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Racine Wisconsin: Polling Place Problems

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posted on Jun, 8 2012 @ 09:16 PM
story from Breitbart
by Rebel Pundit

More Polling Place Problems in Racine Throw Close Election Into Doubt

Offers of free breakfast and ballot boxes opened and ballots dropped on the floor are some of the possibilities of this fiasco !!

This is in a district where state senator Van Wanggaard’s (R) seat is up for grabs by challenger John Lehman (D).

Breitbart opinion:

Breitbart News continues to receive new reports of potential voter fraud, ballot insecurity and unethical activity on behalf of the community-organized left in Racine, Wisconsin during the recall elections of June 5.

After a blowout victory for Governor Scott Walker and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, state senator Van Wanggaard’s fate is still up in the air, as he currently trails his Democratic challenger, John Lehman.

However, as Breitbart News has previously reported, voting in Van Wanggaard’s district as marred by irregularities. Breitbart News has now discovered evidence that residents were enticed to vote in exchange for a free meal.

A Racine resident emailed the following .pdf document showing that residents were invited to the Changing Lives Ministry for a breakfast last Friday morning prior to Election Day--and then provided buses to and from City Hall to cast early ballots.

Changing Lives Ministry for a breakfast and "early vote" (pdf)

Ah yes -- "early voting"

Breitbart News has also received video (included below) from a resident of Racine showing ballot boxes open and ballots being shuffled around and dropped on the floor. Our source informed me that while he was waiting in line to vote at the 6th District 13th & 14th Ward polling place, located at the 1409 State St. Transit Center, he noticed ballots going into the machines and coming right back out, rather than remaining inside the machines. He also noticed one of the ballot boxes being opened after reportedly being jammed.

Our source added that the ballot box was jammed at ballot number 671, opened up, and then cleared out. He says he saw at least three ballots being torn out of the machine and ripped in half to clear the jam. A new machine was brought in to replace it--and, according to our source, that machine machine was also at ballot number 671, rather than starting from scratch at number 1. Our source only saw a few ballots in the original box, and said that it did not look like there were over six hundred ballots ever inside.

These accounts raise legitimate and urgent questions: were all the ballots in that ward counted? Were all the ballots that were counted actually cast? With an election teetering on a margin of 1%, the answers are tremendously important, as a .5% margin would trigger an automatic recount.

Stay tuned for more as these and other stories unfold from Racine, WI.

The Video:
Ballot Chaos At WI Polling Place

Hmmm. I wonder what those people were looking at ??

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