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Major Progress in Development of Nuclear Fusion Reactor!

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posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 08:11 PM
reply to post by john_bmth

Yes they do!

posted on Jun, 16 2012 @ 01:27 AM

Originally posted by fripw
reply to post by BULLPIN

You're awfully quick to dismiss anything that hasn't been hand fed to you by the moronic media.
Maybe it is bull %@# but it's not just Rossi there's a lot more to it.

Let's talk about scams. I know a good one. It's called high temp fusion. Billions and billions of dollars and decades invested and now maybe they've made a breakthrough? Your a proponent of one of biggest scams going.
I do believe that maybe it's a snowballs chance in hell but cold fusion has a better chance than hot of be a viable energy source.
Yet you quickly close your mind to anything else, because you have been told to close it. Rossi isn't even taking investment capital. You can't buy into it even if you wanted to. So what is the harm in taking a closer look?

Yes, I admit that I am being a bit hasty in dismissing Rossi. My opinion of his work is based entirely on anecdotal evidence, which is much like the evidence he uses to support claims about the successes of ECAT, purely anecdotal. Until his methods, materials, procedures and results are peer reviewed and are reproducible by others, I remain firm in my position that he is perpetrating a fraud.

I say that he is perpetrating a fraud not because I like being spoon-fed by the moronic mainstream media or because I have a closed mind toward the tremendous, and very real, potential of LENR technology, but because of Mr. Rossi's questionable business practices. Fripw, you say that Rossi isn't taking investment capital and that you can't buy into it even if you wanted to. Well, according to this recent article from May 28th 2012.

"Andrea Rossi has pledged to reveal the companies and individuals to whom he has licensed his E-Cat low nickel hydrogen nuclear reaction technology in October this year."

So it seems he has licensed his non-peer reviewed and unproven technology for financial gain. The distinction between money begot from licensing agreements or investment capital is a matter of semantics in this case.

"Rossi has yet to hold demonstrations for the press and scientists such as Brian Josephson, even though he is confident to demonstrate it for licensees. Rossi also admitted that he has developed a new ecat reactor. In his most recent post Rossi admitted he doesn’t know how much the 10 kilowatt ecat units that he has promised in the past will cost. Nor did he know when they would be available for sale. He stated that he is waiting for the certification of safety of the devices. Rossi did not say who he was awaiting certification from."

So he doesn't know how much his unproven reactors will cost, when they will be available for sale and did not name the agency from which he was awaiting certification of safety from. None of that will stop him from taking your money in exchange for a licensing agreement, however. These are not legitimate business practices. He needs to prove that he has a real product before accepting funds for licensing agreements, manufacturing and distribution rights. This has "scam" written all over it.

As far as hot fusion being a scam...who knows? We'll find out soon enough. I haven't closed my mind to any of the possibilities regarding Ni-H cold fusion processes or other LENR technology possibilities. In fact, I believe they are preferable to hot fusion if we can discover their secrets.

posted on Jun, 16 2012 @ 07:42 AM
reply to post by BULLPIN

It's not close minded to not accept claims and ideas unconditionally. People who make such claims are the truely close minded ones as they will unconditionally dismiss any information or evidence from the "MSM" that contradicts their personal beliefs but expect others (us) to unconditionally accept their claims on the flimsiest of evidence (if any is even presented, usually it is not).

Open-mindedness is about the willingness to accept new ideas or to dismiss previously held ideas in light of new evidence. Some people have already made up their mind in favour based on pretty much no information or evidence. They are completely turned off to the idea that they might be wrong and that their opinions are unsubstantiated. They will not budge from their position, no matter what evidence is presented to them. They hold evidence contrary to their own opinions and bias to an impossible standard, a standard that they certainly do not hold the "evidence" from the likes of Rossi to. They are quick to point the finger at others for being "closed minded" yet the only opinion they want to hear is one that confirms their own bias and will instantly dismiss those that do not as being "brainwashed" or outright wrong.

No reasonable person will accept the claims of Rossi at face value. No reasonable person will accept his claims as somehow objective and definitive. No reasonable person would make and market such claims without providing irrefutable, objective evidence to support their claims unless they were running a scam.
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