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Head Games

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posted on Jun, 11 2012 @ 01:41 AM
So there is this new show on the Discovery channel called "Head Games". It's a TV series along the lines of the ABC TV show "What would you do?". So far I have seen two of the episodes and it's pretty good. There are some really funny scenarios and also some interesting psychological experiments.

Here's a very short trailer for the show

About the show

Have you ever wondered what exactly it is that makes us human? Discovery Channel invites you to find out in the new interactive series HEAD GAMES where both viewers and on-screen subjects are challenged with brain games, mind puzzles and social experiments.

Narrated by John Krasinski, the show delves into the inner workings of the deeply complex human brain. Through the design and execution of social experiments you will see how everyday people on the streets perceive, conform, and make moral choices when in real-life situations … and what the brain is actually doing to dictate behavior or react to uncomfortable, and, at times, confrontational, circumstances.

Is our perception of the world around us altered when we talk on a cell phone? Find out what happens when we send in a clown on a unicycle. Are we hard-wired to act a certain way in groups? See if a group of people can convince someone to see a snake in a tree when in fact no snake is actually there. Why do we feel compelled to keep promises? Watch what occurs when an actress at the gym asks a stranger to watch her computer, and then a thief attempts to steal it.

These experiments — enhanced by games, puzzles and expert analysis — will have you on the edge of your seat. Some of the outcomes might even leave you shocked!

Some other clips from the show can be seen here Clip 1 and here Clip 2

I would like this thread to be about discussing any of the scenarios presented in the show. Also if you have any other ideas for similar experiments. I am also open to discussing any of the scenarios presented by the ABC TV show "What would you do?"

There were some good clips that really made me laugh. Like a guy giving out free samples of lemonade from a clean bed pan used in hospitals for patients to urinate in. And the same guy giving out free sample of fudge shaped like poo. They also put money ($1 and $5 bill) stuck in a pile of dog poop to see if people would pick it up.

The first scenario I wanted to discuss was a more serious one though. They posed a hypothetical scenario where you (the viewer) had to make a choice. The choice was supposed to be a sort of morality test. You had to choose between saving 5 peoples lives but in doing so you would cause the death of 1 person.

They showed 5 people walking on a train track and said that these people will die unless you hit this button and divert the train to a different track where only 1 person will be killed. At face value it seems to be a no-brainer right? The life of 5 people is worth more than the life of just 1 person.

Then they switched it up and instead of pushing the button you had to push the 1 person yourself onto the tracks which would then stop the train from killing the other 5 people. At the end they also suggested that you could also throw yourself onto the track instead of pushing the guy. What would you do?

There was one aspect which I think they missed in the show. The 1 person that would be killed was an innocent railway worker walking on the tracks that was unaware the train had switched tracks. He was doing his job on a supposedly inactive set of train tracks. The 5 people who you were saving were knowingly putting themselves at risk by walking on those tracks in the first place.

They never reflected on that aspect n the show and I actually came to an entirely different decision based on that. I chose to not save the 5 people and allowed the 1 person to live. Based on the fact that the 1 person was innocent and the 5 people had decided to put themselves at risk.


Feel free to discuss other scenes and / or add your own.

posted on Jun, 11 2012 @ 02:53 AM
reply to post by IpsissimusMagus

Interesting. Reminds me of that psychology experiment (Stanley Milgram) conducted in the 60's where people thought they were shocking each other. Here is the link with some other horrid experiments that should not have happened.

When you used the term 'head game' for the title I was kind of hoping that you were referring to head games that consist of breaking down or challenging the consciousness of a person. I find this far more exciting than simple moral or ethical dilemmas. You would be surprised how easy it is to turn your brain upside down and inside out.I would give you an example but not sure how appropriate that is given this is an open forum.

Peace - Ned

posted on Jun, 11 2012 @ 03:05 AM
reply to post by nimbinned

You would be surprised how easy it is to turn your brain upside down and inside out.I would give you an example but not sure how appropriate that is given this is an open forum.

Thanks for the response.

Feel free to add to your own examples.

I would be interested in hearing them.

Thanks for the link

I had heard about the prison guard Stanford study before and the Little Albert and the White Rat study.

