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Ecône Will Triumph

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posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 11:01 AM
Just a little reminder to all the modernists who will never admit to helping destroy the Catholic Church.

You will never win.

Bishop Fellay: Total Acceptance of Vatican II no longer a prerequisite for full communion with Holy See

“The attitude of the official Church is what changed; we did not,” said Bishop Bernard Fellay. “We were not the ones who asked for an agreement; the Pope is the one who wants to recognize us. You may ask: why this change? We are still not in agreement doctrinally, and yet the pope wants to recognize us! Why? The answer is right in front of us: there are terribly important problems in the Church today.”

Econe Is On The Good Road

Many are searching for it.

J: Ecône will triumph.

E: What is that you said? Repeat that, Judas Iscariot! Who were you speaking about? In the name of Jesus, repeat, it, tell the truth and nothing but the truth!

J: After a long struggle, Ecône will triumph.

E: Speak in the name of Jesus!

J: Ecône is on the unique good road.

E: Is that the truth? Is it Heaven who said that? Speak, in the name of Jesus!

J: When I say: the good road I do not wish to say that there is nobody else on the good road; but the road which Ecône follows is singularly good. That is what we mean. There are not many roads which are good, but there are many people who are on the good road. Ecône is on the good road and many people do not recognize Ecône are searching for the truth, and so they also are on the good road.

E: Continue, in the name..., say what you must say! J: Archbishop Mgr. Lefebvre will still have a great deal to suffer, but he is good.

E: Continue, in the name... say what you must say.

E: Is the liturgy he follows good? Tell the truth, in the name of Jesus!

J: The liturgy he follows is the only good one.

E: Is this the truth, in the name of Jesus?

J: It is the complete truth.

E: In the name of the Most Holy Trinity, have you lied?

J: No! It is the complete truth.

E: Where does it come from? Who ordered you to say that? Speak, in the name...!

J: It is She (he points upward) who says it; it is Those up there Who say it. The truth comes from on High. They, up there, do not like the new liturgy. In any case, the old Missal did not need to be modified... I am saying all of this against my will (he cries and sighs). In today's times, one should not obey all the bishops any longer.

E: There are still some good bishops. Speak, in the name of..., nothing but the truth!

J: There are still some who should be obeyed, but not all! Akabor has spoken about that previously (he sighs and has difficulty breathing)


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