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Creme De La Mer and the Art of Bio-Stimulation

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posted on Jun, 10 2012 @ 07:29 PM

[url= -Jubilee]Creme De La Mer - pricey rinkle-cream.html

Women around the world swear by its powers and are happy to splash out £530 for just 250ml of this potent elixir.

It is stocked only in the most exclusive department stores, and these women seem happy to pay whatever it costs in their bid to halt the ageing process.

Read more: rinkle-cream.html#ixzz1xRKwiEFU

In these circles of well-heeled and image-conscious women, Crème de la Mer is more than just a face cream - it's virtually a religion.

So , whats the secret ? Well, as this article uncovers , it is seaweed . Scientifically speaking there is a list longer than my arm of benefits from seaweed , not only to plants but humans and animals too . Micro and macro flora and fauna alike .

In terms of what women , and perhaps men , want , as in a magic formula to make you look and feel good , just about instantly , it does hit the spot on that too .

The other day I got some on my blisters which healed up very soon after (gardening) I assume d because of the iodine content . And after further research it wouldnt be just that .

So , to cut to the chase , 50 trace elements , micro and macro nutrients , alginins , all that ,

and , short of telling people I have just fertilised my own face after seeing it absorb into my fingers ,

would not a short cut be to swab on a dab of the £5 for 500ml version from the garden centre at night . ??

there are bath products available too .
as far as i'm aware , its the same process of biofermentation renders the extract safe for garden use as goes into the creme , /the creme is just mixed with veg oil and maybe vitamins and smells from other sources too ,

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posted on Jun, 10 2012 @ 08:43 PM
I've used this creme (didn't pay for it). It is no better than anything else I've used and it costs too much. Women who are desperate to stave off aging are easy to fool and will shell out thousands to keep the wrinkles away. Heck, if cat poop was said to stop wrinkles women would bathe in it.


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