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Mind trip through metaphore 4. The walls of Jericho.

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posted on Jun, 10 2012 @ 10:14 AM
Hi every one. Heres another addition to the mind trip series I've been posting.

The walls of Jericho.
I've been seeing metaphores in allsorts lately, and some just pop out of the blue. Today, for some unrelated reason I mentioned the walls of jericho, then saw this.
I can only reamember the story from my young school years so it might be vague with some mistakes so please feel free to correct me.

In a nut shell.

Israelites ( is real light ) cross continents with arc (spark, connection with creator.) to take back the promised land, with their trumpets (the tune they sang) they crumbled the inpenatrable walls and took back their kingdom.

Sorry that really is all I can remember and I tied the arc to spark via my last mind trip, Noah's arc.

So how does this fit in today? Ok.

Humanity from real light, across continents, with spark with creator, bring truth and peace. With the tune, vibration, they bring. (trumpets)
Dark cabal has a wall of army and police to protect theire empire. The vibration is aimed at the wall, it crumbles. Parts like the red sea, and allows the people to take back their kingdom.

Love will be the feeling to cause the action to bring about change for the better of all humanity. (earth)

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