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recurring dream

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posted on Jun, 10 2012 @ 11:32 AM
Ever since i was young. I have all ways had recuring dreams in one of my recuring dream i'm standing in a stone circle in a field some in the country. Then here a voice. weird. All ways the same. Why do some people have recuring dreams for.? Is there a messages in my dream. Or is it just randam. Its just weird i allways get this dream.
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posted on Jun, 10 2012 @ 11:39 AM
is it sunny, dark, starry where your dream is?

There are different places you go into your dream, sometimes you go to the same place to learn a lesson, but sometimes it can be different. Try finding a connection to other dreams in the same night, if you have had other dreams in the same night, there is always at least one connection between all the dreams you have in a night. The one thing to really note in the dream is how you feel, because how you feel in your dreams is ever more important that what you see. What you see only represents how you feel, and sometimes that can pertain to your current life, or perhaps the way you view it. Also make a connection between events that happened the day before your dream occurs, and what has happened on days you had the dream before. It is difficult for anyone but yourself to interpret your dream, because your dreams can be created by you and so therefore only you can understand it. Sometimes, places or objects represent something in your life. So think about how you felt or thought about the field as you were standing in it, and what you thought about the stones, etc. If is bright out, you are somewhere good, but if it is dark, it is somewhere, "not as good", unless you see stars.
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posted on Jun, 10 2012 @ 11:41 AM
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Most recurring dreams are based on past experiences, perhaps something that was done a long ago and it is somehow seeking acceptance or need to be act upon. There could very well be a "hidden" message but ONLY YOU will have to figure it out.

If I were you, write down those recurring dreams and look for a pattern, maybe you'll decode your own dreams!

posted on Jun, 10 2012 @ 11:58 AM
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First of all, i would find this recurring dream puzzling too. It would really bother me as it bothers you...

Please. What does the voice say in this dream?

Another question (don't feel obliged to answer but please do if you feel it is relevant) :

Any difficulties in waking life? I mean: somatic problems, irritation, emptiness, feelings of alienation, relation problems, depression, feeling like you should handle disstress on your own, depersonalisation and panic....

Don't want to imply anything. Relax!

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