Although I had heard it was a rabbit and not a rat.

The others were new to me.

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posted on Jun, 11 2012 @ 03:26 AM
reply to post by IpsissimusMagus

Here's a simple one that won't get me in to trouble. This is from an e-book that I'm still writing on inducing altered states of consciousness for the purpose of spiritual development.

Set aside a whole day whereby you will consciously alter every habit you have. This will take some energy and perseverance, so choose a day when you know that this extra work-load won’t interfere too much with your duties; perhaps a week-end or during a holiday.

Tell yourself before going to sleep the night before you start the practice – ‘Tomorrow will be different and strange but enlightening and spiritually rewarding.’

When you wake up, say to yourself out loud three times – ‘Today, I am going to alter all my habits whilst remaining mindful of each action.”

Now go about your day as you would normally, except every time you do something out of habit, reverse the action. For instance –

If you are right handed and do most things with this hand, change to your left hand. If you are left handed, use your right hand. This includes brushing your teeth, combing your hair, eating with utensils, opening doors and so on and so on …

If you normally leave the toilet seat up, put it down and vice versa.

If you have a coffee first thing in the morning, change to tea or having nothing at all. If you read the newspaper at the table every day then go outside and sit on the lawn/porch and look at the sky.

If you have a standard bathroom routine each morning then change it or just completely leave it out. Missing a shower or a shave for one day isn’t going to kill you.

If you are out driving somewhere and are taking a set route, go a different direction. Try to observe new things as you go along this alternate course.

As you can see, there are many habits that you can alter or reverse during the course of a ‘normal’ day. When you are carrying out each action or movement, remain totally aware of how your brain and physical body is coping with this altered methodology. Focus completely on each act. Do everything with true mindfulness.

If you stick to the plan and change each habit as it comes along, then by the end of the day you should be feeling somewhat altered. The weirder you feel, the better. This means that you have rattled your mental and physical systems. See it as a wake up call. There is so much more to life than just cruising along in auto-mode, oblivious to the fact that you are capable of Being in the moment.

Try and do this exercise at least once a month. If you find it to be a really helpful way to bring your awareness into the here and now, then attempt it every week.

Side Note : This technique shares similar characteristics with the shamanic practice called ‘stalking the self’.

Peace Out

posted on Jun, 11 2012 @ 03:43 AM
reply to post by nimbinned

If you're worried that the subject matter is inappropriate for ATS and violates the T&C in some way. You can send me the examples in a private U2U message of you like.

I didn't comment in it but I read your thread about men an TG's yesterday. Was that party experiment part of your research for writing and / or awareness?

Your experiment totally reminds me of an episode of the TV show "Seinfeld".

I will give it a try sometime.

However, I consider myself to be pretty awake and aware already.

So for me to do the opposite I would actually have to disconnect myself from being aware.

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posted on Jun, 11 2012 @ 04:38 AM
reply to post by IpsissimusMagus

Thanks for the clip - funny stuff

With the cross-dressing thing - that was just spur of the moment. I have a history of always challenging the status quo and playing the devil's advocate. I can't stand sheeple thinking. Life has so much more to offer if you want to go outside the box that society has tried to put you in.

I have tried just about everything in my attempts to find out 'who' or 'what' I am while existing on this funky planet. This book will be the culmination of over 20 years of deep exploration of my conscious self. I will send you a copy when it's done, which will be in the next month or so. There should be over 100 practical exercises, some simple like mindfullness, meditation and visualization. others more intense like sleep deprivation, spinning, fasting, holotropic breath-work, sweating and so on..

Peace Out - Ned

posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 08:50 PM
The show will a new episode this Sunday on the Discovery channel.

Keep an eye for it. It's well worth watching.

Hopefully some ATS members will watch it and will come back here to comment.

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 12:12 AM
The new episode is currently on Discovery Channel now.

10pm Pacific Check it out

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 12:24 AM
Thanks for the link!
It looks like it would be a pretty good show. I am going to have to watch it for sure!

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 01:04 AM
reply to post by Kangaruex4Ewe

You're welcome.

I was able to find some full length clips. This episode 1

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