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Medical errors kill over 250,000 americans every year.

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posted on Jun, 9 2012 @ 05:38 PM
Just browsing cnn and came across this.

Medical errors kill more than a quarter-million people every year in the United States. Here are 10 common medical mistakes and what you can do to protect yourself.

i find that unbelievable. kill, not injure, discomfort or worsen a patient, but actual death.

is this what for profit medicine is all about, you pay to get healed and you end up dead, because the hospital you went to is hiring the equivalent of a medical mcdonalds employee, because a real qualified doctor would eat to much into profits.

or are they just "accidentally" killing off patients after they collect the insurance payment to avoid spending that money on expensive treatments.

at this point in america, anything is plausible.

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posted on Jun, 9 2012 @ 05:42 PM
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But watch out for that "quack" on Natural News. He hasn't killed anybody yet, so he must not know enough about health and healing.

posted on Jun, 9 2012 @ 05:54 PM
One person die's of flu and the whole world goes nuts.

Puts it all in perspective matey.

posted on Jun, 9 2012 @ 05:58 PM
hospitals are very dangerous places, and all medical professionals are just human

so that's about 1 in every 1,200 americans ?

I've also the best way to protect yourself is to say "NO" to your doctor if you feel uncomfortable and get a 2nd opinion when possible

posted on Jun, 9 2012 @ 06:15 PM
I ran across an article that I think is worth your time. It considers only the deaths of hospitalized patients, just like the CNN article. Medical Error Death Report I'm sorry about the wall of text, but there is even more in the article. Unfortunately the article is dated. It was published in 2000 at Presidential request. I'll look for something newer.

Adverse events can be defined as undesirable and unintentional, though not necessarily unexpected, results of medical treatment. An example of an adverse event is discomfort in an artificial joint that continues after the expected recovery period, or a chronic headache following a spinal tap.

A medical error, on the other hand, is an adverse event that could be prevented given the current state of medical knowledge. The QuIC task force expanded the IOM's working definition of a medical error to cover as many types of errors as possible. Their definition of a medical error is as follows: "The failure of a planned action to be completed as intended or the use of a wrong plan to achieve an aim. Errors can include problems in practice, products, procedures, and systems." A useful, brief definition of a medical error is that it is a preventable adverse event.

The statistics contained in the IOM report were startling. The authors of the report stated that between 45,000 and 98,000 Americans die each year as the result of medical errors. If the lower figure is used as an estimate, deaths in hospitals resulting from medical errors are the eighth leading cause of mortality in the United States, surpassing deaths attributable to motor vehicle accidents (43,458), breast cancer (42,297), and AIDS (16,516).

posted on Jun, 10 2012 @ 07:41 AM
I have always found this topic interesting. Due to human error it is bound to happen yet we as patients believe or at least hope we are getting the best of the best. I think another misconception is that our bodies are designed to fight off the germs we encounter in places such as the ER or a regular visit to the doctor. We sanitize everything and our bodies are no longer able to respond to these invasions not to mention the rate at which new or mutated diseases come around.

The special was on CNN last night with 25 medical mistakes listed. I can not seem to find the full length video. Reading the comments from so-called doctors on the link is frustrating. Ignoring the problem or trying to make it sound as if the reporter is uneducated is very disturbing to say the least.

I personally have encountered additional illnesses during ER or regular doctor visits. My son contracted an infection in the hospital within the first 24 hours of his life and passed only after 3 days of life. I have been offered the wrong medications and have even cleaned ER rooms while waiting due to filth and even in a few occasions blood.

I understand doctors and nurses get stressed and busy but this is not a line cook job these are peoples lives and minor mistakes should not be accepted. People react more aggressively if a bank makes a mistake I fear the human life is loosing value in the eyes of the world.
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posted on Jun, 10 2012 @ 09:25 AM
It used to be there had to Clinical Trials to prove medical devices/medicine/vaccine was safe before it could be sold in America.

Just a few years ago the FDA adopted "Bayesian Statistics" for medical device approval. Meaning no more "Clinical Trials" to prove it's safe. "Bayesian Statistics" means....ahhhh we'll look at the data as it comes in.

They adopted this new tactic to:

--Create jobs
--Create massive wealth
--Kill off Federal Liability for retirements/Social Security/Medicare

Google "FDA Bayesian Statistics". See for yourself.

They also came out with this "Testosterone Cream" and were doing Federal Clinical killed over 50% of the old men they used it on. Their hearts couldn't handle it. They stopped the "Federal Clinical Trial" fearing lawsuits.

Veterans Affairs continues using that cream on old men. And they're dying at extremely high rates.Saving alllll that money that used to pay those people for Disabilities.

That's just how they run the system. By killing off Americans you save it makes sense to spend a little money to save killing under the guise of "Healthcare".

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