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How Do You Connect To "Spirit"?

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posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 02:57 PM

Originally posted by autowrench
reply to post by wrdwzrd

For me, I find that the basic Buddhist precepts, and the practice of meditation, are a good foundation. Also, the foundation of living in Mindful Awareness and practicing daily gratitude have probably been the greatest lessons I have learned thus far.

Hello, friend. I too found mediation in the Buddhist Teachings. First came onto it with a book I read a long time ago....
Awakening the Buddha Within: Tibetan Wisdom for the Western World by Lama Surya Das A most amazing story, well worth the read.

I also incorporate a lot of teachings found in the old Hermetic and Gnostic texts, the ideas around walking the middle path, striving for unity and clearly seeing the illusion of duality. That we are nothing and everything simultaneously. I also find the teachings around energy and consciousness resonate deeply with me.

Me also. Learned a great many things from the study of the Occult Knowledge, the Hermetic Traditions, the Native American ways and traditions. I learned to walk the Middle Path, that which lies between the Material World and the Spiritual World. The Path between Good and Evil. It is not an easy path to walk, in fact, I would say the easiest path is just going to church and listening to the preacher, and then believing it all like it was your knowledge to begin with. The hard path is going against the Establishment.

I also have an "altar" at home, where I keep a buddha and some other things, prayer beads, quartz, candles, a carving from Peru. This is where I meditate or give daily gratitude.

Connecting to nature has been a big plus for me as well, and getting together with friends to hold a sacred ceremony, once or twice a year, is a definite must!

Me also. I have a statue of Kwin Yin, the Asian Goddess of Peace, and protector of Woman and children that is older than me. The statue stood on my favorite Aunt's home for years, and then was brought inside, and then it came to me. I too love and revere Nature, and often go outside, which is my church, and just raise my arms and give thanks to the Great Mother for all of her beauty and majesty, and for all that she provides for me and mine.

thanks for your insights my friend, much appreciated! i also read Awakening the Buddha Within many many years ago and enjoyed it very much. I agree, the middle path can be quite challenging and one I seem to fall off of quite a bit! haha, but I wouldnt want to be anywhere else, I am inspired daily but the things I learn.....

thanks also for the book recommendations, i have not heard of some of those!

much Peace to you....

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 03:21 PM

Originally posted by michaelbrux
i enjoy living dangerously. the closer you come to physical death, the closer you come to knowing God.

the only times I can say I saw the real was when when surrounded by people that would enjoy destroying me.


there is a process of "knowing how to die" encoded in the "Scrolls of anu/annu/ani" also known as the "Egyptian Book of the Dead". i attained enlightenment not too long after reading it completely. It is also known as the book of Life as 'Anu/Ani" carries a dualistic meaning of both death and life. Life Through Death. There are so many/ but in summary it has to do with meditation and the 3rd eye. Also recognizing that the Universe rests on a foundation of 'Thought'. and this is what we perceive as darkness when everything that forms reality is stripped away. Once this is realized one will understand why we must live a life of compassion to reap Universal rewards.

To me it's all about a process in which u can voluntary initiate death in such a way that you can return to your body if you so choose by placing the body in hibernation sleep mode and then dislodging the spirit from the body my moving through the flesh with thought.

basically.. what i consider what i do.. is to die and come back. That's how ive come to understand the entire process. however i still praise God as creator of the multiverse. And do not believe that the superconscious self is God in it's true symbolic meaning. God to me is creator of all that is including the life within. and unless we can create entire universes and life. we are not Gods. Demi-Gods perhaps.

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