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Study: children fare better in traditional mom-dad families

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posted on Jun, 11 2012 @ 09:40 PM
This shouldn't be news to anyone. I was raised by a single parent(most of my life) and I'm beginning to realize it was the catalyst for my spiritual/occult interests. To a child, your parents are god. Think about this this: as a kid with single parent, by going to school or watching tv or whatever, you see that you do not have a typical family. This is very confusing. It shakes your foundations. In other words,my parents weren't perfect godlike beings so why should god be?

This is only an opinion but if you want a child to grow up stable(I think I'm fairly stable) with the best possible future you need a mother and father. Even then it is not guaranteed but its a bigger chance of happening for sure

posted on Jun, 11 2012 @ 09:48 PM
Yikes! I just realized my post sounded a little homo phobe. Didn't realize there were some gay marriage undertones in this thread. I don't think we are far enough in society to make a call on gays and parenting. I've meet plenty of bad straight parents but I can honestly say I've never met a bad gay parent. What does that mean? Too early to tell

posted on Jun, 11 2012 @ 10:29 PM

Originally posted by bokonon2010

Originally posted by Malynn
"Study" Give me a break. Give me 15 minutes on the internet and I'm sure I can come up with several "studies" refuting any ignorant, bigoted stance people would like to put forth.

If you wish to validate the study or challenge the credentials:
or take a sabbatical break.

It's funny how people believe studies when they support their beliefs and lifestyle. I believe this study is biased and I ALSO believe the other studies showing gays are better parents are biased too.

You can pick and choose criteria and have the results could have been very different. I think the hetro group had 19 negatives and the gay group had 24. I bet you could rewrite some of those test and easily switch the numbers.

The researcher can't decide what the "GOLD STANDARD" is for determining what makes a good person. This goes for both sides of the issue.

posted on Jun, 11 2012 @ 11:34 PM
I can see that. However, there are millions of single parents out there, and I would think that the child would fare better having 2 gay parents than having a single parent.

posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 01:02 AM
People are people, anyone can raise a successful family regardless of their orientation.

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posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 01:10 AM
i have a study too:

study: people that think they are fancy quack doctors like making studies to just sound smart.

it doesn't mean anything if your parents are gay or if your adopted or anything.

if your parents love you, and you love them, that's all that counts.

if those quack doctors can't see that, they can put that study of theirs some place rude.

posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 02:14 AM
reply to post by bokonon2010

Hmmmm, how many kids living on the streets came from two parent families ?

posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 02:33 AM
link do realize that gay and transgender are two different things right???? you said " I believe you can make people gay. I have a transgender member in my family who was married for 25 years .. 2 kids .. and one day they decided to switch hit. "

what a shame your family member had to live a lie for so long, not fair to them, not fair to the person they married.....this is the result of hate......and can't turn someone gay...stop the ignorance

you are very ignorant if you think they just changed one, they hid it for as long as they the way are they gay (attracted to the same sex) or are they trangendered? ( taking hormones to look like the opposite sex because they believe they are in the wrong body)

a loving parent or parents is what is most important

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posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 03:01 AM
reply to post by MentorsRiddle

If people like you would quit "stigmatizing" homosexuals then the whole issue of the child feeling victimised etc would NOT EXIST!

Thats what you people don't get, YOU create the hate that is the root cause of the stress etc that the child is going through and then you blame the gays for the existence of the hate that you created and are perpetuating!

posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 03:04 AM
It comes down to your point of view in the end and sometimes its best just to keep it to yourself. I understand that it probably makes no difference whether the parents are man and woman or same sex. When it comes down to it, it is how much time, you as a parent are willing to put into your child. If you would rather inject heroin, be an alcoholic, criminal or something then obviously your child is going to have issues and they will only learn the same themselves and that applies to all genders, gays, straights or rednecks etc.

It comes down to the parents and I'm sure if gays are willing to adopt children, then they have had a very good think about what they are doing because it is not easy to get custody of someone elses child in the first place. You would expect they are doing it because they love the child.... It doesn't matter what any study says, If we all looked to the sttistics for everything, we woud all be screwed.

posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 03:08 AM
reply to post by SearchLightsInc

Same as yesterday!

Signs of a closet with padlocked doors, except on "special occasions"!

posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 03:34 AM
There are thousands things that are more important for the well being of children!

A person who has an upbringing in the minor side of society, and/or with parents whom deviate from the norm; will always struggle with socializing with those from the majority!

It's no different if your parents are gay, eskimo, hippies, bikers, vampires, or conspiracy-nuts; life's more challenging for those th'are not equally situated the big herd! -And as we all know, that it is not necessary a bad thing - quite the opposite; the negativity that comes from the outside is based on the lesser knowledge of the common man, and recognizing that function will always be a resource and an advantage.
-One cannot control a flock of sheep from within!

