forces in both communities pitting what we are calling the ghetto folk, the black and white poor uneducated people against each other.

Yea yea, I saw that thread it was garbage. First of all the black panther party has different branches and offices all over the country. Just because some guy said it, doesnt mean anybody is jumping to do it or that he represents the party as a whole. Nobody like that ever does, you should know better if your on ATS. Where I live the black panther party in my city is doing its part to improve the community. They provide free hiv/aids testing, they have a sort of neighborhood watch program set up where they patrol the streets to help look out for people in areas where the police presence is not strong enough, set up sports tournaments to try to keep the youth occupied and involved in things....they are in no way like the 60s militant guy with you are probably the image you are thinking of. WHO? Who is putting these people against each other? How?

The multitudes of black on white crime. Eh, i've seen people post on here articles where black people have attacked a white person. Multitudes is a bit of an over statement. Trust me if it was that big of a problem it would have been handled swiftly. Police would not be playing nice with a bunch of black people attacking white people America. Isolated incidents...yes. Multitude def not. Black on white crime happens white on black crime happens. But its not a big issue.

But like it or not that site is targeting certain people and attempting to create civil unrest, there are Politicians and powerful people on both sides angling to set people on people. You may or may not agree but I have watched this from the UK and its clear there's a move to force an agenda, sites like that which promote dishonest behaviour and glorify acts of violence are for me teaching hate crime.

How is that site trying to create civil unrest? Its broadcasting things done by a subculture of people. I frequent the site. I have never seen a video put up that would cause any type of civil unrest at all. If you have seen something please give me an example. What have you watched from the UK? Examples, please clearly state what you are seeing happening. How does that site teach hate crimes? Glorify violence, possibly, but hate crimes I dont see.

I for one fear for the stability of certain places now, places are springing up everywhere supporting radical Islam (NOTE I said RADICAL), they are recruiting in the poor places, using the peoples poorness to rally them against others. Then add to that this race thing that I see in the states, its like someone is trying to split countries using whatever they can.

And this paragraph is where I lose hope for you. I have seen this xenophobia from people from the UK on ATS a LOT. And it always starts with a statement like this. I can ask, what do you mean? And you'll say they want sharia law. And then i'll ask. Who? And you'll point to some group or figure thats a really small percentage of the Islamic population. And then it will get to a point where I feel like these people just want to live freely and practice their religion with being hated and you'll tell me they want to take over the UK.

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 06:07 AM
reply to post by twtankhamwn


great post and some nice examples of good hiphop !
just seen epmd in glasgow there on the 10th june amazing
and souls of mischief a couple months back !

Real hiphop ! in glasgow the scottish MC's are all about real hiphop
no gangsta ass # like they have their grimey # from london !
fair enough though alot of the youths in london who are MC's
are also into gang violence as its their way of life.
I dont class them as hiphop though , cus they are not about the positive message to the world.

Anyone from anonymous fancy bringing this site down ?

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 06:20 AM

Originally posted by IpsissimusMagus
Here you go

WorldStarHipHp brainwashing white America too

That's not from World Star.

That's from A&E.

That's how far it has gone.

It's not just World Star.

I see "Ratchet" shows everyday on TV.

Let's see, there is .....


Swamp People


Hardcore Pawn

The 2 "Repo" shows , I forget the names.

That's just to name a few.

But let us not forget the longest running "Ratchet" show of all time....


"Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do??"

How quickly we forget.

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posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 06:26 AM
indeed WSHH does seem bad but you can find most of these videos on other websites, why not bad all websites showing this kind of thing?

i like WSHH not because am black but because their are actually good artist (even if they are not "real" hiphop as long as its a good song) that have posted videos on that site and if a couple of people find out about them maybe in the future they can make a good living because they are good at what they do.

i dont even see how this is brainwashing but meh if you really wanted to see brainwashing go watch the mainstream news but meh.

and i think someone mention something about the comments people post /facepalm every website you are allowed to post comments of something there are always racist/disgusting/dumb comments, so its not something new for most people

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 06:27 AM
I don't think I necessarily disagree with this...

We have been slipping into trend where our youth we're settling their differences with guns.

We underground rap first arose there was an alarming amount of youth gun related violence... least this seems to be a new trend toward the old style fisticuffs.

Where there is an honor and respect for two men or gangs physically's better than
driving by and shooting IMO.

As for the conspiracy angle, I don't can create a website but can you control popular
trends as well, and make a site, and its purpose, popular...

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 06:28 AM
reply to post by Frankenchrist

A lot of those shows do. That's what you have when you have the highest incarceration rates in the world. A group of idiots (the people actually calling shots) releasing shows and media that in effect (indirectly) promote stupid behavior.

Everyone is looking to fit in. Once someone impressionable feels that they have fallen into a certain stereotype or category they look to fulfill just exactly what that entails. Unfortunately, this kind of media suggests having shiza for brains is a good option to fulfill that....

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 06:32 AM
reply to post by acmpnsfal

this radical islam thing only seems to be prevalent in England.
So far I have yet to see anything in scottish news about radical islamist groups trying to declare sharia law
anywhere in scotland. I have also yet to read any news on racial tension between muslims and non muslims in scotland.
I stay in glasgow and there is gang violence all the time by the neds !
but if have yet to see any muslim related violence , unless its actually within muslim communities
and isnt spoken about in public or in the local media.

I live in the southside of glasgow , where the population is primarily asian communities
from Pakistan or India and other eastern countries.
There is no racial tension between anyone here!
There has recently been a large influx of africans to scotland and they integrate well with
local communities.

