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Approaching the 50th year since JFK was killed and the robbing of Truth and Justice in America

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posted on Jun, 10 2012 @ 04:20 AM
More and more of the highly pertinent issues for the run up of the JFK assassiation are leaking out as we approch the 50th year since the event that robbed America of Truth and Justice and placed into deeper debt to the oligarchich controllers that rob our freedom.

New content for that was going on with those that hated JFK for running over their plan to kill Castro and also dumping their careers in the sewer pipe are coming to light.

From the connections of William King Harvey in Rome to PERMINDEX head operations there with Hungarian related Ferenc Nagy, George Mandel, and Tibor Rosenbaum the dots are beginning to connect as Ferenc Nagy lived in Dallas in 1963 and PERMINDEX was getting to the same killing business in the US that it attempted in Europe against DeGaulle.

In the hot bed of overbearing politics of Texas we find the major suspects of George de Mohrenschildt right in the middle of casting LHO into the central role of killer. But we also find the Major Suspect, CIA head GHW Bush was a good old boy associate with George de Mohrenschildt.

It may well be that these major leaks will acclerate the awakening of the American Peoples as to just how much they have been lied to about the JFK assassination by the highest levels of the US's Corrupt Government. This is the root of those corrupt in the US that have stolen America's Freedoms from the People and placed in terrible debt pushing their dishonest agenda for oligarchic New World Order.

I think everyone will begin to see the greater picture with these new smoking guns of knowledge provided below.

THE JFK CASE: THE TWELVE WHO BUILT THE OSWALD LEGEND (Part 7: The hand-off from De Mohrenschildt to the Paines)

Dallas oilman/spy George de Mohrenschildt became a benefactor to the Oswald family, providing them with money and contacts after their return to the US from the Soviet Union. As discussed earlier, de Mohrenschildt's lawyer Max Clark was also General Dynamics' industrial security consultant and a leader within the White Russian community. Oswald contacted Max Clark's wife shortly after his return, explaining that the Texas Employment Commission had referred her to him as a Russian-speaker and that his wife would like to spend time with another Russian-speaker.


In early 1963, de Mohrenschildt passed on his "babysitting duties" for the Oswald family to Ruth and Legend Maker #12 Michael Paine. Ruth's father Bill Hyde was regional director of the Nationwide Insurance Company, part of the International Cooperative Alliance founded in 1922 and still active today. This similiarity between these two ICAs is not accidental - the contracts for both groups were coordinated through AID and the State Department. Both de Mohrenschildt and Hyde were business consultants that traveled abroad working on cooperative ventures and provided reports used by the CIA


Dorothe Matlack, a renowned figure known as a pioneer in the Army's use of human intelligence, has been described as the Pentagon's liaison to the CIA. She was a specialist in the art of debriefing. She spent many years as Assistant Chief of Staff of Intelligence for Army Intelligence, with much of her work in the Collections Division. She organized and directed the debriefings of tens of thousands of people, with a particular emphasis on refugees from Hungary and Cuba.


Right about the time that Ruth and Marina became housemates, de Mohrenschildt left Dallas and never saw the Oswalds again. De Mohrenschildt was now working with Clemard Charles, a Haitian banker and political leader. De Mohrenschildt was touting Charles to his contacts as a possible new leader for Haiti that could effectively replace "Papa Doc" Francois Duvalier.

According to an Army Intelligence memo, "(de Mohrenschidt,) a business associate of Vice President L. B. Johnson, traveled with Charles in 1963 when he visited various U.S. government officers, both in Washington and in New York...(de Mohrenschildt) appeared to have the close personal contacts that provided Charles with the opportunity to air his views and his intentions to the higher echelons of USI (US intelligence) and the U.S. government; on occasions it was either de Mohrenschildt or Charles who made direct telephone contact with USI, rather than vice versa. How these telephone numbers were obtained is not known."

On 4/26/63, Gale Allen of the Domestic Operations Division requested an expedited check of sources on de Mohrenschildt while he was in Washington DC. This may mark the beginning of a covert debriefing of de Mohrenschildt. In a 2004 interview with author David Kaiser, Allen said that he had done this on behalf of someone else who had "plans" for de Mohrenschildt.

JFK Revelations: Excerpt from New Book “Official Stories”

Who did he write, but another George. George H.W. Bush, future V.P. and President, then head of the CIA. Bush told him, essentially, politely, in the cold tones only a Connecticut Yalie can master, to go # himself. Here’s how he put it:

“I can only speculate that you may have become ‘newsworthy’ again in view of the renewed interest in the Kennedy assassination and thus may be attracting the attention of people in the media. I hope this letter has been of some comfort to you, George, although I realize I am unable to answer your question completely. George Bush, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.”

