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The Lake. [NATURE]

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posted on Jun, 10 2012 @ 09:40 PM
As the Sun peeks up over the horizon, the water begins to mirror the orangish-pink sky. The blinding reflections off the rippling waves signaling the beginning of a new day. The breeze is brisk, but ever so refreshing. The smell of the lake in the air is strong and welcoming. The water is gently flowing on and off off the tiny beach of sand and gravel at the shore. The ducks and the geese are flying about and landing in their favorite gathering spots to enjoy the lake before the humans take over.

There are a few boats on the water now, as the sun gets a little higher. This early it would be the avid fisherman trolling around in their small quiet boats. Harvesting their bounties from the depths of the lake. Bass, Bluegills, Perch, and the ever so elusive Norther Pike. You walk down to the shore and discover a large snapping turtle on your banks. You watch him as you keep your distance knowing a turtle of his size could easily take off a hand or destroy a leg with little effort. You watch as he muddles around eventually goes back in the water and searches for his breakfast someplace else.

You step out on the beach and begin to walk into the water. The water is cold and crisp but just right for a morning swim. You look down in the shallow water and see the minnows dancing around the rocks around you. The water is cold as you walk deeper until finally you just dive on in. The cold almost makes your heart skip a beat, but by the time you reach the surface you are fully awake. You begin your swim still with a chill but a comforting chill if you can imagine such a thing.

You finish your swim and head back to shore. As you come out of the water the cool morning air feels like a refrigerator. By now people are waking up and beginning their days. The teenagers begin their long day of knee boarding and tubing and the parents begin their day of hanging out on the pontoon boats drinking and being adults. The jet skis are also out churning up the waters as they race around aimlessly. All the activity on the lake now has the water swooshing up on shore with much more force as before. Sounds of peoples enjoyment fill the air as well as the smell of the fuel from the boats.

In the evening their is usually a lull in activity out on the lake. All you have to do is use your nose to understand why. The air around the lake is full of the smells of cookouts drawing the boats back to port for a much needed break from the sun and the water. Soon after though the lake becomes alive once again and stays active until sunset when the speedboats, pontoon boats, and jet skis retire, and the fishing boats once again come out to score more bounty for their tables and their freezers.

The Sun going down over the lake is one of the most beautiful sights to see. Everyone who lives on the lake is parked by the shore in chairs to enjoy one of natures most beautiful shows. As the sky turns a brilliant amber the reflection off the water once again mirrors this image giving way to a breathtaking sight. The bright reflections of the light off the waves now become the signals of the closing of the day. The water grows calmer and the time is perfect for an evening swim. The water is warm from is full day of sun. It appears murkier due to the boats churning it all day long. You come in to shore and as you walk out of the water the air is refreshing, and does not contain the chill of the morning breeze.

As it becomes dark the fisherman head home and the lake becomes quiet. The crickets begin to chirp, and the bullfrogs groan, and if you listen close you will here fish bobbing their heads out of the water. The ducks and geese return now that they can feed without being disturbed by man. The water on the shore is once again calm as you say goodnight to the lake. "Goodnight Lake".


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