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Prometheus, the movie, sucked IMO!

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posted on Jun, 10 2012 @ 11:40 AM
continued from last post SPOILER ALERT!

20. Why didn't they decontaminate the crew before letting them back on the ship? More ignored "quarantine protocol"

21. Let's open the door to the ship for anything and everyone after we saw what just went down.

22. Shaw is stumbling and bloody after her ordeal with her alien baby in the surgical pod, and the crew couldn't care less. Actually the only emotion shown about anyone dying was when Holloway was roasted and Shaw cried for a minute or two then forgot he was dead. They didn't even pour any out for the other crew members that passed. Not even a second mention, no fear, no nothing... Just plain flat out terrible.

23. Shaw didn't tell anyone about her abortion. No hey guys heads up there's an alien squid thing I gave birth to locked inside of the medical bay. May want to kill it before it grows into a massive squid thing. SMH I mean ridiculous at best! I was cracking up in the theater.

24. Hey Wayland is alive on the ship. Shaw shrugs it off and doesn't even show any surprise.

25. David is always wandering about on these missions and no one asks his whereabouts. Vickers is viewing David's feed and he cuts it off. No heads up to the rest of the crew that David has gone rouge or is possibly dead. This crew's communication is sorely lacking.

26. The Engineer is awakened and commenced to whooping tail no questions asked.

27. When the Engineer's ship crashes and is rolling around like a donut. Vickers and Shaw are running in a straight line trying to out run the ship like two nincompoops, Vickers is crushed, and Shaw rolls two or three times and is out of the path of the ship??? It was that simple huh? Neither of these two "brilliant" minds had sense enough to run perpendicular to the ship to get out of the path???

28. When Shaw and David leave on the ship it takes all of two minutes and they're hyperspeed and they've never flown these ships before, when the engineer leaves on the ship it took forever for it to get up to speed. In fact so much so that the Prometheus had time to catch up with it after taking off from the ground at a full standstill... Erks me..

29. The Prometheus has no fail safes built in? No warnings alert's or anything the entire movie. The captain turns on the ion drive with ease within an atmosphere which would spell out certain doom for everyone on the ship. No warning from the ship, or manual override. Nothing? sigh... this is Sci-Fi right?

30. The idiot "geologist" that got lost didn't have a remote way to view the map his precious bots created? How dumb!

31. What happened to the other female doctor on the ship? Did she get killed by the zombie "Geologist" if so why was she even out there in that dangerous situation? I really do not recall what happened to her. Maybe the squid monster ate her.

I give up I'm done... I'm sure there are plenty of others I missed.

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posted on Jun, 11 2012 @ 12:07 AM
Yep, terrible film, I haven't seen a story with this many plot holes since lost.. Oh wait, the creator of lost wrote this???? That explains it.

posted on Jun, 11 2012 @ 12:52 AM
I freaking loved it!! Saw it in 3d. Can't wait for the 3D bluray release








For those of you who did not understand the plot:

The space jockey in the very beginning commits suicide because he has been stranded with malfunctioning biological weaponry created to destroy the human race, a race they genetically engineered. This biological weaponry is out of control and killing the space jockeys in terrible ways. Archeologists discover many ancient artifacts and relics throughout various cultures that depict the origins of our creators to be in the system of planets that the space jockeys are using to create their biological weaponry. An expedition goes underway and scientist come across some sort of a microbial black ooze and other substance in vases that eventually contribute to the creation of an evolutionary prototype of the face huggers (from Alien) when fused with a human. Apparently this black ooze is what the space jockeys have been engineering on the planet and when it comes into contact with another life form, it fuses to create something quite ghastly. Example, the black ooze merging with the worms (this is slightly ambiguous but they showed those earth worm things for a reason) which caused the death of the two geologists who were stranded. The thousand year old black mural depicting the traditional alien we all know and love, and the fact that the dead engineers had burst chests, infer that the aliens are out there; a result of biological weaponry engineering and that black ooze. The engineers were perhaps experimenting with them, or trying to recreate them. Now when the black ooze merged with a human it drove them mad and through sexual reproduction creates a primitive form of the face hugger. When the face hugger merged with the space jockey it created a Xenomorph prototype. Basically, engineered microbial substance from vase + human + plus sexual reproduction = primitive face hugger. Primitive face hugger + space jockey = primitive Xenomorph. The Xenomorhps we know and love are both a product of biological engineering by the space jockeys and evolutionary adaptation. We don't see the exact aliens from the Alien franchise but we see their evolutionary ancestors and how they were created. The end. HOW DID YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THIS PEOPLE??!!!

As far as questions such as, "Where are the space jockeys from?" "What about that specific space jockeyship that was in "Alien", where is that?" For me those questions don't matter because the film stated that there was more than one ship on the planet and those ships can easily be hosting another space jockey. Honestly I could care less because all my bigger questions were answered about the space jockeys and the alien as a whole and I really don't care too much about that exact specific ship that was seen in Alien.

"Why did the space jockeys change their minds about the human race?" Just turn on your local news channel, you'll see why! It's ambiguous and it's supposed to be. The filmmakers want you to reflect on some of the themes presented and I thought that was great! It was awesome how the film doesn't give you all the answers. That's what made some of greatest films. That's what made Alien, Blade Runner, Inception, and Children of Men so great. This is one of those films people are going to watch over and over and keep finding new things in it every time...kinda like a couple of other movies buy this guy named Ridley. Thank you Ridley. Thank you for more poetry on celluloid. ts=1&sortBy=bySubmissionDateDescending

It explains the movie perfectly in that the black fluid was a bioweapon developed by the engineers and how the xenomorph aliens, face huggers, and humans all came about. So if You have seen the movie please read the explanation, you will be thrilled.

posted on Jun, 11 2012 @ 07:29 AM
reply to post by THE_PROFESSIONAL

They had a great concept and ruined it. I understood the overall moral of the story, but the details of the story were not executed properly at all.

posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 01:40 PM
reply to post by majesticgent

Completely agree with your assessment... here are some more to add to the list:

20: A biologist that never even attempts to practice biology

21: A geologist that never even looks at the rocks

22: Your the captain of an interstellar ship and two of your crew are missing and lost in an alien structure, so what do you do - Go have sex with your boss's daughter.