De Mohrenschildt was dead weeks later, with intelligence officers looking for his “little black book.” That address book was retrieved by an honest investigator working to reveal information about assassinations. In the book was found a name and address: “Bush, George H. W. (Poppy), 1412 W. Ohio also Zapata Petroleum, Midland.” I guess they did know each other, after all.

America has been told a series of lies by a corrupt leadership that still takes America's Freedom from the People. There needs to be a new shot heard around the world, a huge shot of truth about the JFK assassination and much much more.

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posted on Jun, 10 2012 @ 05:14 AM
Some are already calling the 50th in Dallas as the shoot out at the OK Corral, due to those in Dallas doing the typical make money off the dead guy and don't expose any of the real truths about how corrupt the Texas politics were in the times of LBJ.

The 50th memorial to JFK may well blow the lid off not only Dallas, but the entire corrupt Texas political system of the 50s and 60s that tried to run the country militarialy, had the 8F group down on Houston pulling the political strings for power, and how they think they can keep that oligarchic system doing the same corrupt games to pull the wool over America's Eyes.

Between the issues of John Demenil of Schlumberger and PERMINDEX being involved in the installment of Castro working from Houston and the Carribean oil zone, the world will see the rest of the story of Texas overbearing control over America. America is about to find the rest of the story for PERMINDEX and the CIA linked together to kill JFK because he was about to dump a corrupt few controlling America down the sewer pipe and out of any power and control over America.

Dulles, Bissell, and Cabel were the first to fall off the wall, as careers tumbled down. King Harvey reassigned to Rome was a critical problem with links to PERMINDEX. US Joint Chiefs, in part, hated JFK along with the highly corrupt Hoover and his big buddy LBJ.

America might well find out that the Texas information shoot out may well become the Battle For American's rights to be returned from the oligarchic crooks that stole America's Freedom and Justice.

Let's be clear about this. Old, rich keep-a-lid-on-it Dallas is not going to rule next year's 50th anniversary observations of the Kennedy killing in Dealey Plaza. No matter what it takes.

The official City of Dallas JFK Assassination 50th Anniversary Celebration Committee, named in a story this morning in the official government newspaper, will be made up almost entirely of rich, fancy-pantsy, old people determined to keep a lid on it.


Well, guess what. This day doesn't belong to them. Dealey Plaza doesn't belong to them. Decisions about commercialization or tone or being "classy" don't belong to them.

The 50th belongs to history and to free speech. In America, history and speech cannot be controlled by money-bags. That point will be made powerfully and very, very visibly at Dealey Plaza on Nov. 22, 2013.

I have been corresponding with an informal steering committee of people determined to keep Dealey Plaza free on the 50th. They will converge here from all over the world on that day. I believe these people will meet every effort at control and censorship, measure for measure, with the appropriate resistance. Every cop, taser, fire hose or paddy wagon sent to Dealey Plaza on that day to keep a lid on things will be taken as a challenge and an invitation.

There's a way to do this. Get the money-bags committee way, way the hell out of the way. Back the hell off. You do your thing. Other people will do theirs. Let it flow. Leave it free.
Otherwise, we can change the name of Dealey Plaza to the OK Corral.

One can only guess what American's reactions will be to learning that LBJ was a murderous scoundrel, who not only ran cotton alotment rip off scams against the US Government to fuel his political career, but also had his own hit man to cover up the tracks. What will American's do when they learn LBJ helped with a like project of ripping off the American Government via USAEC uranium mining scam claims and fueling Morris Jaffey as LBJ underwriter for politics. American's will become most interested to learn Morris Jaffee owned the Dal-Tex building, where the real kill shots on JFK were fired, and it had tons of open windows, person on fire excape, etc. It was the perfect shooter's nest, not the draw play for TSBD, where LBJ's hit man's (Malcom Wallace) fingerprint was found on one of the boxes of the 6th floor. What will Americans really think when they find that USAEC's Edward Teller made a huge number of trips to Israel to make sure they learned how to make nuclear bombs, which LBJ supported, plus areas like NUMEC and Kerr-McGee lost all kinds of nuclear weapons material that ended up in Israel. Kerr was part of the 8F gang in Houston. What will America think of one of the most corrupt and controlling political states in America after they find all the truths on JFK being hit for protecting America's prosperity?

It is becoming clear the Freedom of America had more than King George to worry about as George Demohrenschildt and George HW Bush were just as severe a problem for America, and even worse at this war continues longer. American's may begin to worrry why the Secret Service is enlisted to protect major Criminals like GHW Bush for his involvements with these affairs tied to JFK's hit, and how they dropped the ball on JFK's protection for major criminal LBJ.

One then finds too easily now that secrecy has been used to conceal the truths of how foreign elements, like PERMINDEX/Bilderberg powers, were working with US traitors to take over America from within.

edit on 10-6-2012 by MagnumOpus because: And JFK's peace initiatives would also nearly end the USAEC's existance for making nuclear weapons


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