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Youtube: STS-75 'Notched Disk' UFO seen orbiting Moon

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posted on Jun, 14 2012 @ 12:31 PM
Another condition that seems critical to the creation of the 'shuttle UFO videos' that have beguiled you is impossible to reproduce from earth, so I guess you don't understand that, either -- even though it is explained in some detail in my "99 FAQs" that you found so useless.

It's the 'sunrise shadow' effect. The shuttle orbits Earth, rises out of Earth's shadow and becomes bathed in sunlight. But it's also casting its OWN shadow into the vacuum of space.

Since for the first few minutes out of Earth's shadow, it's still over the dark part of Earth, no other light but sunlight is around it. Objects within its shadow are not illuminated and are invisible to observers.

At sunrise, nearby drifting dandruff becomes visible. Stuff inside the shadow zone doesn't, until it drifts past the edge of the shadow and suddently 'pops up' in the camera's field of view.

The cameras are often pointed backwards, into the dark side of Earth, to opportunisitically observe lightning. It was called the MLE, or Mesoscale Lightning Experiment. Principal investigator was 'Skeet' Vaughan of the NASA Marshall Space Center. He's retired now but he's easily contacted if you want to ask him any questions directly.

So the camera was 'stopped' way up -- in mechanical terms, its sensitivity was maxed out -- to see dim stuff. At sunrise, nearby stuff became sunlit and also showed up, until brightness from the sunlit earth surface soon swamped the camera optics and the automatic gain control ratcheted down the sensitivity. That's when most of the 'UFOs' also fade and disappear.

The most famous 'shuttle UFO' videos are from this narrow time interval on different flights.

Those promoting -- or clinging to -- a UFO interpretation of these videos don't want to know this, or have to explain it. They hope other people don't know it either. Why are you letting them deceive you with covering up this important aspect of the videos?

posted on Jun, 16 2012 @ 01:30 PM

Originally posted by PhoenixOD
If you look at the rest of the videos on this guys Youtube channel you will see there are 2 bad UFO videos , 1 chemtrail video and 6 very fake 'strange sky sounds' videos.

This guy is undoubtedly a serial hoaxer


posted on Jun, 17 2012 @ 07:07 PM
New video uploaded today ... from the same person

UFO Sighting On The Moon June 16th, 2012 (6-16-12)

Real ? ... or do we have a new serial hoaxer ?
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posted on Jun, 17 2012 @ 08:44 PM
I don't think this is an object at all (it's transparent, mind you!) - in fact i am very, very sure this is an artifact caused by a telescope mirror. Someone explained it nicely in this thread already.

The hoaxer either used software and copied the STS "UFOs" in his footage, or he found a way to reproduce the effect in some way.

posted on Jun, 17 2012 @ 10:17 PM
Oh this guy is a card......

He caught two UFO's on different nights? 10 June and 16 June?

Yet the "moon" looks exactly the same in both videos.......6 days and the moon didn't change at all. Wow!

Again, no color on the moon's surface.

He was able to follow it a lot better this time though, huh?

Strange how ever that he won't quite follow it and let the "moon" leave his FOV.

Most likely because we'd see the edge of the picture of the moon.....

Dipsticks like this is why Ufology can't be taken seriously........

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