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Blood Bond PT3 [TFTG]

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posted on Jun, 10 2012 @ 11:43 PM
Zach woke from a restless slumber just as the sun was setting. He made his way outside, Feeling the throbbing sensation in his jaw indicating that sustenance was required. He walked briskly towards central park, His favored hunting ground in Manhattan, Marveling at the wonders of this great city, A hustling bustling metropolis with such a vibrant atmosphere it seemed at times that the city itself was a living breathing entity. He entered the park through the 72nd st entrance and made his way along to the Bethesda fountain designed by Emma Stebbins, The first woman to be commissioned to create a piece of public art in New York city, He thought back to that day in 1873 when the fountain was unveiled even then he was in awe of such a beautiful creation. The smell of fresh blood brought his mind back to the present, He ran in the direction of the metallic scent to find a young man leaning against a tree Blood oozing from two very familiar punctures in his neck, The man was still alive. Zach rushed to him and sunk his Feline esque fangs into his neck draining what little blood he had left.

''Cant you find your own meals?'' a mysterious voice enquired

''I can, However there is no point in two innocents dying if it can be avoided'' Zach replied as he searched for the source of the mystery voice.

''Really a vampire with a conscience, That's not something you see everyday'' the elusive voice said.

''Yes well i am no ordinary vampire, step out of the shadows you have nothing to fear from me'' Zach said

''As you wish Zachary, perhaps you are the one who should be fearful'' he said menacingly as he stepped out of the shadows. Zach's heart skipped a beat as he heard the stranger use his name, Turning to his left as a young man stepped into view he looked no older than 17 with dark hair that was long enough to cover his ears but not long enough so it looked untidy. The boy looked harmless but there was something in his demeanor that portrayed wisdom and strength.

''How do yo know my name? i have never seen you before!'' Zach said clearly distressed

''I know many things about you Zach, I know for over a century you have been fighting your nature, Your urge to kill.'' the boy said as a fiendish grin spread across his face, ''I have been watching you with interest for sometime now, You have a purpose and i want to help you fulfill it.''

''i have no idea what you are talking about and to be quite honest I'm not interested'' Zach replied as he turned to leave.

''Tayla Devaux!'' he said stopping Zach in his tracks

''So you are here doing that little sluts bidding are you? well know this boy i am going to watch the last flicker of life drain from that bitches eyes, I would strongly suggest when that time comes that you don't get in my way?'' Zach said shaking with vehement hostility.''

''My Friend i have no intention of standing in your way on the contrary i would very much like to be standing by your side!'' The boy said with a smile.

''I see and what reason do you have for wishing her dead?'' Zach queried with an obvious look of confusion.

''I have many reasons, It is a lengthy tale one i am only to happy to share but now is not the time perhaps we could go and get a drink somewhere and i will attempt to explain''

''Yes i can do that there is an Irish pub not far from here but first you know my name it's only fair you give me yours.'' Zach stated firmly, The boy hesitated for a few moments before replying ''Kano, My name is Kano!''

The Pub was relatively quiet when Zach and Kano entered, Three middle aged men sat at the bar drinking Guinness and an elderly couple were in the booth nearest the entrance. Kano led the way up to the bar and Zachary fell in behind.

''Two pints of Guinness please barkeep'' Kano said

''I'm gonna need to see some identification son!'' The bar tender replied, Kano leaned forward over the counter and looked the gentleman square in the eye, asserting dominance over his subconscious before saying ''I don't need Id you know me, I'm of age''

''Of course i didn't recognize you for a moment there sorry, Two pints was it? go take a seat and i will bring them over''

''Thank you'' Kano said handing him a Fifty ''Keep the change''

Both men made their way over to the corner booth and sat down opposite each other.The rain had started again, a torrential downpour unusual for this time of year. ''This weather reminds me of home'' Zach stated not really speaking to anyone in particular.

''Where is home?'' Kano quizzed with genuine interest

''And here i was thinking you knew everything about me.'' Zach said mockingly

''Not everything! I know of your brief history with Tayla, I am aware that after you turned you stayed with her for a few months. I even know that you where in love with her and she betrayed you and so you tried to kill her only for her to gain the upper hand and escape.'' Kano revealed, Zach waited a few moments before replying ''Not my fondest memories alas we all have our burdens do we not?''

''Indeed we do'' Kano agreed

''Why have you sought me out now? there must be a reason'' Zach queried looking directly into his youthful companions eyes searching for an answer.

''In order to answer that i will need to start at the beginning, I created Tayla and i fell in love with her, i told her many things among them the story of my origin''

''Yes she told me about that'' Zach added

''After she learned of my history and my brothers issues with sunlight she betrayed me and went off in search of my twin, her goal was to offer him the chance of his own army of daystalkers created by her and through her loyal to him.''

''Obviously she was unsuccessful, when i met her she was on the run'' Zach interjected

''Yes my brothers loyalty is as fickle as her own, After she had created three he no longer had need of her but she is a slippery one, She knew he was going to come after her so she left for the new world.''

''What happened to your brother?''

''Last i heard he was in Roma, He won't cross the ocean yet not until he knows he can kill me and right now he can't.''

''Why have you not killed him? you have had millennia to do it?'' Zach queried, Clearly engrossed in the history lesson.

''I Haven't killed him because he is my brother, eventually i will have to but Tayla dies first then we move on to Draco.''

''We? are you saying you want me to help kill your brother?'' Zach asked somewhat bemused at the direction the conversation was heading.

''Lets just say for now i am looking for help in taking out Tayla after that who knows, we may even end up being friends.''

'' Not likely, i get the impression you would kill me first chance you got'' Zach said only half joking

''Ha ha you speak your your mind, A quality i admire and after more than a thousand years of solitude maybe i need a friend, Someone i can trust'' Kano said

''Well as your friend i have to say after a thousand years of solitude it's not a friend you need but a women.'' Zach remarked with a smirk

''No doubt you are correct, I will find you tomorrow and we can see if we can come up with a plan to catch the evil blood slut.'' Kano announced, As he left he slid a piece of paper across the table, it had a phone number written on it

''Just in case you need to reach me.'' Kano winked and in the blink of an eye he was gone.

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