Of mere importance is that kids have both male and female role-models. Who would struggle the most; a kid who one parent is deceased, or growing up with two moms not knowing who its father is?
-Or what about being a single boy with five sisters? -there should be a law against that!

And what about the career-ego-parents who are never there for their kids, the overprotecting cougar-moms, or the radical shirt'n'tie religious "we don't talk about feelings in this family" -nutbolts!?

For a child it's more important being safe and loved, than the gender of their family members!
It's the size of the family that counts!
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posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 03:45 AM
reply to post by nakiel


What about the "Toddlers and Tiaras" brigade! Those kids must surely be more balanced than a child that grows up with loving and caring same sex parents!!! NOT!

posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 04:24 AM
I don't agree with gay people, and I don't really think it's healthy for them to raise children up in their lifestyle...

I don't hate gay people or anything, but kids should really have a mother and father

The world is FUBAR

posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 04:30 AM

Originally posted by jonnywhite
reply to post by Taupin Desciple

People can handle the truth, broadly. Individually, maybe not.

It seems you're advocating hiding it so less conflict is created. I disagree because while this is about more educated people versus less educated people, that's not the same thing as parent versus child. In a parent versus child relationship, the parent will often withhold information to protect the child. But I do not believe more educated people have the right to "protect" less educated people by hiding information. In fact, it's their duty to educate them. They're not THAT special or superior.
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Not so much hiding the truth as re-wording it so it's more relevant to parents. This study was made for people to use as a legal basis to help pass benefits-type legislation. That was how it was worded so it can be construed in that manner. Since parents are seeing this, or at least an op-ed piece trying to explain it, it's being taken out of context. Not that it's relevant anyway, because I don't think it is and neither do the majority of the people here.

I guess that makes this study a fail no matter how you look at it.

posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 05:47 AM
reply to post by MaMaa

Originally posted by MaMaa

Two studies? That's it? Hardly concrete evidence if you ask me. Besides that anyone can do a study and make it say whatever they want. People rely too much on 'studies' and not enough on reality.

Reality check :-
Walk quietly to your extinction, the rainbow will disappear and our skies will be clear again.
You are not as evil pretended, just the nature's casus.

posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 06:12 AM
reply to post by bokonon2010


As long as straight parents keep having gay babies!

posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 07:56 AM

Originally posted by bokonon2010
reply to post by jiggerj

Professor Mark Regnerus used data from the New Family Structures Study (NFSS) , a large nationally representative sample of just under 3,000 young Americans aged 18 to 39, to compare how children raised in eight different family structures fared on 40 social, emotional, and relationship outcomes.

According to his findings, children of mothers who have had same-sex relationships were significantly different as young adults on 25 of the 40 (63%) outcome measures, compared with those who spent their entire childhood with both their married, biological parents. For example, they reported significantly lower levels of income, more receipt of public welfare, lower levels of employment, poorer mental and physical health, poorer relationship quality with current partner, and higher levels of smoking and criminality.

Wow, these results look very similar to children raised in urban or rural poverty situations. So, we should not allow the poor to have or raise children - let's sterilize them!!!

It's funny how the people who are so anti-liberal, anti-marxist, anti-socialist (don't tell me how to raise my kids!) are the same people who think we should deny certain people the right to raise children.

Look, I will admit the ideal situation for raising a child is this: a mother and a father. The father has a good, stable job that does not overly stress him out, where he does not have to work late nights or travel, and he comes home whistling every day by 5:15pm to have dinner with the family at 6:00 every night. The mother stays at home and keeps the home spotless, and prepares a gourmet dinner (with organic foods of course) with a smile on her face every night. The child has one or more siblings (because being an only child is lonely), with an equal number of boy and girl siblings, so no child feels like one gender is overpowering another. Their home has to be in a good neighborhood, preferably in the suburbs, with award-winning schools. The parents never argue in front of their children, and show just the appropriate amount of affection. Both parents spend just the right amount of time with the children, both as a family unit, and one-on-one. They take two family vacations every summer. The TV is never on (except for educational programming), because the family is too busy socializing and communicating with each other.

So, if you don't have a family described exactly as the one above --- you do NOT have the ideal home, and you should NOT be allowed to raise children, because they will not grow up perfect. The end.

posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 08:02 AM
The day two gay people can have sex together and pop out a baby 9 months later will be the day i also turn gay and believe that two gay parents are just as good as MUM(female) and DAD(male).

if god or evolution or whatever intended two of the same sex to be able to have a child or raise a child then it would have been the case but its not.

i would love to see two gay males breast feed a chile that would be amazing.

Talk about confusing a poor child.

it is not right and it should not be happening.

posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 08:04 AM
reply to post by kaylaluv

even poor kids know whats right and wrong and will not be confused from having two dads or two mums.

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