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Sodom, gomorrah, and the military industrial complex

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posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 01:15 PM
Ok so I have this belief that NOVA and DC are the modern day sodom and gomorrah the Bible speaks of. Why? I havent really figured it out yet completely, but heres some things to think about, maybe you can help me figure out what im trying to say.

Ok, so ive been told that there is an underground city running from DC to about Fredericksburg, VA just along/under the mountain line thats there. Like a bunker type city for privlidged people to live long after we are killed off here on the surface with their wars and radation and stuff. The heart of it is under Fairfax, VA. I noticed in fairfax (and I dont like posting about this) that it hosted Bilderburg this year, it spans rt 66, and a lot of other things (exit 66) lots of 6s out there thats why I get a really bad feeling about that place. There is also a TON of vanity plates with all the spy vs spy stuff going on out there. Like every other car has a vanity plate. During the last days of sodom and gomorrah, homosexuality was at an all time high, vanity was at an all time high, and the people of these sinful cities were pushing their tyranny and evil will over the other cities (thats why God detroyed them). The sinful cities were also the most wealthy as that comes with evil and greed. This is happening right now, via our country both internally and internationally, and this place is the epicenter of all that activity. Its where its thought of, engineered, and rolled out, then distributed nationally and internationally. This is where the devil lives. I believe he is manifested among these people.

So about these bunkers, like I said they extend as far as I know, down to Fredericksburg. I am told they use reinforced steel plating in the places they hollow out when designing the bunkers, in order to withstand a nuke blast. Im told there is heavier plating under the off ramps as far as on the surface because its needed to reinforce the weight of freeway off ramps and bridges, so I guess that signals a weakpoint to their bunkers.

Ive also been told that when its said that the elite families are moving to South America, thats code for people who are in the know, that it actually means south as in directly under the USA. Like on domestic US soil. Not like latin america.

If you remember, the area had an earthquake in the chantilly, va area about 2 years ago that registered 5.9 on the scale (I think it was an august or april quake). It was the first eq they have had in like 70 years and it was the largest in the area ever. Ive been told that this was actually "fracking" or blasting out rock to further expand these bunkers along and into the mountain line. Maybe someone else has heard about this.

My last point is where I have been told there are entrances to these bunkers. In the case of Bilderburg, ive been told no real big wigs were really rolling through in limos last week. I have been told they were transported underground then used a service elevator to enter the Marriott. Im not sure if they were bunker connected, but id imagine as you move underground entrances lead to more entrances. Ive been told there are entry points: somewhere near the off ramps for servicing, hotels and store fronts (supposed to be the most popular hidden in plain view-think the intro to Get Smart where maxwell smart goes into a cleaners and takes and elevator down-the cliche has been used for years-its real and its old news lol), airports (such as Denver), and sealed off rail road tunnels and track change areas. They still use the rail system to transport all the big stuff. People and building materials. Underground rail systems have also been around forever. They were assist-built by the Germans that came over before or after the first world war. They give all the people that work on them a golden railroad spike (it symbolizes something but i was not told about it) and some more than one. I assume its a celebration of a completed track or something.

But yea thats what I been told, and im sure its fairly accurate (its not like I can verify but its from a trustworthy source) and there is evidence if you have the credentials and clearance to look at it. Maybe someone can expand. But I recommend everyone stay completely away from that area. There is so much negativity and evil as its the heart of the kill machine/organ grinder.

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 08:46 AM
Also, something I dont understand about that area and national security is how they openly brag about secrets that they are entrusted with. Everyone in that area is cleared military for the most part. But remember how I was talking about the vanity there and all the vanity plates?

What happens to these people is they are entrusted with sensitive info but they have idolatry and want to be recognized as being "one of the elites" so what they do is disguise the bragging in plain sight. What do I mean you ask? Well, as far as open vanity plates that say things like "spyVspy" and stuff like that, they also sport these gigantic *13.1* stickers on the back of their cars. So I did a little checking into what all of this 13.1 stuff is about and found a few sites, like this one:

Its the basis for EMF warfare. Its everything I talk about in my other posts. If you search by my username, in some of my threads I detail to the best of my ability the methods of application of EM weapons and how they have been tested on innocent people.

Seriously, if you are ever in NOVA, look for all these 13.1 stickers (there are other factions that operate on other frequencies as well this is just the most common, so I figure its intel based rather than an attack weapon frequency). I was confused at what it meant at first because a person had a VA runner sticker next to that one on one of the cars (it was expensive, just like all the other non deservers driving them around BMW or something), but after researching it they do have coincidentally 13.1km runs (basically a 30 mile jog) that they do competitions amongst the people working under the different frequencies. This helps to conceal it for people that do not have a clearance, but if you look even further into the run events and their details, youll see its seperated into color codes (see my other threads about RWB color system), which is the very base-learning point for people joining national security. There may even be info on the ATS site about this somwhere else, but maybe not putting forth the explanation that I am here. Check these things out for yourself, its crazy and that place is the frying pan/fire line.

Its sad, these people must really feel the need to be special and part of something above average. Sad.

EDIT: some more info, from wiki (sorry about the source but it explains it somewhat)

13.1 is the intelligence community, they info gather but dont attack, I assume thats another frequency.

But like ive been saying all along, when the power goes out, all of this crap becomes useless, thats why the bulk purchased all those hollow points. If they cant do it electronically, they will do it the old way, with gunpowder and projectiles.

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posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 09:01 AM
This is crazy, out of the entire search engine base on this site, there was only 1 article detailing (minorly) the use of the 13.1 frequency, and its info gathering for pinpointing ICBMs to track and shoot them down.

It goes much beyond the range of info gather. They can make you have a heart attack, stroke, stop your breathing, mostly nefarious, hurting things. The positive sides to the use of em radiation are pretty nil (at least to what ive been shown). They seem to kill more people than help them, and in fact they may bedesigned that way-not to help, but only to take away life.

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