There is the odd bust up between lads on a friday night sure , but I have yet
to see anything severe ! the odd account
where the media does sensationalise an event where an asian man from pakistan
attacked a white guy they made it a race issue , when it was most likley gang related.
and mostly to do with drugs

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 06:50 AM
reply to post by Frankenchrist

I think the real problem is people are disconnected from reality. I remember taking a girl out for dinner a short while ago, while she talked nonsense for 90% of the time. Half of it was her yearning to meet certain types of people and have certain types of things, while idolizing everyone who she felt fit into some convoluted category she made up in her head.

The funny thing, is that I fit the bill on almost all accounts but I failed to disclose any of it. Because honestly, I was set off by her inability to communicate. I surmise she will end up having dinner with someone who says he as all those qualifiers, yet is lying through his teeth to get laid.

Humbleness is a trait developed over time. Keeps the weirdos away.

Something you won't learn on TV or YT...

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 07:05 AM
reply to post by sapien82

Glad you enjoyed it. It amazes me people around the world know about the good American music of pretty much any genre and most Americans seriously hate the good stuff, and are attracted to the most base, ignorant stuff they can shake (or square dance, mosh pit, whatever you call the dance ravers do lol) to.

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 07:06 AM
reply to post by RedGoneWILD
Good points red.

The title might be more accurate if it said 'Brainwashing Young Americans'. It really is more like 'brain-dirtying' though.

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 07:18 AM

Originally posted by acmpnsfal

And this paragraph is where I lose hope for you. I have seen this xenophobia from people from the UK on ATS a LOT. And it always starts with a statement like this. I can ask, what do you mean? And you'll say they want sharia law. And then i'll ask. Who? And you'll point to some group or figure thats a really small percentage of the Islamic population. And then it will get to a point where I feel like these people just want to live freely and practice their religion with being hated and you'll tell me they want to take over the UK.

I also see this sort of post on ATS, its the post from someone who has no idea about the ideals and off shoot of the religion. First off, I'm part of a mixed marriage, I say that to try and stop any unwanted preconceptions about me, I'm also part of a Muslim family although I don't partake in any religion myself, that was said to stop the idea that I have a Muslim bashing side.

I fully understand the religion, I've studied it to deliberately allow me to not make any offensive mistakes with my extended family. While the UK is actually quite quiet in respect of the radical attempts to change the culture I ask people to look at France, Sweden, Belgium and Germany who are having a rather rougher time.

You see its not that the radicals want Shariah, its that they don't want us to have our laws, the wuhabbist doctrine is to convert or remove, there is no middle ground. Whilst ordinary Muslims enjoy their religion in a calm free way the radicals don't, they seek to change their surroundings to their POV.

They really are becoming quite a problem but people don't like to admit that, I mean, who wants to admit someone is trying slowly but surely to remove their freedoms from within their own country.

If that makes me 'mad' then fine, I'm mad but a little more enlightened than some.

As for the site in question not trying to promote unrest, well explain that to the numerous stores who get flash mobbed because fans of the site love to promote their wonderful feat of robbery with tributes to Worldstar is synonymous with violence and robbery, not so great if you happen to be in a neighbour hood following that mentality. You watch what happens if the government tries to give the site rules to comply to, I think you would get your civil unrest there and then.

Maybe I am strange or something but I tell my 12yr old daughter that crime does NOT pay, swearing is for people who can't use the English language properly and fighting is an excuse to avoid using your brain.

Sadly Worldstar says all the opposite..

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 07:19 AM
I can't say most black people condone this behavior but depending where you grow up this behavior is accepted regardless if you are white or can see pleny of fights on white on white if you go on youtube...difference is some white person has not come up with a website dedicated to white on white violence. It sickens me to see this behavior especially in adults. It also sickens me to see how excited folks get over the violence and laugh about it..clearly the laughing is not genuine and mob rules dictate you accept in join in for the most part. Where is the ACLU or some black advocates criticizing this website..maybe they have and I didn't notice but this is the worst of society. I wanna thank the OP for bringing to the front however it was disturbing to say the least...imagine a young three or four year old being thrusted into this type of violence and imagine how viewing this type of violence coupled with the horrible rap music eventually becomes an accepted part of who he or she is...

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 07:28 AM
reply to post by boncho


I would like to add that this is not "Hip Hop".

This is bad behavior labeled "Hip Hop".

Like the poster above me broke it down for all of you with video.

The new "hip hop" and it's "artists" are creations of corporate entities.

Theses new cats are practically cartoon characters.

Example, back in the day, most hip hop artists had to actually struggle to get to where they wanted to be in the game. Even Guru, who's father was a judge, had to struggle because his dad wasn't accepting what his son was doing.

There was an actual hunger and desire to succeed.

Now we have this kid called "Drake".

This kid was on a TV show for many years, getting paid.

Then with a fan base of teenagers already established.

He "became" a rapper.

Dude never struggled.

That's what made me love Hip Hop from the start.

It was seeing a guy telling a true story about struging and making it.

Like watching the movie Rocky. The MCs I love and still listen to we're real life Rockys.

I love the underdog.

KRS 1 and Public Enemy actually taught me things that I never would have learned in school.

Now we have this girl MC named Kreayshawn that has an instant hit because of YT.

Shes up there talking "Gucci Gucci, Prada Prada, Fendi Fendi.."

The rhymes skills don't even exist anymore.

But this track has been pushed so hard to the masses and manipulated to be "liked"

What I did notice about the video was when it first came out that it had a "dislike" percentage of well over 60% and with comments that concurred with that.

Now those dislikes have been removed along with those comments.

The "like" percentage is now 94%.

And now I only see approval comments for the song.

It's like "since everyone else likes this song, I'm going to like it too".

This IS straight up brain washing.

Because if you listen to the song it is god awful.

But how can 94% be wrong?

That's the truth.

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