23: Your a bad ass military type on an alien world, but you remember to bring your plaid blanky just in case it gets a little chilly on the ship ?

24: Your infected with something and you have damn worms coming out of your eyes, so what do you do? Walk around like everything is ok and dont ever tell the person you supposedly love that you may have a contagious disease that could kill her and.or all members of the crew, even thought you are supposed to be intelligent

25: The guy that is actually in charge of mapping out the structure gets lost....???WTF

26: Its in the future, and you have 100 fold technology so whats the best way to find two lost people in an alien structure the size of the great pyramids ?... scream their name and hope they answer back.

27: There are 17 crew members, and I dont know all of theirs names and what they were doing there, yet at the end... almost all of them have absoloutly no say in a suicide mission to destroy the ship and whether they want to get off the ship or not, only the daughter of your boss was told she could use the escape pod. I was thinking there would be at least 10 pods ejected from the ship, but apparently they are not worthy and just die along with everyone else when the ship crashes into the engineers ship. I mean WTF ? It would be like Ripley leaving newt behind, she didnt even leave her damn cat behind!!!

28: You have just had your abdomen cut open, and a baby squid removed from your uterus, (by the way we still use staples in the future to sew a wound up), It hurts when you zip up your spae suit to the point of almost crapping your pants, but you are able to perform physical feats like parkor with ease and run a couple of miles in literally seconds to escape the rocket blast from a ship about 5 times the size of the largest known aircraft carrier.

29: WHERE IS THE NIGHT! its supposedly going to get dark soon, but not one night time scene.

30: When trying to rescue to members of your team, send the person most likely to find them (David) on a rogue mission. He could have opened doors, and probably helped you navigate a little bit... just a little.

This is just a start, but this movie has so many ridiculous situations, horrible acting (lets cry when our boyfriend mentions babies) I cant say it was good anymore. The effects were top notch, but as far as being RS next great thing ? Well... next time dont hire the guy that wrote LOST to make a move!

Edit 31: Helmets, they must make a pile at the entrance before they go in, because when they take them off, after that... they are not hanging on a lanyard or a belt buckle or something...simple vanish and reappear when they needed them to be on.
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posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 04:22 PM
it was terrible really really bad.

posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 11:06 PM
reply to post by THE_PROFESSIONAL

I loved it to. Thanks so much for the explanation

I loved that its generating so much buzz. Everyone is so frustated because they care. Most people say they hate a movie and move on. They dont dwell on plot holes.

They dwell on potholes because the director wanted them to and they actually care about what the story was trying to convey.. A lot of movies nowadays have a component that incorporates the power of the internet by intentionally leaving out key information so people will get on the web and discuss it. It generates buzz and it gets viewers more engaged and interactive in a way.

Its working

posted on Jun, 16 2012 @ 05:38 AM
Let's be totally honest here.
If we were to put ALIEN under the microscope as much as PROMETHEUS then we would have a similar list of problems.
The director is a person who's style was shaped before most of us were born. He has created a magnificent cinema experience using tools so advanced most of us still wouldn't understand.
It is a movie. It is not a medical pronouncement.
The only flaw is that his style has not taken into account that the audience, US, are now used to being able to download and watch a film within minutes, read reviews from around the world within minutes, and have grown up seeing all sorts of special effects and twisted stories to the point that a commercial with an alien raping a child wouldn't cause us to batter an eyelid.
Personally I believe he hasn't tried too outdo the manic style of cinema that is surging forward - instead he has simply told an interesting and scary story set on another planet or moon. Yes it's sad that maybe it's not enough in today's world to leave you gripping the edge of the seat, or that it's not enough to reach through our high level of basic understandings of science, but bloody hell..... at the end of the day, it was a great movie where you really felt as though you might be on another planet. I'll take PROMETHEUS over Harry Potter or the pathetic rehash of STAR TREK any day. Speaking of which, I'd love to hear someone defend that piece of trash with the same precision...
Yes there are a few plot holes, and yes the editing leaves one to believe there are more cuts to be seen. But let's remember about all the hell we gave this film when it comes time to raving about how good it was to see a grown man in a leather suit with some cotton in his mouth - and a rich spoilt brat to boot - and runs around calling himself batman.
Really? Batman? Oh dear.... that's so much more plausible and respectable....
Prometheus was a great film. If anything, let's be thankful that someone isn't just trying to fit into the latest trends...

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 08:01 PM
reply to post by Cyberdaz

I hear what you are saying, but when it is stated that the Prometheus has 17 crew members, and it clearly had more, is in my mind just terrible. Among some other the other major plot holes, not the "knit picky" ones. All movies have plot holes, but there has to be a stopping point somewhere.

posted on Sep, 22 2012 @ 09:47 AM
Thanks to people like the OP, I LOVED this movie.
I'd heard it slated a lot so didn't expect it to be good, and boy was I surprised!

Great movie, ima buy it on bluray when it's released.

posted on Sep, 22 2012 @ 11:00 AM
I watched it yesterday on my PC. It was decent, but it could've been alot better and I kinda expected it to be better seeing with all the hype around it. For me it was still worth the watch..

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